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Chapter 2443: Dirty Ideas

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“Hi, Jiayang, Gu Ning, its been a while!”

“Hi, Lord Tang, Gu Ning, havent seen you for a long time!”

Once Gu Ning and the others came, Jiang Minhong and the other people greeted them.

“Hi, Minhong, Minjia, Miss Zhao.”

“Hi, you all.”

Gu Ning and the others replied to them.

Because Tang Jiayang and Tang Jiakai werent familiar with Zhao Fulin, they called her Miss Zhao.


Although Gu Ning wasnt familiar with Zhao Fulin either, she directly called her Fulin because they were closer.

‘Oh, Gu Ning, Jiakai, do you know that someone took photos of you at the airport today and posted the photos on Weibo” Jiang Jiamin asked.

Although she felt they should know about it, she still asked out of concern.

They were mad when many Internet users were suspicious of Gu Nings relationship with Tang Jiakai.

They also defended them on Weibo, but nobody cared about them.

‘When they remembered that, they were still angry, so they asked Gu Ning in annoyance.

Hearing that, both Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai were surprised.

Gu Ning was aware that someone had taken photos of them, but she didnt pay much attention to it.

However, now she realized that something bad might have happened.

“Not yet, but it seems something unpleasant has happened from your reaction,” said Gu Ning, but she still didnt think it was a big problem.

There were probably just some rumors.

“Yes, its really bad.

I dont know how to put it.

You can read the news yourself,” said Jiang Jiamin.

She was reluctant to say those unkind things to Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai.

After that, Gu Ning, Tang Jiakai, and Tang Jiayang took out their phones to read the news Jiang Jiamin mentioned.

‘When they read the unkind comments on Gu Nings relationship with Tang Jiakai, Gu Ning stayed calm, because it had happened many times before.

Tang Jiayang was also unhappy about it, but wasnt mad, because he understood that it was unavoidable.

However, Tang Jiakai couldnt stay calm.

He had a deep familial relationship with Gu Ning, so he couldnt tolerate those unkind criticisms hurled at Gu Ning.

“What the f*ck Are they crazy or something How could they have such dirty ideas Do a man and a woman have to be a couple to be together Cant they be friends or relatives Its really..” Tang Jiakai was furious, but Gu Ning stopped him from continuing to swear.

Its fine, Il send out a post to explain it,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt care about such rumors, but she had to make a clarification right now.

Therefore, Tang Jiakai didnt go to argue with those Internet users on Weibo.

Gu Ning saved the photo, then sent out a post with it: My older cousin came home today.

I went to pick him up with another cousin.

Someone took photos of us and posted the photos on Weibo.

It caused misunderstandings and rumors, which is really unpleasant.

Do a man and a woman have to be a couple

when they are alone together If so, I guess brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, and any relatives of different genders cant go out together then.

Once Gu Ning sent out the post, a lot of Internet users defended Gu Ning and started to criticize those people who spread the rumors about them.

In fact, they also agreed that it wasnt a big deal that a man and a woman went out together.

It was a public place after all.

Therefore, it was really unpleasant when it caused so many rumors.

‘One of my classmates has suffered the same situation.

During the first semester of our first year in college, she was picked up by a middle-aged man with a luxury car every Friday afternoon.

Someone saw it and spread a rumor that she had a sugar-daddy, but the middle-aged man turned out to be her

father! I really cant understand how some people could be so evil! It can easily ruin a girls reputation.”

‘One of my friends has run into the same trouble.

Because her father and two brothers sent her to school in turn, someone spread really terrible rumors about that.

The girl even passed out from anger!”

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‘Right, dont those unkind people have a father, brothers, or cousins How could they have so many dirty ideas”

‘Although there are girls who indeed have a sugar-daddy, its really awful that they jump to conclusions without evidence.”

It became a hot topic, but Gu Ning didnt pay more attention to the topic, because she knew that people would soon lose interest in it after her post was sent.

Gu Ning fans had already fought back against those Internet users who spread rumors about her relationship with Tang Jiakai.

Some of them couldnt stand the attack from Gu Nings fans, so they deleted their comments.

However, there were always haters who wouldnt stop spreading rumors.

After Gu Ning sent the post, those who spread rumors about them apologized to her on Weibo.

Some deleted their comments, while some stopped talking about it.

Tang Jiakai didnt feel better until he saw that people changed their opinions, and his friends felt relieved too.

Because they were in a familiar place, they could easily see familiar people, who might not be kind.

This happened half an hour after they arrived, when Jiang Ze and Zhang Yanni walked in to sit at a table near Gu Nings table.

Jiang Ze was the senior student Zhao Fulin had admired before, while Zhang Yanni used to be her good friend.

However, they teamed up and schemed against Zhao Fulin.

Zhao Fulin had a stroke when they went bungee jumping, but luckily she was rescued by Gu Ning.

Jiang Ze got together with Zhang Yanni after losing Zhao Fulin.

Although he disliked Zhang Yanni, Zhang Yannis family was very rich.

Jiang Ze was simply a snobbish freeloader, who tried to climb on his girlfriends coattails.

Therefore, as long as he met a woman who was born in a rich family, whether he liked her or not, he would try to get together with her.

He wasnt only snobbish; he also had a high standard of his girlfriends appearance.

Zhang Yanni was pretty, or he wouldnt have chosen her.

Ifhe didnt have a better choice, he would stay with her, but if he met a better target, Zhang Yanni would be abandoned without doubt.

Actually, Jiang Ze had tried to change Zhao Fulins attitude towards him, but Zhao Fulin never bothered to talk to him again.

She even threatened him to stay away from her, so Jiang Ze had to leave.

Zhao Fulin had indeed admired Jiang Ze before, and she was very hurt after she learned about his true color.

She had been sad for a while, so it was impossible for her to keep in touch with Jiang Ze.

He made her feel sick..


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