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Gu Ning didnt want to talk about it publicly, but Jing Yuelan already mentioned it aloud.

If she didnt explain, people might think it was her familys fault.

In addition, it had already gone viral on the Internet, so it wasnt a secret.

Hearing Gu Nings explanation, everyone was surprised.

They also felt that the name Jing Yunyao sounded familiar, but couldnt remember her right away.

Anyway, it was too cruel for Jing Yuelans grandfather to have tried to kill Jing Yunyao and her son many times.

If Jing Yunyao didnt fight back, she and her son would end up being killed.

“If it hadnt been for Jing Yunyao, my grandmother wouldnt have been injured by my grandfather.

If Jing Yunyao hadnt humiliated the Jing family, my grandfather wouldnt have tried to kill her!” Jing Yuelan angrily shouted, taking it for granted, which angered the crowd.

Her grandmother was injured by her grandfather, but she blamed other people for that.

And she even agreed that one should be killed after doing something embarrassing.

It was too much!

“I dont argue with stupid people.

Lets talk about it with the Jing family.” Gu Ning was unwilling to waste more time on Jing Yuelan.

Once she finished, she picked Jing Yuelan up and decided to go to the cultivation world.

However, Jing Yuelan suddenly yelled, “Dont be fooled by Gu Ning.

She isnt a human.

Shes a monster, a monster!”

Jing Yuelan didnt say that Gu Ning was a cultivator, but a monster, because she was trying to defame Gu Ning.

In her eyes, cultivators were superior to mortals.

If she said Gu Ning was a cultivator, she was afraid the public would admire her even more.

Hearing Jing Yuelans words, Gu Ning rolled her eyes with a resigned look.

Then she hit the back of Jing Yuelans neck heavily, knocking her out.

The crowd was astonished by Jing Yuelans words, and felt she was too crazy.

They didnt believe in monsters after all.

Gu Ning understood that it wasnt convincing, but she still said, “Youre crazy.

If I was really a monster, you wouldnt dare to mess with me.”

No one believed Jing Yuelans words, so they just found it funnier after hearing Gu Nings reply.

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After that, Gu Ning put Jing Yuelan into her car and left.

At the same time, Gu Ning called Chen Cangyi and told him that she had already caught the woman who damaged her store.

He could restore it and she would get the woman to pay for it.

Gu Ning went straight to the cultivation world.

She didnt tell Jing Yunyao about it, because she could handle it alone.

Moreover, Jing Jining was also in the cultivation world!

After Gu Ning took Jing Yuelan to the cultivation world, she woke her up.

“Let me go!” Jing Yuelan struggled and said angrily.

“Let you go No way!” Gu Ning sneered dangerously.

“I couldnt do anything to you outside earlier, but now there is nothing I have to be afraid of.”

Saying that, Gu Ning beat Jing Yuelan and injured her so that she couldnt stand up or walk, but it wasnt a problem, because Gu Ning could pick her up.

“You…” Jing Yuelan was angry and in pain, because Gu Ning beat her badly.

Although Gu Ning couldnt fly with a sword, the white female flood dragon could quickly go down the mountain and over the river to get to City Sky.

Gu Ning directly let the white female flood dragon out in front of Jing Yuelan, which amazed her.

She didnt expect a flood dragon to be with Gu Ning.

Although the flood dragon was a monster now, it could become a dragon once it evolved.

And after it became a dragon, it would become a god.

Although cultivators should kill monsters and ghosts once they met any, the flood dragon was different.

Flood dragons could become dragons and gods, so they would keep them instead of killing them.

Therefore, Jing Yuelan wasnt just surprised, she was also jealous of Gu Ning for having a flood dragon.

“How did you get a flood dragon” Jing Yuelan questioned jealously, as if Gu Ning was forbidden to keep a flood dragon.

“Why cant I have a flood dragon” Gu Ning sneered.

Afterwards, she picked up Jing Yuelan and sat on the back of the flood dragon.

The flood dragon then carried them to the City Sky.

However, Gu Ning didnt fly straight to the gate of the City Sky.

Instead, she landed five hundred meters away.

After putting the flood dragon back into the telepathic eye space, she picked Jing Yuelan up walking to the gate.

Nearly everyone in City Sky knew Jing Yuelan, so they attracted a lot of attention as soon as they appeared.

Everyone was curious about what had happened.

Did Jing Yuelan annoy the girl and get injured, or did the girl rescue Jing Yuelan

Although everyone was curious about it, no one dared to ask.

Before long, someone recognized Gu Ning and realized that Jing Yuelan must have annoyed her and Gu Ning had taught her a lesson, but they didnt dare to say that in front of Gu Ning, so they only talked about it after Gu Ning walked away.

Within a short while, more and more people found out that Gu Ning was the girl who visited the Jing family with Shangguan Yang and the others last time.

Gu Ning didnt take Jing Yuelan to the Jing familys side house, she went straight to the main house.

She wanted to let Jing Jining deal with it.

After all, Jing Jining was the Jing familys patriarch, so it was more appropriate for him to deal with it.

Even though Jing Yaorongs family was chased out, Jing Yunfei, Jing Yunchan, and Jing Yunyan were still on the family tree, so they were still considered members of the Jing family.

Nearly all the members of the Jing family remembered Gu Nings face, so the gatekeeper directly invited her in.

Jing Jining had given an order that Shangguan Yang, Jing Yunyao, Leng Shaoting, and Gu Ning could directly come in without permission.

Although Jing Yuelan was forbidden from coming into the Jing familys main house, no one stopped Gu Ning from taking her inside.

Anyway, Jing Yuelan was seriously injured, so Gu Ning must have come to deal with her.

In the front yard…

Gu Ning stopped and dumped Jing Yuelan to the ground.

Before Gu Ning even said anything, someone reported it to Jing Jining.

A while later, Jing Jining came.

He didnt know what had happened, but heard that Gu Ning came with a seriously injured Jing Yuelan, so he figured out what must have happened.


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