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Honestly, among the four major families, the Leng family had the best reputation, because every member of the Leng family was stopping disciplinary violations, including Leng Shaoting.

If it wasnt serious, a warning would be enough.

If they were willing to change, the Leng family would still accept them.

However, if it was serious, they could be secretly killed.

After all, it was an effective way to punish someone as a warning to others.

However, in reality, no matter how strict the Leng family were, they couldnt stop bad people from doing bad deeds.

There were still problems with people who belonged to the same faction as the Leng family.

In addition, no one was perfect.

Perhaps they made mistakes in some aspects, but they were quite useful in other aspects.

As long as they didnt hurt the Leng familys interests, they would turn a blind eye.

The Leng family would only limit their behavior and prevent them from causing serious trouble.

The Rong family also had a good reputation.

They normally wouldnt break the law, and would also punish those officials who dared to do illegal things, but they didnt pay much attention to it, so they were always involved in scandals.

All in all, the Rong family was a good one.

As for the Yuan family, they did many bad things, but they had handled them well, like what Yuan Wenrui had done, but once their own family members and important officials who supported them caused serious trouble, their reputation would be greatly damaged.

And officials who were in the same faction as the Yuan family had been involved in scandals many times before.

Besides, after the scandals broke, the Yuan family tried to defend them, but had to give up after they failed.

The Chang family, on the other hand, had a bad reputation and were always involved in bad deeds.

However, they often left the trouble to the government to deal with it instead of handling it on their own.

Although the Chang family had done many bad deeds, they still had a high status and a lot of influence, because not everyone in the family had made these mistakes.

The whole family wouldnt be dragged into trouble, unless there was solid evidence.

After all, no one in their position was simple, so they had the ability to get away with crimes.

Moreover, in the capital, different forces had complicated relationships.

It wasnt easy to restrict them.

If a major family was in trouble, a group of officials would be dragged into trouble.

If a large group of officials were unseated, the government couldnt work properly.

As a result, there could be more trouble caused afterwards.

Once the country was in endless turmoil, other countries might seize the chance to benefit from chaos.

Therefore, the government wouldnt kill a large group of officials.

Instead, the government would try to punish someone as a warning to others and stop more people from doing illegal things.

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“Well, I have to agree that the Chang family wants to seize power.” Although Gu Ning didnt know much about politics, she clearly knew that the Chang family wanted to seize the position of president.

From her perspective, she hoped that Wei Lingfeng could be the president for the following years.

“Have you found out which member of the Chang family did it” asked Gu Ning.

She cared about the Wei family.

“I have a name in my mind, but I dont have evidence.

And there is already a scapegoat, so I dont think we can conduct a further investigation,” said Leng Shaoting.

“So were going to accept this result If we know who it is, can we teach the person a lesson even though we cant do anything on the surface We wont leave any evidence,” said Gu Ning.

She really hated it when the mastermind used a scapegoat to get away with crimes.

“Of course we wont accept that result.

The president told me to deal with it and Im going to bring you to do something bad.

Do you want to join me” asked Leng Shaoting in a loving tone.

No matter who encountered something like that, they wouldnt accept that result, but it wasnt appropriate for them to deal with it in person.

It wasnt wrong that Wei Lingfeng ordered Leng Shaoting to secretly teach the mastermind a lesson.

If the person put his cards on the table, they would be honest as well, but there was no need to be honest with backstabbers.

Sometimes, it was necessary to give someone a taste of their own medicine.

Wei Lingfeng became the president, not just because he had the abilities and was an upright man, but also because he knew how to play tricks, but wouldnt just attack other people.

If anyone dared to scheme against him, he wouldnt hesitate to pay them back.

If a man was too kind, he wouldnt be able to make great achievements.

If he was kind to his enemies, he was being cruel to himself, especially in politics or business.

Once you showed mercy to your enemies, you would be knocked down by them in a second.

“Of course Ill join you!” Gu Ning became interested at once.

Although the person had no grudge against her, she wouldnt let Leng Shaoting do it alone.

“Great, well do it at night.

Now lets go home and have a meal first,” said Leng Shaoting.

“Sure.” Gu Ning nodded.

Then they packed up and walked out.

Right after they stepped out of the elevator, they ran into the intern who tried to strike up a conversation with Leng Shaoting earlier.

Her name was Zhang Youyou.

As soon as Zhang Youyou saw Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, she became scared, because she hadnt known about Leng Shaotings relationship with Gu Ning earlier.

It was embarrassing that she had tried to strike up a conversation with Leng Shaoting! However, Gu Ning was also here, so she had to say hi to them.

“Nice to see you, Chairman Gu,” Zhang Youyou said to Gu Ning.

“Hi,” said Gu Ning, then she left with Leng Shaoting.

She just needed to casually reply to the staff.

After Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting walked away, Zhang Youyou felt relieved.

It seemed that Gu Ning didnt know about what she had done that day.

The entire day, she was extremely anxious.

She was always worried that she would be fired after Gu Ning found out.

If so, she would be totally humiliated.

Once Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left, they directly returned to the siheyuan.

At about 10 pm, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went out, but they didnt go out from the front gate.

Instead, they disguised themselves as other people and left from the back door.

They wouldnt leave any useful information to the Chang family after they did something bad.

They now looked completely different.

Gu Ning still looked beautiful, but Leng Shaoting became a middle-aged, bald man, which amused Shangguan Yang and Jing Yunyao.

“Alright, uncle, lets go!” Gu Ning joked.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting gave Gu Ning a glance with his eyes full of affection.

He couldnt care less about his appearance, because he always disguised himself for someone else when he carried out tasks.

He could be far uglier.


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