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Anyway, even though she was going to get a divorce, her kids would still be members of the Rong family.

She wouldnt ask her parents to stop supporting the Rong family just because of the divorce.

She hated Rong Jingtang, but she didnt hate the Rong family.

She had married into the Rong family for sixteen years and the Rong family treated her very well.

Although they had conflicts, they wouldnt harbor grudges against each other.

“Dad.” Zhang Xinyun called Master Rong.

“I know a divorce will hurt the kids, but I dont want to live the rest of my life in pain.

So I must have a divorce.

But dont worry.

Even if I divorce Rong Jingtang, Im still the kids mother and the Zhang family will support the Rong family as usual.

I hope you can let me see the kids often and allow the kids to come to see me as well.

After the divorce, Rong Jingtang still has that woman and a son, but I only have my two daughters.

I dont want to lose them.”

Hearing that, Master Rong understood that Zhang Xinyun was determined to get a divorce, but she said the Zhang family would support the Rong family as usual, which made him feel relieved.

Although the Rong family was powerful, its influence consisted of different families.

If they lost a familys support, their influence would be weakened.

After all, the Zhang family wasnt small.

“Youre the kids mother, so you can obviously see them anytime you want.

You can take them out to have fun or live with you for a few days as well.

But Xinyun, are you sure you must have a divorce Why dont you go stay in your parents home for a month We can talk about it later.

If you still want to have a divorce after carefully thinking about it for a month, I wont say anything then.

How about that” Master Rong said.

Even if they got a divorce, the Zhang family would still support the Rong family, but Master Rong still hoped that they could stay married.

Zhang Xinyun felt she was treated unfairly, so he couldnt only think about his familys benefits.

He couldnt force Zhang Xinyun to stay.

He could only give her some time before making the decision.

If she still wanted a divorce by then, he wouldnt stop her.

Zhang Xinyun wanted to decline, because she had already made up her mind.

She didnt want to delay it, but her father spoke before her.

“Alright, since Master Rong is willing to give us more time, well think about it.

Xinyun, lets go back home.”


Zhang said that, not to stop Zhang Xinyun from having a divorce, but because he couldnt embarrass Master Rong.

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In addition, he called Master Rong distantly, which meant he wanted to keep his distance from them.

As Zhang Xinyun had just said, even if she divorced Rong Jingtang, the Zhang family would still support the Rong family as usual.

It wasnt just because of the kids, but because they also had connections in politics, which was difficult to cut off.

Although they hated Rong Jingtang, they didnt hold a grudge against the Rong family.

They would just stay away from Rong Jingtang in the future.

After a month, Zhang Xinyun could make the decision on her own since the Zhang family wouldnt force her to do anything.

If Zhang Xinyun forgave Rong Jingtang for the sake of the kids, the Zhang family would take action to cut off Rong Jingtangs relationship with the woman and the boy.

It wasnt totally up to Master Rong.

However, they wouldnt kill them.

After all, the boy was innocent.

After that, the Zhang family left with Zhang Xinyun.

When the Zhang family was gone, Mater Rong told Rong Jingtang to perform well in the following month.

As long as he had time, he should visit the Zhang family and make an apology.

He wasnt telling Rong Jingtang to give up his dignity for that, but a sincere apology was needed.

Otherwise there was no reason for them to stop Zhang Xinyun from getting a divorce!

Rong Jue didnt go back to the Rong familys house, but he was clearly aware of everything that was happening there.

He knew the exposure of Rong Jingtangs affair caused Zhang Xinyun to want to divorce Rong Jingtang.

It was cruel for Zhang Xinyun and the kids, but it was better for them to know about it earlier.

Therefore, Rong Jingtang didnt feel too guilty.

Rong Jingtang deserved it.

If he hadnt schemed against Rong Zechen, his affair wouldnt have been exposed.

That night, Rong Jue went to see Rong Zechen again and told him that the mastermind was Rong Jingtang, who actually had an illegitimate son, and that Zhang Xinyun was already aware of that.

He also reminded Rong Zechen to keep it a secret.

If it went abroad, Rong Zechens sexual relationship with the woman would also go public.

Rong Zechen had to be on the alert for Rong Jingtang afterwards.

Rong Zechen was surprised to find out that the mastermind was Rong Jingtang, but it wasnt beyond expectations.

They had lived under the same roof for more than twenty years.

He knew Rong Jingtang very well!

Rong Jingtang never liked them and always picked on them if he had a chance.

However, it didnt cause serious trouble until now.

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Unfortunately, Rong Zechen had to protect his own reputation, so he had to tolerate it.

Luckily, Rong Jingtang was paid back.

Although Rong Zechen was surprised to know that the mastermind was Rong Jingtang, he was shocked that Rong Jingtang had an illegitimate son outside.

Anyway, since it was Rong Jue who shared the news with him, it had to be true.

He had a little sympathy for Zhang Xinyun and her two daughters.

Rong Jingtang wasnt a good man, but Zhang Xinyun and her two daughters were great.

There were conflicts between them, but they still saw each other as family.

Only Rong Jingtang would do something so cold-blooded.

After telling Rong Zechen about all of this in the hospital, Rong Jue left.

Rumors about Jing Yunyao hurting her own father gradually lost attention after three days.

Normally, without evidence, rumors like that wouldnt last long.

A few days later, it was Master Lengs birthday, so he wanted to hold a party for everyone to formally meet Jing Yunyao.


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