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Chapter 248: Inexplicable Intimacy

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Since the old man nodded, his followers wouldnt stop Gu Ning.

Master Zhang and Zhao Yuefeng were worried too, but they didnt dare to make noise in such a critical moment.

Although Zhang Hanyin didnt believe that Gu Ning was able to save the old mans life, she remained silent seeing the old mans face turning pale.

Gu Ning of course didnt know how to administer first aid, but she used the movement to cover her real intention.

She gently pressed the old mans chest in a regular pattern, and the power quickly poured through her hands and into the old mans heart and wrapped all around it.

The power then flowed into the arteries that supply blood for his heart.

The old man felt a sudden influx of cold air into his chest.

Within seconds, he got his breath back and his face was back to a normal color.

Seeing that the old man recovered gradually, everyone was relieved.

With more and more power flowing into his body, the old man even sensed that his heart started to beat powerfully like it had done 30 years ago.

The old man was thrilled, because he hadnt had the feeling for so many years.

He knew that his heart was growing increasingly weak, and he could only live on medicines.

It was impossible to cure his heart disease completely, but now, a young girl who seemed to only be 18-years-old helped his heart be healthy again simply by pressing his chest! He even felt more energetic now.

What was her skill And what was the cold air It was so amazing anyway!

The old man became conscious later.

He looked at Gu Ning and her face was all too familiar to him.

He also had inexplicable intimacy towards her.

All of a sudden, a face emerged in his mind.

Yunfan! This young girl resembled Yunfan so much!

His son had never married or had children; otherwise, he would truly believe that this young girl had to be Yunfans daughter.

Nevertheless, the world was big, and it was possible that people resembled each other sometimes.

Gu Ning consumed too much of her power, and her face gradually turned pale, but it would still take a little bit more power to cure the old mans heart.

Thus Gu Ning insisted, because she didnt want to give up halfway even though she wasnt usually willing to spend her power in a large amount like that.

Fortunately, she had the night-luminescent pearl which could absorb natural power automatically, so it wasnt a big deal that she sacrificed her power to rescue the old man.

Seeing Gu Nings gradually paling face, the others were all concerned, but no one bothered her.

At the same time, they were all shocked to see that the old man obviously recovered within a short time.

“Oh my! Shes amazing! The old man is back to normal now.”

“Indeed! He can breathe steadily.”

“Is she a goddess”

People around them all admired Gu Ning now.

When it was done, Gu Ning dew back her power, standing up.

The old man thanked Gu Ning with sincerity.

“Thank you so much for your help! Do you mind having a meal with me later”

The old man had experienced the feelings of being rescued from the edge of death, and even felt that his physical condition was obviously better, so he was convinced that this young girl wasnt simple, and wanted to make friends with her.

In addition, if this young girl was able to save his life, maybe she could cure his heart disease.

People always paid more attention to their bodies when they started to age.

The old man had already given up, and planned to travel around more while he was still alive.

Unexpectedly, the sudden appearance of Gu Ning raised his hope.

Even if he couldnt be cured, he would love to live in a healthier condition.

“It was my pleasure, and its no big deal,” Gu Ning said airily.

“Maybe its not a big deal to you, but it is to me.

Youve save my life! If you arent willing to dine with me, Ill feel guilty,” the old man said.

Gu Ning understood that the old man wanted to thank her by buying her a meal.

However, what the old man wasnt aware of was that Gu Ning had already cured his heart.

He was healthy now.

Gu Ning also knew that this old man wasnt an ordinary old man, and he probably came from a powerful family.

Since the old man insisted on thanking her, Gu Ning agreed in the end.

However, it was too early for eating now, so Gu Ning said, “Its only 2 pm now.”

“How about 6 pm” the old man said.

Gu Ning thought for a second before she said, “No problem!”

After that, Gu Ning and the old man exchanged their numbers before they went their separate ways.

Watching Gu Ning disappearing from his sight, Master Tang felt lonely for no reason.

“Master, how come this Miss Gu resembles our second lord when he was young so much” a bodyguard beside Master Tang asked.

“I agree.

If not for the fact that our second lord has never married or had children, I would almost believe this Miss Gu is his daughter!”

“Exactly, if Yunfan was willing to marry and have children, his child would be the same age now!” Master Tang sighed.

He felt sorry for his second son who was always occupied by work and had no interest in building a family.

In fact, if it hadnt been for the accident which had happened 19 years ago, Tang Yunfans personality wouldnt have changed so completely.

He was now cold-blooded as well as cruel, and became the famous and frightening Lord Tang.

Just because he was cold and cruel didnt mean that he committed crimes often, but he never yielded and was highly loyal to his principles in business.

And because of that, the Tang Family climbed to the top in business under the control of Tang Yunfan.

Although Master Tang thought that Gu Ning had nothing to do with Tang Yunfan, he couldnt help feeling familiar with the young girl.

Maybe it was because of his appreciation towards Gu Ning, but Master Tang could only think in that way.

Meanwhile, Master Zhang asked Gu Ning gently, “Miss Gu, do you know medical skills”

“I dont know how to practice medicine, but Ive learned a unique method of massage to alleviate diseases related to vascular veins and bones.

If its not too serious, it could be cured.” Gu Ning knew what was on Master Zhangs mind.

However, she indeed knew nothing about medical science, so there was no need to pretend.

In fact, she had already had a plan when she had found out that Master Zhang was suffering from a disease.

“Well, can you help me then” Master Zhang asked.

He was a little nervous, because he was afraid, but also looked forward to it.

“Sure,” Gu Ning answered with alacrity.

“Would you please tell me where you feel uncomfortable”

Receiving an affirmative answer from Gu Ning, Master Zhang was excited.

“I had a cerebral thrombosis 1, and now Im suffering from its sequelae 1.

My left hand and legs are very weak.

Sometimes theyre cold and hurt, so I cant walk for too long.

I also need them massaged every day.

Although its not deadly now, its still painful to suffer.

Can it be cured”


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