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Hearing that, the other men finally noticed that the car was totally flat on the ground, which meant that the four tires were all out of gas.

In an instant, they became scared.

“I-Its so strange! Did we run into ghosts or something” One mans face turned pale and his whole body was shaking.

“Was it done by the giant python”

“The giant python has always been at the front.

How is it possible…” They turned to look ahead, but found that the python had somehow disappeared.

“Where is it now”

They felt relieved that the python was gone.

“I bet it should have left.

If so, we can get out to check the car.”

“Is it possible that the python stopped us because it knows our tires are out of gas.

It left after we noticed it.

It actually saved us!” A man guessed.

Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second.

Although the man was wrong, his words made sense.

It made sense, but it wasnt true.

The other men agreed that it was possible.

“But the tires are all out of gas.

What should we do now The police should be chasing us.”

“We cant drive it now.

We should call our people first, then push the car down the slope.

We might be able to run away through the mountain,” said the leading man of them.

The other men agreed, because they were left with no choice.

Therefore, they got out of the car and Dai Xiongyu was also taken out.

At that moment, Gu Ning took action.

In a second, before those men realized what was happening, Gu Ning grabbed Dai Xiongyu and moved to the side, shocking everyone.

However, right after they came back to their senses, they drew out their guns and pointed at Gu Ning.

Dai Xiongyu was surprised, but obviously Gu Ning came to rescue him.

However, he wasnt relieved at all because many guns were pointed at them.

“Who are you” one man asked, staying alert.

Even though they had guns, Gu Ning was able to pull Dai Xiongyu away even before they noticed.

It proved that she was much more skilled than them, so they had to be alert.

“Someone who came to put you in jail!” Gu Ning said disdainfully.

Without hesitation, she attacked them.

Dai Xiongyu was tied and gagged, but Gu Ning didnt have time to untie him.

Dai Xiongyu was very worried about Gu Nings safety, but he could do nothing right now.

He could only watch from the side.

Because Gu Ning moved so fast, the bunch of men just stood there still in shock as Gu Ning snatched their guns away.

It amazed all of them.

Dai Xiongyu was astonished and felt relieved.

Who was this girl How could she be so quick Was she really a human She was like a kung fu master.

“Y-You…” Everyone looked at Gu Ning in horror and could hardly finish a sentence.

She was frighteningly strong! Was she really a human

Without their guns, the bunch of men wanted to run away, but it was impossible! Gu Ning immediately attacked them again.

Those men were good at fighting and there were many of them, so they werent injured right away.

Unfortunately, there was a huge gap between their abilities.

After all, Gu Ning was a cultivator.

Within two minutes, they were all beaten up.

Gu Ning didnt kill them, instead she broke their limbs so that they couldnt escape.

Witnessing that, Dai Xiongyu felt hurt too.

The sounds of breaking bones were really scary.

“W-Who exactly are you” asked one man.

His face had turned completely pale from the pain and there was a layer of cold sweat on his forehead.

They wanted to know whether Gu Ning did that after meeting them by accident or whether she was sent by the Dai family

Even though they could do nothing about it, they still wanted to know the reason why Gu Ning was here.

“Didnt I tell you that I came to put you in jail” Gu Ning said calmly.

She knew they couldnt run away now, so she went to untie Dai Xiongyu and pulled the cloth out of his mouth.

“Miss, thank you so much for rescuing me.

Ill surely return your kindness,” Dai Xiongyu said at once.

“No need,” Gu Ning said.

Dai Xiongyu was abducted because of the Leng family to some extent, so she didnt think he should be very grateful to her.

If the Leng family hadnt worked with the Dai family, Dai Xiongyu wouldnt have been affected.

Although the Dai family was willing to work with the Leng family, she ought to help Dai Xiongyu out if it was necessary.

Then Gu Ning took out her phone and called Leng Yuanqian.

Before long, Leng Yuanqian answered it.

“Uncle Leng, Ive already rescued Dai Xiongyu.

He isnt injured at all.

You can tell the Dai family to stop worrying.

Send a car to XX road and take these men back,” said Gu Ning.

Leng Yuanqian was relieved to hear that.

Because he was aware of Gu Nings abilities, he wasnt surprised that Gu Ning could easily find and rescue Dai Xiongyu.

“No problem, Ill do it right now,” Leng Yuanqian said, then he hung up.

He immediately went to make the arrangements.

“Did you come to rescue me” Dai Xiongyu was surprised.

He thought it was just a coincidence.

“Yeah.” Gu Ning answered, but didnt elaborate.

Afterwards, she turned to walk to those men.

Gu Nings abilities scared them, so they subconsciously shrank seeing Gu Ning walking over, but unfortunately they couldnt move or run away.

“Who ordered you to abduct Mr.

Dai,” asked Gu Ning.

The men said nothing.

“Why are you silent Do you think you can survive by remaining silent Or are you willing to die for the mastermind” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, those men were scared.

“Dont scare us.

What weve done isnt enough to be sentenced to death.” One man argued, but he was actually scared by Gu Nings words, otherwise he wouldnt have argued about it.

“Dont you know who youve abducted” Gu Ning asked disdainfully.

It meant Dai Xiongyu wasnt someone they could mess with.

Given the Dai familys influence, they could take their lives for the abduction.

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