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Although the man who went on a blind date with Xia Maiqi didnt fall in love with Zi Beiying, maybe it was because he knew he didnt deserve her, his friend started liking Zi Beiying.

His friend wouldnt stop talking with Zi Beiying and repeatedly asked for her number and WeChat account, but Zi Beiying declined.

Even though Zi Beiying deliberately implied that she already had a boyfriend, his friend wouldnt give up.

It displeased Zi Beiying, Mengda, Nan, and even Xia Maiqi, but they said nothing because his friend didnt do anything offensive.

Because the blind date was arranged by Xia Maiqis boss and the man was very gentle, Zi Beiying couldnt embarrass them and leave.

The man was a gentleman, but Xia Maiqi already had someone she loved, so she had no interest in him.

Why did she come out for a blind date when she already found her love Because she didnt want to upset her boss and because the man she loved had affection for another woman.

It was unrequited love, so it wasnt wrong if she went out to see other men.

“Miss Zi, it was very nice to see you today.” Man B, who was interested in Zi Beiying, wanted to drink with her once more.

He already did that many times, but he kept on making up excuses to drink with Zi Beiying.

Luckily, Zi Beiying was good at drinking, otherwise she would already be drunk.

Man B wanted to be close to Zi Beiying, but there were people sitting beside her on both sides, namely Mengda and Nan.

The two bodyguards had serious expressions, so Man B didnt dare to go closer.

Man B clinked glasses with Zi Beiying, so she had to drink with him.

After all, it wasnt too much.

In addition, Xu Jinchen was coming.

Anyway they wouldnt stay too late even if Xu Jinchen didnt come.

They would leave before 11 pm.

Due to the short distance, Xu Jinchen arrived about ten minutes later.

“Miss Zi, you can drink a lot,” said Man B.

“Yeah,” said Zi Beiying in a flat tone.

“I wonder what your boyfriend does” asked Man B.

“Hes a soldier.” Zi Beiying replied briefly.

“A soldier Then can you meet often Isnt it bad for your relationship” Man B asked with concern.

Although he asked that question, he was happy to know that Zi Beiyings boyfriend was a soldier, because it meant they would rarely see each other.

In a year, they might only see each other several times.

It was impossible for them to stay in love.

In that case, he had a chance to steal Zi Beiying away.

In his eyes, he didnt think it was humiliating to steal another mans girl.

He believed it was a sign of his ability if he could.

Man B had great confidence in himself because he was good-looking and was born in a rich family.

Although his family background was hardly comparable to Xu Jinchens and Zi Beiyings, he didnt know that.

He could see that Zi Beiying wasnt born in an ordinary family, but he didnt think there was a huge gap between their families.

“We dont see each other often, but not rarely either.

As long as were not busy, we meet every weekend,” said Zi Beiying.

Hearing that, Man B was struck dumb for a moment.

He didnt expect Zi Beiyings boyfriend to have so much free time.

Man B thought that Zi Beiyings boyfriend was an average soldier, or a low rank official.

“Arent soldiers very busy” asked Man B.

“Yes, average soldiers are very busy, but my boyfriend isnt average,” Zi Beiying smiled while saying with pride.

Although both Xu Jinchen and she were born in powerful families, she wasnt as outstanding as him when it came to their own abilities.

She relied on her familys shares to live a good life, while Xu Jinchen was a very young senior colonel.

Among his generation, he was one of the most outstanding soldiers in addition to Leng Shaoting.

There were few soldiers who could reach the rank of senior colonel at his age.

“Not an average soldier Then whats his rank Is he one of the special forces” asked Man B.

“Yes, hes a special forces soldier with a rank,” said Zi Beiying.

Knowing that, the man was disappointed, because Zi Beiyings boyfriend might be more influential than he thought.

If so, he wouldnt have any chance.

“Whats his rank” asked Man B again.

“I dont think its necessary to elaborate on that,” said Zi Beiying.

She was unwilling to talk about Xu Jinchens title.

Since she said that, Man B had to stop asking about it.

Because Century City wasnt far from Wuxian KTV, Xu Jinchen soon showed up.

The moment he walked inside, Man B was stunned.

He recognized Xu Jinchen, although Xu Jinchen didnt know him.

Surprisingly, Zi Beiyings boyfriend was Xu Jinchen.

In that case, not to mention stealing Zi Beiying away, he wouldnt even dare to have a crush on her!

Even though he recognized Xu Jinchen, he pretended that he didnt know him.

After Xu Jinchen came, Mengda and Nan moved away, leaving enough space for the couple.

Zi Beiying only told the two men that her boyfriends surname was Xu.

She didnt tell them his full name, so they called Xu Jinchen Mr.


Once Xu Jinchen came, Man B stopped clinking his glass with Zi Beiying and talking with her.

At about 11 pm, they separated.

Zi Beiying asked Mengda and Nan to drive Xia Maiqi home, while she left in Xu Jinchens car.

When they were gone, the two men were left in the room, and Man B finally relaxed.

Man A didnt know that Man B recognized Xu Jinchen, but he could see that his friend became much more nervous after Xu Jinchen came, so he joked.

“What Didnt you enjoy chatting with Miss Zi Why were you so quiet after her boyfriend came”

He didnt think it was a big deal that Man B tried to get close to Zi Beiying even after knowing that Zi Beiying already had a boyfriend.

After all, Man B did nothing offensive and simply wanted to drink with her.

“Because you dont know who the man is,” said Man B.

He still felt scared because he was afraid that Zi Beiying might complain about him to Xu Jinchen.

It could cause him a lot of trouble!

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