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However, kids ran much slower than adults, so the little girls grandfather caught her before she could catch up with the tree vine.

“Grandpa, Brother Teng is being taken away by a bad person!” Carried up by her own grandfather, the little girl suddenly cried out.

Hearing that, Gu Ning put on a resigned look.

Did the little girl take her as a human-trafficker

“Ha-ha, ha-ha.” The tree vine burst into laughter.

“Stop laughing! Or Ill really sell you,” said Gu Ning in annoyance.

The tree vine stopped laughing at once and even put on a serious expression.

“Fine, Ill stop laughing.”

At the same time, the little girls grandfather was scared and thought the tree vine was really caught by a bad person.

He immediately called several old men to catch up with Gu Ning and the tree vine.

Gu Ning saw them running over.

If she wanted to get rid of them, she had plenty of ways, but she did nothing.

They ran over right after knowing that the tree vine was caught because they were worried about his safety.

They did it out of kindness, so Gu Ning felt it was necessary to explain it to them.

“How could they believe the kiddos words Master, lets go away quickly now!” The tree vine was unwilling to waste time on them, so he pulled Gu Ning speeding away.

“Hey, they worried about you when they heard that you were taken.

They have a sense of justice.

We cant leave right now.

We must explain it to them, otherwise theyll believe that you were really taken by a bad person.

They might call the police and itll cause a lot of trouble,” said Gu Ning.

“Oh, I understand.” The tree vine replied.

“Just tell them that Im your grandfathers disciple,” said Gu Ning, because the tree vine had introduced himself to other people as Shangguan Yangs grandson.

“No problem.” The tree vine nodded.

Afterwards, the several old men reached Gu Ning and the tree vine.

“Teng, who is she” asked an old man.

Because they werent clear about the situation, they couldnt criticize Gu Ning right away.

Therefore, he asked the tree vine first.

“Shes my grandfathers disciple,” said the tree vine.

The next moment, everyone turned to look at Gu Ning.

Gu Ning politely greeted them.

“Nice to meet you all, grandpas.”

“Are you really Elder Shangguans disciple” asked another old man.

They heard about Shangguan Yangs two disciples, but they didnt know many details, so they werent sure whether this girl was one of Shangguan Yangs disciples, but the tree vine didnt seem to be lying.

“Yeah, Teng wants to eat roasted lamb kebabs, so Im taking him to buy it,” said Gu Ning.

As soon as Gu Ning finished, the tree vine joined their conversation.

“Sister, lets go to buy lamb kebabs now.

Grandpa is waiting for us to come home.”

“Sure.” Gu Ning agreed, then she turned to the several old men.

“Please excuse me.

We need to go now.”

The several old men didnt stop her because Gu Ning didnt seem like a human-trafficker.

When Gu Ning and the tree vine walked away, they talked about them.

“I dont think the girl can be a human-trafficker.”

“Right, and Teng is a smart boy.

He wont walk away with a stranger.”

“I dont know where Elder Shangguan lives and I dont have his phone number, otherwise I could directly ask him.”

“Why dont we follow them” said an old man.

The others agreed, then they quietly followed Gu Ning and the tree vine.

Gu Ning heard their discussion, but didnt care.

“Theyre following us!” said the tree vine.

“Its fine.

They care about you, so they are following us,” said Gu Ning.

In that case, the tree vine said nothing again.

About ten minutes later, Gu Ning and the tree vine arrived at the store which sold roasted lamb kebab.

This store was in an alley.

There werent many people in the alley, but there were quite a few customers in the store, and there were more than a dozen people waiting in line.

It was popular for a reason, because the lamb kebab was very delicious.

Gu Ning also went to wait in the line, while the tree vine ran to play the game machine on the side.

Gu Ning didnt stop him.

The tree vine wasnt a real kid.

If any accidents happened, he could protect himself.

After all, ordinary people couldnt hurt him.

However, Gu Ning and the tree vine encountered trouble right at this moment.

When Gu Ning was the fifth one in the line, she suddenly heard the tree vines scream.

She immediately turned to look at him, then saw a man abducting the tree vine.

Everyone was attracted by the tree vines scream, but nobody did anything because they werent sure about the situation.

Gu Ning did nothing yet either.

She believed the tree vine could handle it alone.

An old man who watched them from not far away got mad in an instant.

He thought that Gu Ning could be teaming up with the man who was a human-trafficker, and she fooled the tree vine.

The old man was so mad that he wanted to stand up for the tree vine, but the situation immediately changed after he took a few steps.

Right after the tree vine was carried up by the man, he kicked the mans crotch heavily.

The man shouted in pain and had to let the tree vine go.

The next moment, he covered his crotch with both of his hands.

The tree vine didnt walk away at once.

Instead, he swept the mans legs and the man immediately fell to the ground, moaning in pain.

After he did this, the tree vine walked towards Gu Ning.

The crowd was totally surprised by that scene.

It was beyond their imagination that a 4-year-old kid could be so strong.

Even an adult might not be able to do that.

The old man, who decided to help the tree vine, was also astonished.

It seemed that he had a misunderstanding of Gu Ning.

Gu Ning did nothing simply because she knew the tree vine could handle it.

No wonder the tree vine was Elder Shangguans grandson.

At such a young age, he had a lot of strength.

Since that was the case, the old man didnt come over.

“The man is hateful!” The tree vine went to Gu Nings side and said angrily.

After the crowd came back to their senses, they complimented the tree vine.

“Jesus, youre so unbelievable! How old are you”

“Oh my, I dont think even an adult would be able to get rid of that man so easily.

Its really amazing.”


Complimented by them, the tree vine felt very proud of himself.

“Im flattered,” he said, being modest.

Due to the pain, the man who was injured by the tree vine couldnt get up for a long time.

Gu Ning then let the tree vine stand in the line and walked towards the man.

Whether the man did it for the first time or had done it many times before, he should be seriously punished since he was a human-trafficker.

Therefore, Gu Ning had to deal with it.


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