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However, Zhuang Zixuans behavior annoyed her boyfriend.

Although he wasnt clear about their history, it couldnt be more obvious that Zhuang Zixuan didnt want Tang Jiakai to see them together.

“What are you doing” Zhuang Zixuans boyfriend directly questioned her.

They were in a public place, but he didnt do it when they walked away.

He purposely embarrassed Zhuang Zixuan.

Since Zhuang Zixuan cared so little about his face, he didnt think that he should care about her feelings.

“N-Nothing.” Zhuang Zixuan denied it at once, but the expression on her face betrayed her.

“Nothing Im not blind.

The moment you saw him, you let go of my arm.

What do you mean by doing that Tell me, whos he” Zhuang Zixuans boyfriend raised his voice, and immediately attracted a lot of attention from people around them.

After that, onlookers turned to look at Zhuang Zixuan disdainfully.

Given the mans words, the woman couldnt be a good person.

It was also possible that the other man had an affair with the woman.

As a result, people disdained Tang Jiakai too.

Tang Jiakai frowned with displeasure.

It was uncomfortable being wronged.

“Just a schoolmate.” Zhuang Zixuan was a little displeased, but she also realized that she shouldnt have done that just then.

Therefore, she curbed her anger and gave an explanation.

“Just a schoolmate Why did you let go of my arm once you saw him Do you think Id believe it” Zhuang Zixuans boyfriend refused to believe that they were just schoolmates.

Instead, he believed that there must be an abnormal relationship between them.

From Zhuang Zixuans reaction, he was sure that she didnt want that man to see them being together.

Zhuang Zixuans behavior hurt him, so he got extremely angry.

Moreover, he was losing trust in Zhuang Zixuan.

After all, he was a male chauvinist.

Without getting the answer from Zhuang Zixuan, the man rushed to Tang Jiakai.

Zhuang Zixuan subconsciously wanted to stop him, but it only made the man angrier.

The next moment, the man violently threw Zhuang Zixuans hands away, and walked towards Tang Jiakai.

“Whats your relationship with Zhuang Zixuan” asked the man.

The man didnt recognize Tang Jiakai, otherwise he wouldnt dare to talk to him like that.

In fact, if he knew Tang Jiakais family background, he would believe that it was impossible for Zhuang Zixuan to have a special relationship with Tang Jiakai.

After all, in his eyes, Zhuang Zixuan didnt deserve a rich heir.

If he learned that Tang Jiakai, a top rich heir, had chased Zhuang Zixuan before, he would believe it was Zhuang Zixuans unbelievably good luck.

Not to mention that if he heard the reason why Zhuang Zixuan rejected Tang Jiakai, he would only make fun of her.

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She wanted to have a rich heir as her boyfriend, but she rejected a top one.

It was ridiculously funny!

Although Tang Jiakai felt that he was completely innocent, he didnt want his reputation to be damaged because of the ridiculous drama.

Therefore, he explained.

“Were just schoolmates.

There is no special relationship between us.

Dont bite around and damage my reputation!”

He was implying that the man was like a crazy dog.

Tang Jiakai didnt want to cause trouble, but he wasnt afraid.

“Do you think Ill believe that If there is no special relationship between you and her, why did she let go of my arm when she saw you Tell me, whats your relationship with her” Zhuang Zixuans boyfriend refused to believe it.

He was a domineering man, so he would force other people to agree with his opinions.

He wasnt cuckolding himself, but Zhuang Zixuans reaction said everything.

“Hua!” Zhuang Zixuan was reluctant to mess with Tang Jiakai due to Tang Jiakais family background, so she summoned up her courage to pull the man and try to stop him.

“What Are you afraid that Ill cause him trouble” Unfortunately, Zhuang Zixuans behavior only filled the man with more anger, because he believed that she was defending Tang Jiakai.

“No…” Zhuang Zixuan immediately shook her head, but she didnt know how to tell her boyfriend about Tang Jiakais family background in a public place.

“You want to cause me trouble Who do you think you are” Tang Jiakai was a grown man, so he could be aggressive since the man wouldnt let him go.

“What did you say” The man was furious and raised his fist to punch Tang Jiakai.

However, the man was just an ordinary man, while Tang Jiakai had practiced kung fu for a while, so it was impossible for the man to hit Tang Jiakai.

Without surprise, the moment the man raised his fist, Tang Jiakai punched him first.

Before the man could touch Tang Jiakai, Tang Jiakai hit him heavily.

The man was knocked backwards with blood flowing out of the corner of his mouth.

When the man felt something was flowing from the corner of his mouth, he wiped it off and got angrier.

“F*ck you, how dare you punch me! Do you know who I am”

“I dont care,” said Tang Jiakai arrogantly.

The man was knocked backwards and there was blood at the corner of his mouth, but he wasnt seriously injured.

Therefore, he immediately attacked Tang Jiakai again.

Even though he was punched by Tang Jiakai, it didnt mean that Tang Jiakai was stronger than him.

He believed that Tang Jiakai was only lucky.

However, the truth proved that he was wrong.

When the man attacked Tang Jiakai once more, Tang Jiakai didnt hesitate and punched him again.

The man was again knocked a few steps back.

At this moment, Gu Ning came.

Seeing Tang Jiakai punching the man, Gu Ning slightly frowned, but she said nothing, because she knew that the man must have annoyed Tang Jiakai first.

“Jaikai, whats going on here” Gu Ning walked over and asked.

“Nothing, just a dumb idiot who insists on blaming me for something I didnt do.

He even wanted to beat me, but hes too weak.

He can barely touch me,” said Tang Jiakai with obvious disdain for the man.

Zhuang Zixuan didnt know Gu Ning, so she got jealous once she noticed Gu Nings extraordinary beauty and close relationship with Tang Jiakai.

Zhuang Zixuans boyfriend didnt know Tang Jiakai, but he recognized Gu Ning, so he was amazed the moment he noticed Gu Ning.


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