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Chapter 2485 She Is My Elder Sons Wife

After that, Master Leng told Jing Yunyao to wait for him in the siheyuan.

He would go to pick her up, then they would visit Wei Lingfeng and the others together.

Once Master Leng heard the news, he didnt bother to call Wei Lingfeng first.

Instead, he decided to directly take Jing Yunyao to see them.

After making sure of it, Xu Jinchen went to wait outside the Zhonghai Garden.

When Master Leng and Jing Yunyao arrived, they went inside together.

Because of Master Lengs influence, they easily got in, but Jing Yunyao still needed to leave her name on the guest list.

Wei Lingfeng and the other three important figures were waiting to see Jing Yunyao.

They had great patience.

They were going to make things difficult for them after all, so they had to be patient.

It took some time for Jing Yunyao to come over as well.

They werent worried that Jing Yunyao might refuse to come, because there was no good reason for that.

They also clearly knew that it wouldnt have a big impact on Leng Shaoting and Leng Shaoting would only receive a light punishment or warning.

It was impossible for him to be demoted.

After all, the task was finished this time, and nothing bad happened.

If Leng Shaoting was punished just because of that, other people would have already been put in jail.

None of them hadnt done bad things.

They hadnt broken the law.

Given their status, if they dared to break the law, they would suffer a very awful result.

The higher their positions were, the more serious the consequences would be.

Although they didnt belong to the Leng familys faction, they werent bad people.

They just had different stands and only behaved against their opponents.

Most officials abused their power to some extent.

If it wasnt serious, most people would turn a blind eye on it.

No one would be punished unless it became serious.

If officials were punished for any faults they made, about 80% percent of them would be removed.

Anyway, even though they were aware that Leng Shaoting wouldnt be seriously punished, they still picked on him, trying to put a stain on his reputation.

Leng Shaoting became a major general at a very young age, so many people were jealous of him.

However, he earned that rank by making great achievements.

There was no reason for them to stop him from getting the promotion.

In fact, if Leng Shaoting was several years older, he could get a higher rank than just major general.

By thirty years old, Leng Shaoting could have another promotion and he could get the highest rank at about thirty-five years old.

Therefore, they never stopped making things difficult for Leng Shaoting, but they hadnt succeeded even once.

After Master Leng and the others came, they were surprised to see him.

They thought only the woman would come, but unexpectedly Master Leng also showed up.

There was no need to guess, because Master Leng must have come for Leng Shaoting.

Master Leng had retired for years, so they didnt stand in awe of him, but they couldnt forget their manners.

They had to stay polite at their meeting.

Although Master Leng was retired, the Leng family was still the top family in their country, so they had to be careful.

The moment they saw Master Leng, they stood up and greeted him respectfully.

However, when they saw Jing Yunyao, Wei Lingfeng and the other important figures in the military were stunned.

They had met Jing Yunyao before and they had spent a lot of time together, so they had a deep impression of her.

The other two people didnt know Jing Yunyao.

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“Master Leng, this is” Wei Lingfeng asked.

He couldnt believe that this woman was Yunyao, because he remembered that Yunyao passed away seventeen years ago.

However, this woman closely resembled Yunyao.

It had been seventeen years, but he still had clear memories of Yunyao.

Yunyao was too impressive to be ignored.

He thought that they might just look familiar, but he was very curious to know whether he was right.

If Yunyao was still alive, she should be a middle-aged woman, but this woman in front of his eyes was just in her early-thirties.

However, women nowadays took very good care of themselves, so it was quite normal that they looked much younger than their real ages.

After asking Master Leng that question, Wei Lingfeng had many thoughts in his mind.

He had asked Xu Jinchen whether the woman had superpowers, and Xu Jinchen said yes.

In that case, this woman who closely resembled Yunyao had superpowers.

In other words, Yunyao could have superpowers if this woman was really Yunyao.

Wei Lingfeng could accept that, because he was already aware that Leng Shaoting had superpowers.

Yunyao was Leng Shaotings mother, so it was reasonable that Yunyao also had superpowers.

To be specific, because Yunyao had superpowers, Leng Shaoting inherited the abilities from his mother.

“This is my elder sons wife, Yunyao,” said Master Leng.

It would become public sooner or later, so he directly said it now.

“What Shes really Yunyao”

Hearing that, all of them were shocked.

Although the other two important figures didnt know Jing Yunyao, they had heard a lot about Yunyao.

It was known to them that Yunyao married the Leng familys elder son.

She was Leng Yuanhans wife, Leng Shaotings mother, and the youngest female major.

Unfortunately, Yunyao was killed on the battlefield seventeen years ago.

Therefore, both of them were shocked when they heard that this woman was the wife of Master Lengs elder son.

Didnt Yunyao already pass away Why did she suddenly appear If she was still alive, it meant that she didnt die seventeen years ago.

In that case, why hadnt she shown up once during the past years There must be a reason for that, and they were very curious about it.

“Right,” said Master Leng.

Before they asked further, Master Leng let Jing Yunyao make the explanation.

“Yunyao, tell them what happened seventeen years ago.”

“Sure.” Jing Yunyao opened her mouth and explained.

“Back then, Yuanhan and I chased the criminal to the Door to Hell of Kunlun Mountain.

The criminal was really strong.

Yuanhan and I were thrown off the cliff.

Yuanhan died, and I nearly died…”


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