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Chapter 292: The Tang Family in City B

Although Zheng Peng could drive himself, he was now the general manager of both Colorful Jade Provider and Colorful Raw Material Provider, so it was necessary that he had a personal driver.

The jade mountains and mines were 20 kilometers away from City Teng.

On their way, Gu Ning noticed that there were several mountains which had already been exploited.

The distance of Gu Nings Jade Eyes was limited, so she wasnt able to see whether there was jade in the surrounding mountains.

She had to wait until they arrived.

They drove on mountain roads, so it took them around half an hour to get to their destination.

From afar, Gu Ning heard a knocking noise.

When they drew near, a large tin house appeared in their sight.

It was where the workers stayed.

Outside of the tin house, two trucks which were used to deliver raw materials were stopped.

Wang Jinmao was 34-years-old.

He was the supervisor and was in charge of the exploitation of raw materials.

And although his family name was Wang, he had no relationship with the Wang Family.

Wang Jinmao had been informed before Zheng Peng came here, so he was already waiting at the entrance.

Seeing the car driving over, Wang Jinmao understood that Zheng Peng was coming.

The car stopped at the site, the driver got out first and opened the door for Zheng Peng while Gu Ning climbed out on her own.

She came here as Zheng Pengs assistant, so she couldnt behave like a boss.

“Nice to meet you, Manager Zheng!” Wang Jinmao greeted him with great respect.

“Nice to meet you too, Supervisor Wang,” Zheng Peng replied.

“Please follow me this way, Manager Zheng.” Wang Jinmao immediately guided the way ahead of Zheng Pengs group.

When they walked past the tin house, Wang Jinmao took out several helmets, handing it to them.

They put the helmet on before walking into the site.

The jade mountain was just a couple of minutes of walking, away from the tin house.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes when she finally stood before the jade mountain.

She saw many raw materials which contained jade on the jade mountain, but didnt take them.

She was satisfied that the jade mountain before her eyes was highly valuable.

Gu Ning took a look at the nearby mountains, and failed to find another jade mountain among them.

Zheng Peng and Gu Ning had a tour around the site before they went back.

On their way back, Gu Ning received Ks message.

He had already sent an email about the Tang Family to her email box.

Gu Ning only told him to investigate the Tang Familys second son, but unexpectedly, he investigated every member of the Tang Family.

The Tang Family was the No.

1 family in City B for a reason.

It was highly influential whether in politics, business or military.

The head of the Tang Family was Tang Haifeng who was precisely Master Tang that Gu Ning had already met.

There were two sons and one daughter in the Tang Family.

The eldest daughter was called Tang Yunrong, a 49-year-old senior colonel, who was the deputy head of the Air Administration and Culture Corps.

Her husband, Cao Ruihua, was the director of the political department of the military region and also a senior colonel.

The Cao Family was an influential military family in City B too.

They had a son and a daughter.

Their son was named Cao Wenjun, and was a 25-year-old captain of the Criminal Police Organization.

Their daughter was Cao Wenxin and was 23-years-old.

She had just graduated from a university.

Tang Yunhang, the eldest son of Tang Haifeng, was 46-years-old and secretary of the provincial party committee.

Tang Yunhangs wife was the director of the Tourist Administration.

They had two sons who were twins and both were 22-years-old.

The older one was called Tang Jiakai, and the younger one was called Tang Jiayang.

One was a junior studying in City B University, while the other studied abroad.

Tang Haifengs second son was Tang Yunfan.

He was only 42-years-old, but was the richest man in City B.

He was now the chairman of Tanghuang Group and didnt have a wife, or children.

Tang Yunfan had indeed disappeared once 19 years ago, which wasnt a secret among the celebrities in City B.

The Tang Family wasnt the No.

1 family in City B 19 years ago, but was still a super-rich family.

Tang Yunfan was the most talented one in business among the Tang Family, so Tang Haifeng brought Tang Yunfan up to be his successor.

However, Tang Haifengs younger brother, Tang Haiming, had the ambition to inherit the Tang Familys properties, so he had schemed against Tang Yunfan.

No one really knew the details of what had happened during that year, because it was an old story and the technology hadnt been advanced that time.

Even Tang Yunfan himself forgot the details.

It was said that someone had discovered Tang Yunfan at a river.

Since then, Tang Yunfans personality had totally changed.

He was occupied by his work all the time, and never got married, or had a child.

Within a dozen years, the Tang Family developed to be the No.

1 family in City B with a hundred billion yuan in assets under Tang Yunfans leadership.

He has disappeared for a year 19 years ago and was found at a river

Thinking of that, Gu Ning was more certain than ever that Tang Yunfan could be her biological father.

There was a family photo attached to the email too.

When Gu Nings sight fell on Tang Yunfan, she was sure that Tang Yunfan without a doubt had to be her biological father.

Although Tang Yunfan looked different in his early forties than when he had been young, it was easy to notice that his and Gu Nings features were alike.

Gu Nings family name was Tang in her previous incarnation, and her biological father also had the same family name.

Maybe she was destined to be a member of the Tang Family.

Although Gu Ning was sure that Tang Yunfan was her biological father, she wasnt in a hurry to meet him because she wanted to know how Gu Man would react.

Tang Yunfan lost his memory of Gu Man after all.

Gu Ning believed that Tang Yunfan never got married because of Gu Man, but she still needed to take it seriously.

As long as Tang Yunfan met Gu Man again, he could probably get his memory back.

In addition, if he lost his memory because his brain had been damaged, Gu Nings power could also be of great help.

Most importantly, if Tang Yunfan was just a common man, Gu Man would be eager to meet him, but Tang Yunfan was now the heir of a super-rich family, Gu Ning was worried that Gu Man would be self-abased before him.

Although Gu Ning didnt think that it was a problem at all as long as they still loved each other, she wasnt Gu Man and couldnt force her to think so.

No matter what, Gu Ning made up her mind to support Gu Man and she would never allow anyone to despise Gu Man.

Gu Ning then went back to the street of stone gambling with Zheng Peng before she left, alone.

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