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Chapter 307 Wanna Hang Out

“Eighteen, shes going to attend the National College Entrance Exam soon,” Leng Shaoting answered.

Eighteen In other words, Leng Shaoting was seven years older than the girl.

All of a sudden, Master Leng had a strange feeling because his grandson fancied a girl who was much younger than him, but at least an 18-year-old girl was already an adult.

Leng Shaoting checked the time on his phone and said, “Grandpa, if there isnt anything else, please allow me to leave now.

I dont want to make her wait for me.” Leng Shaoting was talking about Gu Ning of course.

“Now” Master Leng frowned with unhappiness.

Leng Shaoting had only stayed for a few minutes and he was already in a hurry to leave.

“Fine, but do come to have breakfast with me tomorrow morning,” Master Leng said.

“Sorry, I have something else to deal with,” Leng Shaoting rejected.

“How about dinner” Master Leng asked again.

“I probably wont be free then.

If I come back, Ill tell you beforehand! Oh, please dont send people to follow me or investigate her,” Leng Shaoting said before he turned around leaving directly.

“You…” Master Leng was furious.

His grandson chose his girlfriend over him! However, Master Leng knew Leng Shaotings personality well.

Since he didnt want him to do so he better not do it.

Otherwise, it would probably be a disaster.

Leng Shaoting then walked downstairs through the living hall.

Jiang Shuyuan and Leng Shaojia were already gone to avoid meeting Leng Shaoting, but Leng Shaoxun, who was Leng Shaotings youngest uncles son, came back just as Leng Shaoting walked out.

Seeing Leng Shaoting, Leng Shaoxun was excited.

He jumped in front of Leng Shaoting and greeted him with great passion.

“Hi, Shaoting! Welcome home!”

Leng Shaoxun admired Leng Shaoting very much and made up his mind to join the army and become a respected military officer one day like Leng Shaoting.

Therefore, when Leng Shaoting was home, Leng Shaoxun would beg him to teach him fighting skills.

Leng Shaoting normally wouldnt reject his request, so Leng Shaoxun had learned a lot from Leng Shaoting

Leng Shaotings youngest uncles family didnt have special feelings towards Leng Shaoting because he was always cold and stayed aloof from others, so they were like strangers without affection.

Leng Shaoxun was an outgoing young man.

In the beginning, he was scared of Leng Shaoting, but as time went by he gradually grew to like him.

As for Leng Shaoxun, Leng Shaoting treated him like his younger cousin, although they werent very close.

“Hi,” Leng Shaoting said perfunctorily, and continued to walk outside.

“Shaoting, where are you going” Leng Shaoxun asked.

“Im busy,” Leng Shaoting answered.

“When will you be back to teach me kung fu” Leng Shaoxun asked again.

“When Im free,” Leng Shaoting said and disappeared out the gate.

Leng Shaoxun was a little disappointed, but he understood that Leng Shaoting was always busy.

The minute that Leng Shaoting left the Leng Familys house, he received Xu Jinchens call.

“Hey, boss, wanna hang out at 8 pm tonight” Xu Jinchen asked.

“Let me ask Ningning first.” Leng Shaoting had no interest in entertainment places.

He would rather stay at home and have fun with Gu Ning alone, but if Gu Ning wanted to go, he would be her company.

Xu Jinchen felt hurt.

He thought that his boss was showing off their sweet relationship in front of him, who was still single, again.

After hanging up with Xu Jinchen, Leng Shaoting called Gu Ning and asked her whether she was willing to hang out with his teammates.

Gu Ning thought that it was boring to stay in the house all day, so she agreed.

Leng Shaoting then called Xu Jinchen for the address before he went to pick Gu Ning up.

Kings Entertainment Club was a high-end entertainment place in the capital.

And people who came here to have fun were either the rich or the authorities, because ordinary people couldnt afford it.

However, Xu Jinchen didnt have to pay here because the Xu Family owned the Kings Entertainment Club.

When Leng Shaoting along with Gu Ning arrived at Kings Entertainment Club, it was almost 9:30 pm, because the capital was a large city with a lot of traffic.

In a super luxurious private room, Xu Jinchen, Chen Meng, Si Ming, Qiu Yuxin and Xu Qinyin had already arrived.

Xu Qinyin often hung out with Xu Jinchen and was familiar with Chen Meng as well as Si Ming to some extent, so she was invited to this gathering.

Qiu Yuxin was Xu Qinyins best friend, so she naturally came along with Xu Qinyin.

However, Xu Qinyin only knew that Cheng Meng and Si Ming were Xu Jinchen and Leng Shaotings friends in the army, she didnt know that they were a team called the Red Flame.

After drinking for a while, Leng Shaoting was still absent, so Chen Meng asked Xu Jinchen, “Jinchen, why hasnt Shaoting arrived yet” Xu Jinchen told them that Leng Shaoting was coming at around 8 pm, but one and half an hour later, he was still absent.

Even if there was a traffic jam on the road, it was enough for Leng Shaoting to drive here from the Leng Familys house.

In order not to expose their identities, they would call Leng Shaoting by his name, instead of calling him their boss.

“He needed to pick someone up first,” Xu Jinchen said, but didnt tell them who the person was.

Xu Jinchen intentionally kept it a secret.

He was curious about how they would react when Leng Shaoting showed up with a girl all of a sudden.

Xu Qinyin also had the same idea, so she remained quiet.

Sometimes, fate was really a wonderful thing.

Qiu Yuxin had just gotten over Leng Shaoting, and then her heart skipped a beat when she saw Si Ming.

The two had been talking throughout the night.

Si Ming wasnt as handsome as Leng Shaoting, but was also a good-looking and sexy man.

Moreover, he was humorous and easily impressed girls.

Si Ming was actually just being polite and talking with Xu Jinchen when such a great beauty appeared in his sight.

Unexpectedly, they shared a lot in common.

It was the first time that Xu Qinyin had seen Qiu Yuxin enjoying the conversation so much with a man.

As her best friend, Xu Qinyin knew Qiu Yuxin well.

Qiu Yuxin was a beauty who never talked much to men, but once she became talkative in front of a man, she had to have fondness towards him.

Apparently, Si Ming was the man.

“Hey, does Si Ming have a girlfriend” Xu Qinyin asked Xu Jinchen.

Hearing that, Xu Jinchen immediately realized the reason why Xu Qinyin asked the question, because he had also noticed Si Mings unusual behavior tonight.

“Nope,” Xu Jinchen smiled.

Xu Jinchen thought that Qiu Yuxin was a great girl and his parents also thought highly of her.

Unfortunately, he felt nothing with her.

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