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Those abductors understood that the police would quickly chase them, so they decided to set a trap.

When they drove halfway on the twisting mountain road, four men took Dai Xiongyu out of the car, and one man continued to drive away.


Within five minutes, the Dai family had heard that Dai Xiongyu was kidnapped and the Leng family learned about it soon afterwards.

By the time K found where they went, only about fifteen minutes had passed.

It took Gu Ning about forty-five minutes from the time she left her school to the time she reached the place without any surveillance cameras

Those men drove about forty minutes to get to this fork, which meant Gu Ning was only five minutes behind them.

They werent far away.

Therefore, Gu Ning could catch up with them by driving a bit faster.

Gu Ning swiftly arrived because she drove as fast as she could.

After all, Gu Ning drove a distance that was a third longer than them.

Because it was night and they were at a twisting mountain road, five minutes of driving wasnt a long distance.

As long as those men werent far away, Gu Ning would be able to see their car if they had the lights on.

Gu Ning could see clearly in the night, so she didnt turn on her car lights to prevent those men from noticing her.

After driving on the small road for a few minutes, Gu Ning indeed saw car lights not far ahead.

Although it wasnt far away, it took a lot of time on the road because this road wasnt straight at all.

However, Gu Ning stopped driving once she found them because she would have to make many turns in a car.

If she directly took the white female flood dragon, she could catch them in seconds.

Therefore, Gu Ning immediately stopped her car at the side of the road, then let the white female flood dragon out.

She rode on it and quickly went to those mens car.

Gu Ning was sure that Dai Xiongyu was in the car because no other cars went on this road before she came.

According to the time they spent on the road, she believed it had to be the car she was looking for.

Within seconds, Gu Ning and the white female flood dragon reached their car, but she didnt take action right away.

Instead, she landed in front of them and let the flood dragon lie on the road.

Because the flood dragon hadnt become a real dragon yet, it looked like a giant python after it lay down on the road.

Gu Ning intended to scare those men, so that they would stop the car.

Before doing that, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to see the situation in the car.

She verified that Dai Xiongyu was tied up inside.

There were four armed men as well, but Gu Ning couldnt care less about their guns.

Half a minute after she finished preparing, their car drove closer.

Because they made a turn, they couldnt see what was ahead in the distance.

They didnt see a giant white creature on the road until they were close to it.

The man who drove the car slammed on the brakes.

The other men jerked forward under the force, then heavily fell back.

“Whats wrong”

“There is a giant python…” the driver said in a trembling voice.

Hearing that, the men sitting in the rear frowned angrily.

They looked forward.

The moment they saw a white giant python lying on the road, they were frightened.

“G-Go over it!” shouted a man, but he sounded extremely scared.

“I-I dont dare!” said the driver in horror.

Let alone a giant python, he didnt even dare to drive over a small snake.

“You coward! Its not a big deal!”

“Do it if you can!” The driver argued in annoyance.

No one could stay calm in front of such a giant python.


“What should we do now”

“Throw something over there.

It might move.”

The other men agreed and picked up an unimportant thing in the car.

One man opened the car sunroof, then stood up and threw it at the white female flood dragon.

Because none of them dared to get out of the car, they could only throw the thing out of the car sunroof.

Gu Ning didnt rush to attack them at this moment, because she was afraid that they might injure Dai Xiongyu if they lost control.

After all, the car doors were all locked.

If she wanted to attack them, she would have to use violence.

She was also afraid that she might injure Dai Xiongyu.

Therefore, she had to force them to open the car doors, so that she could quickly pull Dai Xiongyu out of danger.

Anyway, Gu Ning didnt just wait patiently.

She seized the chance and secretly deflated the tires.

The man failed to hit the white female flood dragon.

It wasnt scared nor did it leave.

It just lay there and slightly twisted its body.

“How could you fail to hit such a big thing!”

“My hand is shaking!” The man felt aggrieved.

He was too nervous to stop his shaking hands.

“Why dont we drive back”

“I guess thats the only way out.” No one opposed that, so the driver tried to turn the car back.

Unfortunately, as soon as he started the car, he realized that something wasnt right.

After a glance at the rearview mirror, he found that the tires were deflated.

“The tires are deflated,” the driver moaned in despair.

There was a giant python ahead of them, but the tires were flat.


Everyone was shocked and immediately realized that something was strange.

“Lets go back a little first.” Even though they had to change the tires, they had to keep their distance from the giant python.

The driver tried again, but the car didnt move at all.

“I cant!” The driver almost cried.


Other men were panicking too,

“Oh, no, the tires on this side are also deflated.” The man sitting in the front passengers seat saw that the tires at his side were also flat.


Everyone was shocked once more.

How could all the tires deflate at the same time

“Are they all out of gas” A man guessed.

The moment he finished speaking, another man snapped at him.

“Shut up.

Dont bring us bad luck.”

“Dont you feel that the car is flat on the ground I think that all four of the tires are out of gas,” said the driver.

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