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Chapter 2464 What Happened


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“Who are you” the man asked.

Why wasnt she afraid of the Kirin Gang at all

Although nobody wanted to mess with the Kirin Gang, not everyone was afraid of it.

In City B, even the Kirin Gang should behave themselves before some people.

For example, the Kirin Gang was reluctant to have a bad relationship with those dominant families and important figures.

If it was possible, the Kirin Gang would prefer to

build a good relationship with them, because the Kirin Gang had the idea of joining legal businesses.

Without the support from the government, they wouldnt be able to do


If so, why did they dare to damage Pan Ziruis club

They dared to do that because the person who hired them was more important.

Moreover, they protected themselves by only smashing things and not injuring anyone.

If Pan Zirui was an ordinary man, they would have already seriously injured him, because if they wanted this club to close, the best thing would be to cause some injuries.

“My name is Gu Ning.” Gu Ning introduced herself.

She had no intention of hiding her identity.

“I wonder whether youve heard of my name”

Gu Ning

Upon hearing that, the group of gangsters were shocked and even trembled in horror.

They had definitely heard of Gu Ning.

Their leader had told them not to mess with Gu Ning, which was an order directly from the head.

Therefore, Gu Ning should be a friend of the senior management or the

head of the Kirin Gang.

Accordingly, they kept it in mind.

However, they had never met Gu Ning before, so they failed to recognize her.

They had seen her photos, but it didnt mean that they could recognize her when they really met her.

They only remembered a rough appearance of her and her age.

Most importantly, they didnt think that they would meet Gu Ning one day, so they paid little attention to it.

Now they heard her name and suddenly realized who she was.

Looking at Gu Nings face, they were sure that she was the girl in the photos.

“What did you say Youre Gu Ning” a man asked.

Although he asked that question, he was actually already sure of it, but it was a little hard for him to accept.

If she was really Gu Ning, they would be unable to bear the consequences of what they had done today.

If their leader learned about their behavior, they would be severely


“Of course, why should I lie to you Since you asked me that question, I bet you should have been informed before,” said Gu Ning.

She understood that the senior management of the Kirin Gang must have told them not to mess with her.

Because Gu Ning had many conflicts with the Kirin Gang before, Qi Tianlin gave an order to his men not to mess with her.

In addition, Qi Tianlin also told her about the

order he gave to his men.

Gu Ning stayed in City B most of the time, so members of the Kirin Gang in City B were aware of the order.

Gu Ning spent little time in other cities and it wasnt likely for

them to have conflicts in other places, so other members of the Kirin Gang might not know it.

Hearing that, they werent doubtful any longer and immediately begged for Gu Nings mercy.

“M-Miss Gu, Im sorry, we failed to recognize you.

We didnt mean to offend


Please forgive us this time!”

“Please, Miss Gu, please forgive us this time.”

Other people, however, were totally shocked when they saw the reversal.

Because not everyone was aware of who Gu Ning was, they were very curious.

How could she

horrify those gangsters so much

Pan Zirui was slightly surprised too.

He couldnt believe that they were so afraid of Gu Ning.

It seemed that Gu Nings relationship with the Kirin Gang wasnt simple!

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Thinking of that, Pan Zirui totally stood in awe of her.

“Tell me, who sent you to smash my friends clubhouse” Gu Ning asked.


It was a little difficult for them to tell the truth, because they couldnt betray their hirer according to the rules in illegal gangs.

Gu Ning understood that, but she didnt care about that now.

“What You are refusing to tell me If you dont tell me, dont blame me for being cruel.”

According to the rules in illegal gangs, they shouldnt betray their hirer, but they didnt dare to keep it a secret from Gu Ning.

“Um, its the son of Vice Mayor Li, Li Boyu,” said the man.

“Li Boyu I didnt have any conflicts against Li Boyu.

He doesnt own a clubhouse.

Were not even peers.

Why would he pay you to smash my store” Pan Zirui was confused.

“Its really Li Boyu who paid us!” The group of gangsters immediately replied in case Gu Ning felt that they lied to her.

“Perhaps he did it for someone else,” said Gu Ning.

Since Li Boyu had no conflict against Pan Zirui and they werent peers, he didnt have the motive for smashing Pan Ziruis


Therefore, Gu Ning thought that he might be doing it for someone else.

Pan Zirui nodded, but who was the mastermind that wanted to cause him trouble

Pan Zirui was unfamiliar with Li Boyu, so he didnt know much about Li Boyus circle.

Right at this moment, Gu Nings phone rang and the caller was Qi Tianlin.

After he turned on his phone, he saw missed calls from Gu Ning.

Although he was still mad because Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were already engaged, he wouldnt cut off

his relationship with Gu Ning just because of that.

They would continue to get along with each other as usual, after all Gu Nings power crystals were indispensable to him.

With the power crystals, he could save a lot of peoples lives.

After a glance at the gangsters on the ground, Gu Ning picked up the call.


Those gangsters somehow felt frightened when Gu Ning gave them a glance.

They felt that this call must have something to do with them.

“I was on a plane, so my phone was turned off.

What happened” Qi Tianlin asked in a flat voice.

“Oh, I just needed your help just now, but the problem has already been solved,” said Gu Ning.

At the same time, she squinted at the bunch of gangsters on the ground,

which scared them.

They were sure that Gu Ning was talking about them on the phone.

Besides, the person at the other end of the phone should be a senior manager of the Kirin Gang.

Thinking of that, the bunch of gangsters were more scared than ever.

They didnt dare to make any sound while Gu Ning was talking on the phone..


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