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Outside the gate, Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo joined the police.

Because they didnt make loud noises, the people in the warehouse noticed nothing.

The leading policeman exchanged a glance with them, then they knocked the gate open together.

“Boom.” The gate was knocked open, scaring the people in the warehouse.

They subconsciously raised their guns and pointed it at them.

“Damn, did you call the police” The seller was suspicious of the buyer, because it was impossible for the sellers to call the police.

Normally, if the police burst in when they were making a deal, they must have been exposed or the buyer set a trap for them.

Precisely because of that, the seller decided where and when to make the deal every time.

“We didnt!” The buyer denied it at once, because they were indeed innocent.

At the same time, the buyer was also suspicious of the seller, so he got mad too.

“Were you exposed”

“No way!” said the seller.

They believed that they were careful enough not to be caught.

“Put your guns down!” The leading policeman shouted at them.

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“Do you think we are dumb If we put down our guns, well be caught.” The seller sneered.

Because there were the same number of people on both sides and they all had guns, they werent that afraid of the police.

Once they fired, it was hard to say which side would lose.

Those drug-traffickers didnt believe that the police werent scared of death.

It was true that the police were also afraid of death, so the police didnt dare to move a step forward either.

Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo frowned.


Du was right.

These policemen werent reliable at all.

It was a very dangerous task, but they werent at an advantage.

What was worse, they were being threatened.

Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo didnt have guns.

They were just bodyguards, not soldiers, nor policemen.

However, facing the guns pointed at them, Zhang Ziyang stayed alert, but not scared.

while Jiang Liluo couldnt care less about it.

“Youre all surrounded now.

Its useless no matter how you resist.” Even though the police were scared of those drug-traffickers, they had to show their strength.

“At least youll die with us.

If we dont fight back, well be killed instead,” a drug-trafficker said.

No matter what, they risked their lives in this business, so they refused to yield.

The police were mad, but they couldnt do anything about it, because the drug-trafficker was right.

If they fought back, they might die together.

If not, they would be caught.

Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo were in a dilemma and suddenly didnt know what to do.

Although they only needed to protect Du Wei, they couldnt watch the police get into trouble.

After all, the police were stopping the evil for the citizens.

Du Wei seized the chance and stepped back.

Once they fired, he could save himself.

However, he wasnt sure that he would be fine.

Although the police wouldnt shoot him, those drug-traffickers might notice something was wrong and he could be targeted.

They were so close.

If those drug-traffickers started to attack him, his life would be in danger.

Therefore, Du Wei was extremely anxious.

Even though there were two bodyguards who were paid to protect him, he wasnt certain that they could complete their job in such a situation.

He had a sense of justice, but he was unwilling to die.

The confrontation wouldnt do either side any good.

Jiang Liluo hadnt worked as a bodyguard before, but he was experienced in battles.

Most importantly, he could easily defeat all of the drug-traffickers, so he thought it was unnecessary to waste time.

“We cant waste time here.

We must make it quick.

You go to protect Du Wei then, and Ill deal with them,” Jiang Liluo lightly said to Zhang Ziyang.

His voice was very low, so only the two of them could hear it.

Hearing that, Zhang Ziyang slightly frowned.

He didnt think it was a smart idea.

It sounded too dangerous.

Even though he knew that Jiang Liluo was very strong, he was alone after all.

He didnt even have a gun, while there were over a dozen armed drug-traffickers.

However, looking at Jiang Liluos confident expression, he somehow believed that Jiang Liluo could do it.

Besides, it was the only solution now.

Therefore, after hesitating for a few seconds, Zhang Ziyang agreed with a nod.

Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo didnt inform the police, they just quickly moved once they reached an agreement.

Jiang Liluo moved like lightning.

While no one could clearly see what he was doing, he swiftly ran towards those drug-traffickers, then directly beat them.

Jiang Liluo clearly knew that he shouldnt injure them.

Instead, he aimed to take their guns away.

Because Jiang Liluo moved very fast, by the time they reacted, it was too late.

Several of the mens guns had been kicked away by Jiang Liluo.

Zhang Ziyang moved slower than Jiang Liluo, and was amazed by Jiang Liluos speed, but it wasnt the right time for him to ask about it now, so he forced himself to focus on the task.

After Zhang Ziyang rushed over, he immediately joined Jiang Liluo.

Du Wei was shocked by their sudden movement, but he quickly realized what was happening.

The next moment, he shot at the shoulder of one of the drug-traffickers.

It wasnt the first time that Du Wei had carried and fired a gun, because he had the hobby of practicing marksmanship.

However, this was his first time that he had ever shot a man, so he was very nervous.

Those drug-traffickers immediately turned to fire on him when Du Wei started shooting at them.

Du Wei had learned some skills, but he could barely avoid the bullets being shot towards him.

At this key moment, Zhang Ziyang went to Du Weis side and pushed him away.

Without hesitation, he grabbed Du Weis gun and fired at the shoulder of a drug-trafficker.

Zhang Ziyang was a special forces soldier, so he was extremely good at shooting.

He could easily kill a man, but he was unwilling to get in trouble if anyone died.

Therefore, he only shot at the shoulders of the drug-traffickers.


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