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Gu Ning could only see jade in several raw jade materials at the layer near the ground.

After all, the mountain was large and thick.

It was impossible for her to see all the raw jade materials.

However, if she could see several raw jade materials containing jade near the ground, it meant there should be more jade deep down.

This mountain still belonged to the government, and was available.

Without hesitation, Gu Ning decided to buy it.

“Lets go back now,” said Gu Ning.

Since she was sure which mountain contained raw jade materials, she planned to go back.

“What Should we stop right now Did you find any jade” Baili Zongxue was struck dumb for a second.

She didnt think Gu Ning would easily give up, so she believed that Gu Ning must have found something.

“Yes, I found jade on this mountain, but we still need to gamble on whether there are enough raw jade materials,” said Gu Ning.

She couldnt tell Baili Zongxue that she could see the jade with her eyes.

“Great, then lets go back now!” Baili Zongxue believed whatever Gu Ning said.

Anyway, she barely knew anything about it, so she didnt bother to ask much.

After that, they returned in the same way.

It was 8:30 pm and was completely dark, but they could still see clearly.

Therefore, Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue went back by using qinggong again.

They were dozens of kilometers away from City Rui and there were mountains along the way.

It might take them hours to get back.

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However, they couldnt use qinggong all the time, because it was energy-consuming.

When they were out of strength, they would stop and rest for a while.

They would walk a distance, then continue to rush ahead.

During their second rest when they were about halfway back, they heard a gunshot.

Without delay, Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue stopped.

“Why was there a gunshot” Baili Zongxue asked confusedly.

She didnt really need Gu Nings answer.

After all, they were together.

If she didnt know, Gu Ning couldnt know either.

She just subconsciously asked aloud.

“This is the border between two countries, so criminals often show up here.

Its quite chaotic, so its not surprising that there are gunshots, but we can only know the details after checking it out,” Gu Ning said.

She planned to not leave right away.

If there were really criminals, she had to do something since she ran into them.

Otherwise the Red Flame would be assigned the task to deal with them.

“Sure!” Baili Zongxue nodded.

She wasnt afraid of guns and criminals, because she wasnt an ordinary girl.

Gu Ning immediately turned to look in the direction of the gunshot.

She judged that it was no more than a hundred meters away.

The next moment, she saw a group of people running in the woods.

There were seven of them and all of them were armed.

At a distance of about twenty meters from them, there were four people who were chasing the others.

Gu Ning couldnt see their faces clearly, but they looked familiar.

Since they looked familiar, they must have met before.

And since they were chasing criminals in such a situation, they must be Leng Shaotings comrades.

Leng Shaoting wasnt there.

If Leng Shaoting was there, Gu Ning would be able to recognize him with a glance at his back.

Upon thinking that they might be teammates of the Red Flame, Gu Ning felt that she had to do something.

“Follow me,” Gu Ning said to Baili Zongxue.

Baili Zongxue didnt know what Gu Ning wanted to do, but she didnt bother to ask.

No matter what Gu Ning was going to do, she would follow her.

At the beginning, Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue moved lightly, because they didnt want to be discovered.

Gu Ning wasnt exactly sure that those men were Leng Shaotings people.

She planned to see them more clearly after she got closer.

The people at the front kept on running and turning around to fire at the same time.

While the people at the back also didnt stop shooting.

It was a pursuit.

Because it was night and there was a distance between them, no one was really shot when they were running.

Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue came in from the side.

Although they moved lightly, they were still faster than those men.

As a result, Gu Ning quickly saw the four people at the back.

There was paint on their faces, but Gu Ning still recognized them.

It was Xu Jinchen, Chen Meng, Zhao Lang, and Ai Weishun.

Since she recognized them, Gu Ning didnt bother to hide any longer.

“Look, the four men at the back are my friends.

We need to stop the people in the front.

We dont need to kill them.

We just need to injure them.

They have guns, so we must be careful,” Gu Ning said to Baili Zongxue.

She chose to stand out, because they were in a public fight now.

There was no need to ask Xu Jinchen about the situation.

She just needed to take action right away.

Anyway, she wouldnt kill them.

She would just catch them and hand them to Xu Jinchen.

“No problem!” Baili Zongxue agreed.

She had never attacked mortals before, but those men were obviously criminals.

Therefore, the cultivation world wouldnt blame her for injuring them.

Normally, Baili Zongxue didnt have many chances to fight against others, so she was looking forward to having a real fight.

After hearing Gu Nings words, she was full of excitement.

After that, they immediately moved.

In a blink of the eye, Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue reached in front of them.

Because they moved too fast, those men were not prepared.

They didnt see them until they were right in front of them.

Afterwards, they were scared and surprised.

They didnt expect to be stopped at this moment.

However, when they found out that it was just two girls without weapons, they relaxed.

They wouldnt hesitate to remove them from their way.

Without delay, a few men pointed their guns at Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue.

Unfortunately, the moment they moved, Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue attacked them.

They didnt know what to do.

Although they fired their guns, they failed to hit anyone.

The next moment, they knocked against each other and screamed in pain.

Xu Jinchen and his comrades heard that from the back, and felt it was quite strange.

Did they shoot themselves by accident

They didnt know what was happening at the front, but still continued to run ahead.

Right when they were only ten meters away, they heard a familiar female voice.

“Be careful.

Dont fire!”

Upon hearing that voice, Xu Jinchen and his comrades were surprised.

They recognized that voice.

It was Gu Ning, but why was Gu Ning here


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