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However, they still didnt dare to argue with Wei Lingfeng face to face, because it was Chang Kairuis fault and they had no evidence.

Wei Lingfeng could just say that they were trapped.

Besides, after what happened today, they temporarily had no intention of paying the Wei family back, because they would only get a worse result.

Most importantly, Master Chang was unwilling to lose more because of Chang Kairui.

After the scandal broke, only their familys reputation would be damaged.

It wasnt good news, but they could live with it.

Because of the Chang familys power and influence, Weibo had to delete all the posts about Chang Kairui.

It wasnt a big issue, so Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning didnt bother to do anything further.

It was enough for them that more people were already aware that Chang Kairui was using drugs.

Moreover, Chang Kairui would suffer from a recurrence of drug addiction.

If he took drugs again, he would become useless.

If he decided to stay away from it, it would be torture.

Anyway, right after the video was released, Master Chang forbade Chang Kairui from leaving home for a month.

Although it was also torture for Chang Kairui who loved hanging out every day, he had made a terrible mistake, so he had to listen to his grandfather now.

Chang Kairui didnt mention that it was his fathers idea.

He wasnt a good man in some aspects, but he was very protective of his father.

After Chang Kairuis father returned home, he criticized him gently in front of Master Chang, then explained to him when Master Chang had left.

Chang Kairui understood, so he wasnt really mad at his father.

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In the siheyuan…

Gu Ning originally set up a room for the tree vine, but the tree vine declined.

He couldnt sleep like other people, so he would turn back to be a tree vine at night and plant himself in the soil.

Since he decided to do that, the others agreed.

The next day, Gu Ning was free, so she called Zi Beiying and let her know that she could come for a meal at Zi Beiyings new house.

Hearing that, Zi Beiying was excited and got ready to call all of her friends.

Because Zi Beiying had invited Zhan Zhiyin before, she asked Gu Ning whether Zhan Zhiyin wanted to join them today.

They had just met a few days ago, so they didnt exchange phone numbers.

Gu Ning received Zhan Zhiyins message yesterday so she knew that Zhan Zhiyin was leaving, so Gu Ning directly replied to Zi Beiying that Zhan Zhiyin was gone.

Since she was gone, Zi Beiying couldnt do anything about it.

Afterwards, Zi Beiying called her close friends, but she didnt have many close friends in the capital.

Only Xia Maiqi, Xu Qinyin, and Leng Shaoxi were close to her.

They werent very busy, so they all agreed to come.

Xu Qinyin would bring Tang Qingyang along.

Gu Ning had nothing to do, so she went there early and arrived at 5 pm.

She gave Zi Beiying an antique which was worth over ten million yuan.

It was a very expensive gift.

If Gu Ning wasnt involved in the antique industry and couldnt get valuable antiques so easily, she might not spend so much money on an antique as a gift.

Although ten million yuan was nothing for Zi Beiying, it proved how important she was in Gu Nings eyes.

Zi Beiying didnt know the exact price of this antique, but she knew it couldnt be cheap.

After that, Xu Jinchen went to chat with Leng Shaoting, while Gu Ning stayed to chat with Zi Beiying.

Mengda and Ning were busy cooking in the kitchen.

They were skilled cooks.

Even though they werent masters, they were at least qualified cooks.

At 6 pm, the others came one after another, and at 6:30 pm, everybody was present.

Because they needed to work, they were a little late, but it wasnt too late for them to have dinner.

During the meal, they drank a little.

Zi Beiying moved into a new house, so they ought to celebrate it, but they controlled themselves and didnt drink much.

When it was nearly 10 pm, they dispersed.

Leng Shaoxi didnt drive, so Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting took her back to the Leng familys house.

Xia Maiqi and Xu Qinyin lived in the same direction, so Xu Qinyin would drive Xia Maiqi home.

The city was safe, but they still needed to be careful.

By the time Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning drove Leng Shaoxi back to the Leng familys house, it was late and Master Leng was already asleep, so they didnt go inside.

After Leng Shaoxi went in, they left.

The Leng familys house was also Leng Shaotings home, but he wasnt used to staying here.

Anyway Gu Ning was with him today, so he preferred to stay alone with her.

The next day, Leng Shaoting needed to leave to carry out a task and Gu Ning also needed to go to class.

Everything went back to normal, and nothing bad happened in the following week.

During the week, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting barely contacted each other.

When Leng Shaoting carried out tasks, it was very common for him to be absent for a week.

However, Gu Ning would still be worried about him.

Gu Ning didnt pay much attention to Chang Kairuis situation now.

She didnt know how he was doing, but it couldnt be pleasant.

Chang Kairui was living a painful life now.

The next night, he had an attack of his drug addiction.

He felt as if countless ants were eating him.

It was excruciating.

Chang Kairui begged his parents for drugs.

Although he knew it was wrong, it was so hard to stand the pain.

He would rather die than suffer from drug addiction.

However, Master Chang forbade Chang Kairui from taking any drugs.

He told him to stand it for a while so that he could get off of the drugs more quickly.

Unfortunately, Chang Kairui could hardly control himself.

He smashed a lot of things in his room and even hurt himself.

In the end, Master Chang told people to tie him up, so he stopped injuring himself, but the pain was still unbearable.

Chang Kairuis parents were heart-broken, especially his mother.

His mother even had thought of giving him drugs so that he didnt need to suffer the pain, but she didnt dare to say that aloud.

Finally, Chang Kairui passed out from the pain and was sent to the hospital.

This time, he survived, but paid a heavy price.

If he wasnt sent to the hospital right away, he could have died.


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