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The police were surprised by Jiang Liluo and Zhang Ziyang, but they soon joined the battle.

At this moment, they had no time to criticize Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo for taking action without permission.

Although they made a decision without talking about it with them, they were left with no choice.

In addition, although Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo took action without permission, they got rid of many enemies.

Therefore, there was no reason for the police to judge them.

Within a short time, Jiang Liluo grabbed about five of the drug-traffickers guns, which greatly reduced the danger the police were in.

Accordingly, it became much easier for the police to deal with the rest of the drug-traffickers.

After saving Du Wei, Zhang Ziyang didnt bother to fight against those drug-traffickers.

Only when those drug-traffickers attacked them would he fight back again.

After all, his job was to protect Du Wei.

Jiang Liluo beat up most of the drug-traffickers.

With his help, the police soon caught all of them.

“F*ck you, Zhao Ming, you betrayed us!”

A drug-trafficker shouted at Du Wei angrily, as if he couldnt wait to kill him.

Given the current situation, they immediately realized that Du Wei was a traitor, and that the policemen came because of him.

To their surprise, Zhao Ming betrayed them.

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Zhao Ming was Du Weis fake name.

Being shouted at by the drug-trafficker, Du Wei finally got rid of the fear of the battle.

He didnt bother to explain, but directly thanked Zhang Ziyang.

“Thank you.”

Although Zhang Ziyang was paid by his father to protect him and it was his job, Du Wei didnt take it for granted.

He still thanked Zhang Ziyang.

“Youre welcome, its my job,” said Zhang Ziyang.

Although Du Wei didnt need to thank him, he still felt touched when Du Wei did.

The police didnt ignore Jiang Liluos effort and were very grateful to him.

After catching those drug-traffickers, the leading policeman walked over and thanked him.

“Thank you so much for your help, if it hadnt been for you, we wouldnt have caught them so easily.

Youre really impressive.”

“My pleasure,” said Jiang Liluo.

Although it wasnt his duty to catch those drug-traffickers, he didnt think it was a big deal.

After all, it was very easy for him.

Now, the task was finished, but Du Wei needed to go to the police station.


Du was waiting for him there, so Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo directly took Du Wei to Mr.


Although Mr.

Du had already hired two top bodyguards to protect Du Wei, he couldnt feel relieved until it was done.

Therefore, he couldnt relax until he received Du Weis call.

Du Wei said that he was fine, but Mr.

Du asked to see him right away.

After a while, Du Wei met with Mr.

Du, allowing Mr.

Du to finally relax.

Although Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo were paid by him to do the task, Mr.

Du still thanked them politely because of his manners.

“Thank you so much for everything youve done.” Mr.

Du thanked Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo sincerely.


Du, its our job,” said Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo.

However, Mr.

Du was still deeply grateful to Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo.

Since Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo successfully finished the task, they would leave now.

As for the final payment, Mr.

Du would pay them when he went to the company tomorrow.

After Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo left, Du Wei told his father what had happened during the task.

Although he knew that his father would be worried about him, he felt he had to mention what Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo had done in order to save him.

After all, Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo had saved his life and greatly helped the police!


Du was scared after hearing the whole story and felt very lucky that he had hired two top bodyguards to protect his son.

Otherwise, Du Wei would have been in great danger.

After all, even the police relied on Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo to help them.

It turned out that the police werent reliable.

By the time Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo finished the task, it was late, so they didnt need to return to the company.

They only needed to give Ba Tianyang a call, then they went home separately.

Normally, they would have one to three days off after doing a task taking several days.

Whereas if they finished a task in a day, they could have half a day off.

Therefore, when they called Ba Tianyang, Zhang Ziyang briefly told him how the task went.

He didnt keep it a secret how skilled Jiang Liluo was.

After hearing the whole story, Ba Tianyang was shocked.

At the same time, he felt disappointed in the police.

No wonder Mr.

Du didnt trust them.

If it hadnt been for Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo, they couldnt have finished the task.

Zhang Ziyang proposed to drive Jiang Liluo home before he went back to his own place, but Jiang Liluo didnt want Zhang Ziyang to know where he lived right now.

After all, he stayed in the siheyuan now, instead of his own house.

Leng Shaoting gave them a house, but they didnt move in yet.

They decided to stay with Shangguan Yang for a while longer.

Therefore, Jiang Liluo declined and said that someone would pick him up.

He told Zhang Ziyang that he could leave earlier.

Accordingly, Zhang Ziyang didnt insist and left.

Afterwards, Jiang Liluo took a taxi back to the siheyuan.

No one was worried about Jiang Liluos safety when he went out to do a task, because he wasnt an ordinary man, but after Jiang Liluo got back, everyone asked him about the situation.

Although it was a task, it wasnt confidential, so there was no need for him to keep it a secret.

Jiang Liluo told them what had happened, and also shared his experience with Si Jin.

“It didnt alert the police this time, or they wouldnt have sent only a few policemen.

It was a very difficult situation.

If it hadnt been for you two, Im afraid they wouldnt have been able to finish the task,” said Jing Yunyao.

Although the police paid little importance to it this time and almost failed, they did their job and stopped crime.


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