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Though he didnt like Gu Ning, he couldnt accept the fact that the girl, who had loved him so much, would ignore him suddenly.

Qin Zheng was a selfish boy.

He enjoyed being admired, and he was proud of himself being popular.

The minute Gu Ning walked into the classroom, Shao Feifei looked at her unkindly.

Honestly, Gu Ning was so sick of it.

Yu Mixi immediately asked Gu Ning when she sat down, “Gu Ning, hows everything going”

“Very well,” Gu Ning replied.

The first class was English class.

The teacher unexpectedly found fault with Gu Ning.

Gu Ning knew the teacher did it on purpose for a reason.

It was said that their English teacher, Chen Ming, was Chen Ziyaos uncle.

Chen Ziyao must have told Chen Ming to pick on Gu Ning.

“Gu Ning, translate this sentence into English,” Chen Ming said.

Gu Ning was well-known for her poor English.

Chen Ming deliberately asked her to translate a whole paragraph.

Even the student with the highest level of English in their class wouldnt be able to that.

If one could translate two-thirds, he or she would do a fantastic job already.

Thus, everyone knew Chen Ming was intentionally finding fault with Gu Ning.

Although not knowing the reason, Shao Feifei and her friends were all pleased to see that.

However, Gu Ning stood up calmly with confidence.

A paragraph of authentic English came out from Gu Nings mouth, which shocked everyone.

Even Chen Ming, who was the English teacher, couldnt do the same.

Gu Ning was poor in English before, but now, Gu Ning was different.

English was her second language because she had received the training abroad in her last incarnation.

In a foreign country for 10 years, it was fair enough that she could speak authentic English.

If you didnt look at her face, you would mistake her for a native English-speaker.

After the shock, Shao Feifei and her friends were utterly upset with envy and jealousy.

Why How come Gu Nings English became so good

Chen Ming wore a displeased face.

He now felt he had embarrassed himself.

He had intended to pick on Gu Ning and remain decent at the same time.

Though he was unhappy, he had to admit that Gu Ning had done a better job than him.

So, he gave up his plan afterwards to save face.

After the class, Yu Mixi looked at Gu Ning with great admiration and excitement, “Gu Ning, I have no idea that your English is so good!”

“I can teach you if you want!” Gu Ning said.

“Of course, please!” Yu Mixi was thrilled, because her English was poor as well.

“So what The poor girl is always the poor girl, no matter how good her English is.” Shao Feifei couldnt stand that Gu Ning had won again.

In her eyes, a poor girl could never change her fate.

“Exactly,” Yang Yulu and Wu Qingya agreed.

They had been with Shao Feifei for too long to have a clear understanding of themselves.

Gu Ning didnt care at all, while Yu Mixi felt attacked.

The minute Chen Ming went back to his office, he sent a message to Chen Ziyao saying Gu Nings English was too good to pick on.

Chen Ziyao received the message, feeling irritated and disappointed, but Chen Ming clearly told her it wouldnt work, so she had to give up.

The afternoon classes passed quickly.

Before Gu Ning and Yu Mixi left their classroom, Mu Ke was already standing outside waiting for them, along with noisy discussions from many girls.

“Wow, hes Mu Ke from the first classroom.

Why is he here”

“Is he here for a girl in our class”

“Who will she be Im jealous!”

“Exactly, I hope hes here for me.”

“In your dreams.

Youre definitely not his type!”

Though Mu Ke wasnt the most handsome boy in their school, he was outstanding enough.

He was good at studying and basketball, plus a great family background, thus he was famous in 12th grade.

“Mu Ke, who are you here for”

Gu Ning and Yu Mixi went outside.

Meanwhile, Shao Feifei walked to Mu Ke and asked him the question.

Shao Feifei looked shy.

She now was nothing like the arrogant girl in normal days.

Gu Ning instantly knew Shao Feifei liked Mu Ke.

Unfortunately, Mu Ke didnt like her.

“Im here for…” Mu Ke wasnt arrogant, nor gentle, but he treated others with good manners.

Thus he didnt ignore Shao Feifeis question.

But before he could answer the question, he saw Gu Ning and Yu Mixi coming out.

He immediately walk to them and left Shao Feifei alone, “Hey boss, Mixi, lets go dine together!”

Boss Everyone around was astonished, and their eyes all rounded in surprise.

They glanced at Mu Ke, then Gu Ning.

What Boss Why did Mu Ke called Gu Ning “Boss”

What was going on

“Lets go!” Gu Ning ignored everyone who was in shock, and left with Mu Ke together with Yu Mixi.

After Gu Ning and her friends were gone for a while, everyone then got their mind back, and started to gossip.

“What Did I hear it right Mu Ke called Gu Ning his boss”

“Youve heard it right, because we all have heard it.”

“But, its so unreal! What has happened”

“Who knows!”

“Does Mu Ke like Gu Ning Though Gu Ning is poor, she is pretty!”

“Then why did Mu Ke called her his boss”

“Probably its their way of romance!”

At the same time, Shao Feifei was more than annoyed.

She yelled to herself in her heart with anger.

She liked Mu Ke so much.

Why would the boy choose Gu Ning

Gu Ning was nobody.

She was merely a poor girl, and wasnt qualified to compare with Shao Feifei.

Obviously, Shao Feifei believed Mu Ke admired Gu Ning.

She wouldnt accept the fact, and she was determined to pay Gu Ning back.

But, who would be the one to pay for it was still an unclear answer.

Gu Ning apparently wasnt the one.

Gu Ning couldnt care less about how people might gossip.

Three of them went straight to the second floor.

This meal was on Mu Ke as well.

Yu Mixi felt a little uncomfortable, but Gu Ning was totally at ease.

Qin Zheng, Zhang Yiming, Fu Mingliang, Gu Xiaoxiao and Chen Ziyao were all rich kids.

They all came to the private cafeteria to eat.

When Gu Ning and her friends arrived, the two groups met each other.


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