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Without delay, Gu Ning stood up and walked ahead.

She caught the womans wrist before her palm fell on the tree vines cheek.

With her wrist caught, the woman was furious.

She struggled fiercely, but couldnt get rid of Gu Ning.

“Let me go! Its none of your business!” shouted the woman.

“Im his older sister.

It is my business.” Gu Ning sneered.

The woman hadnt seen Gu Nings face until then, but she got jealous the moment she saw how beautiful Gu Ning was.

This girl was stunning!

“Your younger brother just pushed my son,” said the woman.

“Really” Gu Ning sneered and mocked.

“Maam, dont fool me in front of my face.

Dont you feel guilty at all You just witnessed what your son did.

Its your son who wanted to push my younger brother, and you didnt stop him.

Your son was unable to push my younger brother to the ground and ended up falling by himself.

I didnt say anything, but you jumped out and criticized my younger brother.

Its ridiculous!”

Hearing that, the woman panicked a little.

She didnt expect that Gu Ning had seen it.

She indeed saw her son go to push the little boy, but she didnt stop him because she was also unhappy that the little boy was so pretty.

Sometimes, if you were too pretty, you might get as much hatred as appreciation.

Even though the woman saw it, for the sake of her face, she still denied it.

“Nonsense, I didnt see that! Its your younger brother who pushed my son.

If my son really did that, your younger brother would have fallen!”

If ordinary kids were pushed, they would definitely fall, but the tree vine wasnt an ordinary boy.

“If so, why dont we go watch the surveillance video.

There is a surveillance camera above us,” said Gu Ning, pointing at the place above them.

There was indeed a surveillance camera.

“After that, we can call the police.”

“You…” The woman was struck dumb.

If they really watched the surveillance video and called the police, she and her son would be punished.

Therefore, although she didnt want to take the blame, she didnt dare to continue arguing with Gu Ning.

Instead, she gave Gu Ning a glare, then left carrying her son.

She didnt even have time to shop for clothing.

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She was guilty, so she didnt dare to stay.

The saleswomen didnt blame Gu Ning for damaging their business because they also disliked the womans behavior.

If the woman didnt leave, they would have chased her out.

In fact, they were more worried that Gu Ning might be mad, so they apologized to Gu Ning at once.

After all, Gu Ning was going to buy twenty sets so she was a big customer.

They had to treat her well.

Gu Ning didnt care about it, so she sat down and let them continue to pick clothes for the tree vine.

The tree vine was too beautiful, so he looked pretty in every set of clothes.

He also wasnt picky.

After shopping, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting directly went back.

They didnt stay in the shopping mall for longer.

After an afternoon, fewer people were talking about Chang Kairui and the public soon started to lose interest in the news.

There was so much news every day that the hot topics were different every hour.

However, that night, right when the Chang family felt that they had overcome the crisis, a video was uploaded to Weibo.

It was a new Weibo account without fans, so normally the post wouldnt attract much attention, but it couldnt be easier for K to get attention.

He @(mentioned) every major gossip Weibo account, then used his skills to put them at the top of the list of the hottest topics.

As a result, once Internet users logged into Weibo, the first piece of news they read would be the truth about Chang Kairui being on drugs.

The video proved that Chang Kairui really took drugs and that they destroyed the original test report and made a fake report about his angina pectoris.

Actually, not many people had been convinced by the Chang familys clarification, they simply paid less attention to the news because there was no evidence.

However, now there was a video to prove that Chang Kairui indeed overdosed.

As a result, once the video was released, it caused another sensation, and it attracted even more attention this time.


In the Chang familys house…

Master Chang was furious and hit the coffee table with his crutch.

He also smashed the teapot and cups to the ground, shattering them to pieces.

“Damn it! Do an investigation right now.

We must find out who did it!” Master Chang roared.

The other members of the Chang family were also astonished after they watched the video, especially the Chang familys third son.

Chang Kairui became suspicious of his friends at once and immediately called them.

Although they did an investigation right after he got in trouble and they were proven innocent, it didnt mean they werent involved in it.

Any of them could have been bribed by Wei Lingfeng.

If there was no video, Chang Kairui would have believed his friends were completely innocent, but now that the surveillance video came out, he couldnt help being suspicious of them.

Only his friends, doctors, and nurses were allowed to go into the ward at that time.

If his friends were suspects, the doctors and nurses also couldnt be innocent.

Chang Kairuis friends denied it without hesitation, because they didnt put any cameras in the ward.

At the same time, they were angry that Chang Kairui was suspicious of them.

They were fair-weather friends, but they wouldnt do that to him.

Even though all of them denied it, Chang Kairui still couldnt trust them.

After that, he started to investigate the doctors and nurses that had gone into the ward that day.

There were two doctors and three nurses in all, but one nurse was missing.

Obviously, the nurse who disappeared put a camera in his ward.

Or someone disguised themselves as a nurse.

The nurse seemed to appear and disappear out of the blue, leaving no hint.

Because they had no more clues, their investigation couldnt continue.

This time, Wei Lingfeng paid them back seriously, angering the Chang family.

They never thought about reflecting on their own actions.

If Chang Kairui hadnt schemed against Wei Lingfengs son, the Wei family wouldnt have paid them back.

They were so self-centered that they would only blame other people for their own fault.


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