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Chapter 339 Troublemaker

The group of onlookers burst into discussions.

“No way! Xiangyun Antique-store deceives consumers”

“Xiangyun Antique-store may not have done it in the past, but its hard to tell now since its boss has changed.”

“Exactly, businessmen only care about profits!”

“I think the new boss is ruining Xiangyun Antique-stores reputation!”


Chen Darong didnt panic but calmly looked at the middle-aged man who was causing trouble in the store.


Wu, are you sure that this is the teapot that you bought from Xiangyun Antique-store”


Wu ran a restaurant outside of the antique street.

He was rich and loved to collect antiques.

Unfortunately, he didnt know much about antiques.

“Are you kidding me If its not, I wouldnt come here! Its the same as the picture!” Mr.

Wu was angry.

“Really Let me check first,” Chen Darong said.


Wu then gave the teapot to Chen Darong without hesitation, like he wasnt lying at all.

Chen Darong had a closer look of the teapot then said, “Youre right.

It indeed looks the same as the one in the picture, but there is something very different.”

“Where” Mr.

Wu was nervous, and refused to believe it.

Obviously, Mr.

Wu came to cause them trouble on purpose.

Both Chen Darong and Gu Ning, who was outside, were aware of that.

Chen Darong sneered and asked, “Did you bring the picture with you I can point it out for you.”

Seeing Chen Darong being so confident, Mr.

Wu, instead, hesitated.

Is there really something different He thought to himself.

Impossible! It is an exact replica of the real one.

How come its different

“It seems that you dont have the picture with you.

Dont worry.

I do,” Chen Darong smiled after Mr.

Wu remained silent for a long while.

“Jian, go and get the contract of the teapot for me.”

The purchasing of real antiques required the signing of a contract between the seller and the buyer.

Not only the text contract, but also the full-scale high-definition pictures of the objects needed signing, in order to prevent such things from happening.

Some people might buy the real antiques, and use fakes to extort money.

“No problem.” Jian was a worker in Xiangyun Antique-store.

He immediately went to the document room.

At this time, Mr.

Wu felt more nervous, because this teapot wasnt the real one.

Although it was an exact replica, it was fake.

However he couldnt back away now.

Thinking for a while, Mr.

Wu forced himself to face it.

Jian gave Chen Darong the contract that they had signed with Mr.

Wu, but Chen Darong didnt open it right away.

Instead, he said seriously to Mr.

Wu, “Mr.

Wu, I dont know why you had to do this today, but if youre willing to stop it now, and apologize, I can pretend that nothing has happened.

If you insist, I wont show any sympathy.”


Wu, however, felt humiliated.

If he stopped it right now, it would mean that he admitted that he used the replica to try to extort money, which was quite shameful.

Thus Mr.

Wu argued in anger, “Chen Darong, dont ever try to scare me.

I did buy this teapot at Xiangyun Antique-store!”


Wu ignored the worse result that would occur if his scheme was exposed directly in public in the end.

“Well, since you insist, you cant blame me.” Chen Darong didnt bother to waste time arguing with Mr.

Wu any longer.

“In fact, the clearest proof isnt the difference between this one and that one in the picture, but that this teapot is newly made.

There is a smell of smoke around it too!”

Saying that, Chen Darong looked straight at Mr.



Wu, I think that youre too impatient and stupid.”

Hearing that, everyone was surprised.

“What Its fake”

“I knew Xiangyun Antique-store wouldnt do such a thing!”

“Exactly, I think Mr.

Wu is so shameless to try to trap Xiangyun Antique-store.”

“I agree!”

Most of the people chose to believe Xiangyun Antique-store, so they all defended Chen Darong.

“Its bull**!” Mr.

Wu raised his voice in anger, but wasnt confident.

He didnt expect that Chen Darong had such an acute sense of smell.

To be exact, he didnt know that there would be a smoke smell around the newly-made teapot.

Chen Darong wasnt irritated at all.

“If you dont believe me, you can invite Master Zuo to come here.”

Master Zuo was a household name in the antique street.

He was both an antique expert and a skillful handicrafts maker.

Everyone had great respect for him, and he was well-known for his honesty.

Therefore, once Master Zuo showed up, people would believe him.

Hearing that, Me.

Wu panicked.

He tried to grab the teapot, but was stopped by Chen Darong.

His action totally exposed his scheme.

“Jian, call the police!” Chen Darong was a kind person, but not a coward.

Since Mr.

Wu insisted on shaming himself in public, he wouldnt mind helping him.

And it was also a great chance for him to set an example, in case such a thing happened again.


Wu immediately begged Chen Darong, “Mr.

Chen, its all my fault.

Please forgive me this time! I promise that I wont do it again.”

However, Chen Darong ignored him.

Seeing that, Mr.

Wu wanted to escape, but was caught by Chen Darong.

“Chen Darong, you better let me go now, or my cousin-in-law will get revenge on you!” Mr.

Wu threatened.


Wus cousin-in-law was the boss of Guyun Antique-store which was also located at this antique street, and his name was Zhang Hongqiang.

Once Mr.

Wu mentioned Zhang Hongqiang, many people started to realize the dirty secret behind Mr.

Wus scheme.

Guyun Antique-store wasnt far from Xiangyun Antique-store.

Although Guyun Antique-store was popular too, it couldnt compare with Xiangyun Antique-store.

Therefore, Xiangyun Antique-store was always Guyun Antique-stores opponent.

The previous boss of Xiangyun Antique-store was a member of the Antiques Association, so Zhang Hongming didnt dare to cause him trouble, even though Zhang Hongming also had powerful support.

He had schemed against Xiangyun Antique-store in vain before.

However, now Xiangyun Antique-store had a new boss.

Zhang Hongming also found out that the new boss was just a young girl, so he couldnt wait to damage Xiangyun Antique-store.

“Be my guest then.” Chen Darong wasnt afraid at all.

“You…” Mr.

Wu was mad.

Before long, policemen arrived and took Mr.

Wu away.

The crowd dispersed later too.

Gu Ning didnt walk inside until then.

Seeing Gu Ning coming, Chen Darong immediately went out to welcome her.

“Nice to meet you, boss!”

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