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Chapter 2510: Send out a Warning on Weibo

“Boss, I dont want to sue them this time.

After all, theyve been criticized because of me,” said Qiao Hanchen.

“Sure, I respect your decision, but in case it happens again, Ill send out a warning on Weibo.

Dont worry, I wont mention names,” said Gu Ning.

Although it was caused by Qiao Hanchen, he was innocent.

He was the victim, and the drama went viral due to the Internet users.

“Great.” Qiao Hanchen agreed.

He absolutely didnt want it to happen again.

“Oh, Ive never asked you about it before.

Whos the person that set you up How did it end” asked Gu Ning.

“I know who set me up, but I dont have evidence, so I cant sue the person.

Otherwise I might be sued for slander instead.

There is no result, and it has happened years ago.

That person actually helped me before and is living a bad life now, so I prefer not to sue him,” said Qiao Hanchen.

Although it had been years, Qiao Hanchen still felt deeply hurt upon thinking of that.

After all, he really treated the person as his best friend back then.

And because the person had helped him before, he decided not to sue him for the sake of their faded friendship.

He didnt bother to question the person either.

Instead, he chose to let bygones be bygones.

“Fine!” Since Qiao Hanchen decided not to sue the person, Gu Ning wouldnt interfere.

She respected his decision.

After that, Qiao Hanchen went home for a full recovery.

Gu Ning and the others didnt go to the company again because they needed to visit the Leng family this afternoon and it was nearly 4 pm, so it was time for them to go to the siheyuan.

To prevent any accidents, they drove Qiao Hanchen home before going to the siheyuan, while Lu Xiao directly returned to the company.

Before long, Fenghua Entertainment sent out a post.

Fenghua Entertainment Official: Before you have the ability to remove all the evidence, dont try to hurt our people, because we can make the evidence public.

We have it, but we have chosen not to take it to court for the sake of past friendships.

Nevertheless business is business.

Ifit happens again, Fenghua Entertainment will see you in court.

Once the post was sent out, Gu Ning reposted it, as did Qiao Hanchen and many other workers from Fenghua Entertainment.

Many Internet users asked for the reason, but no one bothered to reply to them.

Actually, it wouldnt be made public, so there was only a warning.

However, reading the warning, everyone realized that someone had tried to harm Fenghua Entertainment.

Afterwards, people guessed which artist signed by Fenghua Entertainment was targeted.

They had heard no news about it at all!

Smart ones immediately guessed that it must have something to do with Qiao

Hanchen, because his interview was just aired yesterday.

Therefore, many people believed that Fenghua Entertainment should be aware of the person that set Qiao Hanchen up and they must have evidence too.

However, for the sake of their old friendship, Qiao Hanchen decided not to sue the person.

Or something happened after the interview was aired.

Thinking of that, they believed it was highly likely.

Did it have something to do with the several suspects

Without delay, many Internet users immediately went to leave comments under the several suspects Weibo accounts.

Those Internet users asked them whether they did anything to Qiao Hanchen after the interview was aired.

In fact, Internet users had an unbelievable imagination and analytical ability, and they always pointed out the truth.

However, without solid proof, they couldnt prove it.

Before long, the several suspects learned that Fenghua Entertainment just sent out a warning.

There were two that had never hurt Qiao Hanchen, so they were filled with anger.

They were innocent, but the Internet users wouldnt stop criticizing and humiliating them.

They didnt do all these bad things, so why were they amid criticisms They were just present, that didnt mean that they were guilty too.

It had nothing to do with them!

They knew who did it, but they wouldnt stand out for Qiao Hanchen without evidence.

Besides, they were also jealous of him.

One of them actually wanted to hurt Qiao Hanchen too after many Internet users attacked him when the interview was aired, but he realized that someone had done it before him once the warning was sent out and Fenghua

Entertainment even had evidence.

As a result, he gave it up.

However, he still felt very aggrieved because the Internet users blamed him for hurting Qiao Hanchen.

The real mastermind who set Qiao Hanchen up last time was panicked.

He clearly knew what Gu Ning could do, so he was worried that his dirty secrets might be exposed after Qiao Hanchen joined Fenghua Entertainment.

Therefore, no matter how mad he was, he had no intention of hurting Qiao Hanchen this time.

The person who paid a bunch of people to beat Qiao Hanchen regretted doing it.

He was a little impulsive at that time, but now he was afraid that Fenghua Entertainment might pay him back.

To his surprise, they even found evidence within such a short time.

He had heard of Gu Nings abilities.

Her companies had had trouble many times before, but she could always find evidence.

Anyway, he was relieved when he heard that Qiao Hanchen decided not to pay him back, but he was still unhappy that Internet users were blaming him for hurting Qiao Hanchen.

It had nothing to do with him after all!

It was Qiao Hanchens fault that he didnt point out the person who really set him up, so they were dragged into trouble too.

Although they gloated over Qiao Hanchens misfortune back then because they were jealous of his successful career, they were unwilling to be affected by it.

If their reputation was affected, they would vent their anger on the person who set Qiao Hanchen up.

However, they were still reluctant to stand out for Qiao Hanchen because they had no evidence.

None of them were willing to get involved in unnecessary trouble..


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