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Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue ordered food that was averagely priced.

Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue ordered four dishes in all, namely roasted duck, fried beef, green vegetables, and a soup, then they gave the menu to Kang Shaojie.

Four dishes werent many for Kang Shaojie.

Instead, he felt that it wasnt enough.

He didnt feel that they were eating too much.

After all, he was the host.

Even if they couldnt finish all the food, he couldnt just order a few dishes, or he would seem petty.

Therefore, Kang Shaojie ordered three other dishes, which were the most famous and expensive dishes at the restaurant.

Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue didnt care what dishes Kang Shaojie ordered.

After the waiter left, Kang Shaojie said to Gu Ning, “Miss Gu, can I ask you about something I hope it wont seem offensive.

If youre willing to answer my questions, you can tell me what you want to let me know.

I wont force you.

Either way, I do hope we can be friends.

So if youre unhappy, feel free to let me know.”

Even though Kang Shaojies words implied that he invited Gu Ning to share a meal for a reason, Gu Ning could tell that he was left with no choice.

She guessed that Kang Shaojie must have encountered difficulties and needed her help, so she wasnt displeased.

Anyway, it might not be a bad thing even though he invited her to share a meal for a purpose.


Kang, you can ask me whatever you want to know.

Im not mean.

If I know, Ill tell you.

If I dont want to tell you, I wont say anything even if you try to force me.”

Hearing Gu Nings reply, Kang Shaojie directly asked, “Miss Gu, can you tell me the probability of you cutting out jade I know its a little rude.

If youre uncomfortable with that, please dont be mad at me.

I asked that question for a purpose.

I didnt mean to offend you.

I just encountered a tricky problem, and I need a stone-gambling talent.”

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He couldnt tell her what the tricky problem was right now.

From Kang Shaojies attitude, Gu Ning was sure of his sincerity and difficulty, so she wasnt mad at all.

“Well, I always have good luck.

Ive played stone-gambling with many people before.

Ive never lost once.

To be honest with you, the Wang familys patriarch in City Teng was unseated by me.”

Gu Ning sounded a little arrogant, but it was the truth.

After she heard Kang Shaojies words, she understood that he needed a stone-gambling talent to do him a favor.

If she guessed correctly, it must have something to do with stone-gambling.

Kang Shaojie would compete against someone and he needed to win.

Hearing Gu Nings reply, Kang Shaojie was surprised, especially when he learned that she had unseated the Wang familys patriarch in City Teng.

The Wang family used to be the head of the three major raw jade material miners in City Teng.

It sounded exaggerated, but Gu Nings serious and confident expression convinced Kang Shaojie.

He had heard of the Wang family and actually knew a lot about them.

After all, they were peers, so it was impossible for them to know nothing about each other.

In fact, they were quite familiar.

However, although they were familiar, it didnt mean they had a good relationship.

On the contrary, as peers, they were competitors and never stopped competing against one another.

Although they were in two different cities, they were still stealing each others clients.

Normally, they didnt need to look for minor clients, but they still had to strike deals with major clients.

He had heard that the Wang family was replaced.

He actually heard the news the second day after it happened.

After the Wang family was unseated, their raw jade material mine was soon taken.

No one had sympathy for what had happened to the Wang family, because they had done too many bad deeds.

They deserved the consequences.

Kang Shaojie didnt conduct an investigation about what happened after the Wang family was replaced.

He only heard that a man bought the Wang familys property.

Because it was Leng Shaoting who took the right of exploitation from the Wang family, not many people knew that Gu Ning was the real boss.

“Did you defeat the Wang familys patriarch” Kang Shaojie didnt think Gu Ning would lie to him, but it was too shocking.

He had to make sure of it.

“Yes.” Gu Ning nodded.

“And I guess you need a stone-gambling master right now to help you with something, right Mr.

Kang, if its true, just tell me what you want to achieve.

Even if I cant help you, I wont tell anyone about it.”

Gu Ning didnt like to beat around the bush.

It was too time-consuming.

Since Gu Ning said that, Kang Shaojie stopped testing her attitude.

He also believed that Gu Ning already knew what his purpose was, and trusted her.

Even if she couldnt help him, he believed that she wouldnt tell anyone about it.

This was his first meeting with Gu Ning, but often his feelings told him who was trustworthy.

It didnt matter how long they had known each other.

And actually, a good and close old friend might not be as helpful as a stranger.

Therefore, Kang Shaojie directly said, “If so, Ill be straightforward.

Its actually a family issue.

My father is getting sick.

My older brother is working in the government, so my family wants me to take over the business, vut my uncle is good at stone-gambling and wants to seize the right of exploitation.

Many directors in the board of directors have already been bribed by my uncle.

So they all side with him.”

“My family is unwilling to give in, so my uncle proposed having a competition.

Whoever wins will be the new leader.

Left with no choice, I have to accept the challenge.

The competition will begin the day after tomorrow, so Im searching for a stone-gambling talent these days.

I wasnt satisfied until I met you today, Miss Gu.

So I wanted to know more about your skills…”

Saying that, Kang Shaojie put on a resigned look.

“What can I get from it” Gu Ning asked.

It was Kang Shaojies family affair, and had nothing to do with her.

Gu Ning had her own plan and intention.

If she could get what she wanted, she would be willing to play a role in it.

Anyway, she had been involved in other peoples business many times before, and it wasnt illegal or amoral after all.


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