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The Thomas family hadnt seen a real fox before, but they had seen some on TV and in books, so they knew it was a fox and were all surprised.

Why was there a fox here And it even injured Kirk.

They didnt connect this fox with Gu Ning, but they immediately ordered some people to catch it.

Because the fox injured Kirk, they definitely wouldnt let it go.

Even though it was just an animal, they would let it pay a price.

However, the monster fox disappeared once it jumped from the window.

It was impossible for them to find it.

If they couldnt catch the fox, no one would pay for Kirks injuries, so they were very angry.

“Why did the fox suddenly break in” asked the Thomas familys patriarch.

However, he didnt expect anyone to give him an answer, because no one knew.

“Does it have something to do with those foreigners we met today” Kirk guessed, but he didnt think it was likely.

No matter how strong those people were, they couldnt order a fox to injure him! If it was a dog, it might be possible.

Thinking of that, Kirk suddenly had an idea that it might not be a fox, but a dog.

After all, some dogs closely resembled foxes.

Hearing Kirks words, the other family members had the same guess.

Was it possible that the fox was sent by those foreigners they met today However, they couldnt believe that was the answer because it was totally beyond their imagination that people could control a fox.

Anyway, there was a possibility that the fox had something to do with Gu Ning.

After all, those foreigners they met today werent weak.

Most importantly, Kirk had conflict against them and had sent professional killers to assassinate them today, so it was normal that they might want to pay them back.

However, did this fox really have a relationship with those foreigners they met today, or was it just a coincidence

No matter what, they didnt have any confidence.

And even if there was a relationship between them, Kirk deserved the punishment.

In fact, it wasnt a heavy price for Kirk to pay for what he had done to Gu Ning and the Leng family.

After all, he had tried to kill them, but they didnt do the same to him or disable him.

Therefore, the patriarch said, “If it really has something to do with them, it will be fine, because they wont do anything further.

If not, they might be ready to take serious revenge, which will be worse.”

Only the patriarch in the Thomas family was aware that Kirk had sent out professional killers to assassinate Gu Ning and the Leng family, but the other family members had heard about what had happened in the living room.

Accordingly, they strongly disapproved of Kirks decision.

Although Leng Yuanqians daughter had injured Kane, Gu Ning had cured him.

Out of gratitude and reason, they should stop blaming them for it.

Instead, they should thank the Leng family, but Kirk did the opposite!

They understood that Kirk did it for a reason, but they didnt know what it was.

Among the Thomas family, only Kyle supported Kirk.

Kyle was displeased with Gu Nings treatment of Kane since it greatly threatened his future to be the heir of the Thomas family.

Even though it wasnt clear yet who would be the heir, he wasnt the most likely one currently.

After all, Kane was more outstanding than him and the patriarch valued Kane above him as well.

The patriarch even said that he wanted Kane to take over the Thomas family, but Kane wasnt in a good condition.

However, now Kane had recovered, so he was highly likely to be the heir.

Hearing the patriarchs words, Kirk agreed that it was better if the fox really had a relationship with Leng Yuanqian and the Leng family.

He didnt want to be paid back further.

Nevertheless, he still hated them to death, but without his fathers permission, he didnt dare to do anything.

Obviously, he was no match for them.

“Grandpa, do we have to tolerate it If this news goes abroad, our family will be humiliated,” said Kyle with reluctance.

The patriarch turned to coldly look at Kyle and asked, “Do you think your fathers decision is right”

“No, of course not.

Im sorry.” Kyle immediately apologized.

He didnt want his grandfather to misunderstand him.

Even though those were his thoughts, he couldnt let the patriarch know.

“Im really sorry.

The girl cured me, but I couldnt thank her in person.

I should have walked Miss Leng to them and walked them out afterwards.” Kane felt very guilty.

He didnt say that to go against Kirk, but Gu Ning had helped him a lot.

He was really grateful to her.

“Alright, it is what it is now.

You all go out now.

I need to have a private talk with Kirk,” said the patriarch.

Although he thought Kirk made a wrong decision, he didnt feel bad about it.

After all, it wasnt his idea.

And he wasnt a good man either.

He just stayed reasonable.

If the Leng family was determined to pay the Thomas family back, he would make an apology if he couldnt fight back, but currently his pride wouldnt allow him to do that.

After the patriarch said that, the other people left.

When they were talking, the Thomas familys doctor gave Kirk a medical check up.

He was injured, but his life wasnt in danger and he wouldnt be disabled.

The patriarch wanted to have a private talk with Kirk, but didnt want to wait till the family doctor finished applying ointment to Kirks injury.

Therefore, he asked the family doctor to go out as well.

After he had the private talk with Kirk, the doctor could come back in.

He cared about Kirk, but Kirk was safe, and their private talk wouldnt take much time.

When the others were gone, the patriarch directly warned Kirk.

“Tell the Chang family that you wont help them again.

If you dare to cause any trouble, Ill teach you a lesson.”

“Yes, father.” No matter how unwilling Kirk was, he had to give in.

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