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Chapter 2473 It Must Be the Womans Fault

“Well, I need to use the washroom now.” Yang Meiqi felt guilty, so she didnt want to stay with Gu Ning any longer.

However, she didnt want Gu Ning to see her guilt, so she made up an excuse and quickly walked to the washroom.

Gu Ning wasnt afraid that she would run away.

Right at this moment, two policemen walked in and Gu Nings phone rang.

Gu Ning picked it up and told them where she was seated.

The two policemen turned to look in her direction, then Gu Ning waved at them.

Without delay, they immediately walked towards her.

Yang Meiqi had no idea what they were doing, so she didnt know that she was about to be arrested.

Because the two policemen were aware of Gu Nings background, they were very excited when they heard that they were going to see her.

After seeing Gu Ning, they were more excited.

In order not to lose their manners in front of her, they did their best to compose themselves.

“Miss Gu, nice to see you, were the police from the police station at the airport.

Our leader told us to contact you and take away the suspect,” said one of the policemen very politely.

“Nice to see you.

Thank you so much for your help.” Gu Ning was nice to them too.

She never thought she was better than other people.

“Well, its our job,” said the two policemen.

“The suspect is in the washroom.

Lets go wait for her outside,” said Gu Ning.

While she was talking with the two policemen, Yang Meiqi had just walked into the washroom.

“Great!” The two policemen followed Gu Ning to the washroom at once.

Onlookers around them curiously looked at them.

They didnt know what was going on, but it must be something terrible since the police showed up.

They originally thought that the two policemen came to arrest Gu Ning, but it seemed to not be true given their attitude towards Gu Ning.

Even though they couldnt hear their conversation, they could see their attitude and could see that the two policemen were very polite towards Gu Ning.

Then they watched the two policemen walking towards the washroom, and they followed at once.

After that, they saw that they stopped outside the washroom.

It seemed that they were waiting for someone.

Before Yang Meiqi walked out, Gu Ning turned to look at Zhang Yu.

She gave him a nod, then he walked over.

Zhang Yu never moved his eyes away from Gu Ning, so once she signaled to him, he immediately walked over.

He listened to Gu Ning and threw away the dagger, or he would have put himself in trouble if the police found out that he was carrying a dagger.

They were forbidden to carry lethal weapons, and the dagger Zhang Yu had could easily hurt other people.

After Zhang Yu walked over, Gu Ning introduced him to the two policemen.

“This is Zhang Yu.

Hes the one who really needs your help.”

“Nice to see you.” Zhang Yu greeted the two policemen.

“Nice to see you too.” The two policemen replied politely.

Although they didnt know many details, they had heard the story briefly.

They were aware that Zhang Yu was cheated by a woman and wanted his money back.

Before long, Yang Meiqi came out.

The moment she walked out and saw Zhang Yu along with the policemen, she was scared and turned around to hide in the washroom, but Gu Ning stopped her.

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Yang Meiqi knew that she was guilty, otherwise she wouldnt have been scared away by Zhang Yu and the police.

“You…” Yang Meiqi looked at Gu Ning in surprise and anger.

She finally realized why Gu Ning talked to her just then.

It was a scheme!

Staring at Yang Meiqi, Zhang Yu was furious.

They had been together and Zhang Yu really loved her at that time, but now he was only mad at her.

No one made money easily, and his father badly needed the money for the operation.

It was hard for him not to blame Yang Meiqi for


“Are you Yang Meiqi” After Gu Ning stopped Yang Meiqi, the two policemen walked ahead and asked her.

“No, Im not.” Even though Zhang Yu was right here, Yang Meiqi still denied it.

She hoped that she could get away with it by refusing to admit that she was Yang Meiqi.

It wasnt very likely, but she still wanted to try.

“No, you are Yang Meiqi!” As soon as Yang Meiqi denied it, Zhang Yu interrupted emotionally, in case the police were fooled by her.

“How could you know my name Who are you I told you Im not Yang Meiqi!” Yang Meiqi retorted.

She looked mad at Zhang Yu.

Although she had cheated Zhang Yu out of two hundred thousand yuan, she didnt think it was wrong.

If she thought it was wrong, she wouldnt have done it.

In fact, she was an adept liar and she had no sense of shame.

“Weve been together, so I know you.

You are Yang Meiqi,” said Zhang Yu.

“The world is big.

There are many people who resemble each other.

Do you have any proof to prove that we were together before” Yang Meiqi argued.

She dared to say that, because she had already deleted everything when she was together with Zhang Yu.

She didnt think that he could provide any proof.

However, she still panicked a little.

After all, there were two policemen in front of her and her reaction already betrayed her.

When other people saw Yang Meiqi surrounded by the police, they got curious.

They heard their conversation, but still had no idea what had happened.

Why did the police want to arrest the woman

Although the woman insisted on saying that they had mistaken her for another person, they could see from her expression that she was lying.

What had she done

Onlookers couldnt wait to gossip about it.

“Whats going on here”

“No idea!”

“The police are here.

The woman must have done something wrong.

Everyone discussed it.

“If youre not Yang Meiqi, show us your ID card,” said a policeman.

Hearing that, Yang Meiqi panicked again.

She subconsciously tightened her hold on her bag.

It was impossible for her to give them her ID card.

“I didnt have it with me today, but Im sure Im not Yang Meiqi.”

“I just talked with you.

You said you are.

You also told me that you already broke up with Zhang Yu.” Gu Ning said, “Also if youre not Yang Meiqi, why did you run away when you saw the police and Zhang Yu”


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