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Chapter 2439: I Dont Want You to Sit in It

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“Imust tell Jiayang to be more unkind to Jiang Yutong this time,” said Tang Jiakai.

When Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai were talking, someone took photos of them and posted the photos on Weibo.

She wanted to figure out their relationship.

Although she didnt have many fans, she @(mentioned) many gossip influencers, so her post was quickly reposted and many Internet users saw it.

Some Internet users thought that Gu Ning might have a new boyfriend.

Other Internet users, however, felt there was nothing wrong about Gu Ning being with a male friend.

It was very normal after all, and they were in a public place.

It was an airport, so they must have come to pick up a friend.

Unfortunately, some Internet users believed that Gu Ning had an abnormal relationship with this man and she must have cheated on her boyfriend.

Therefore, they hurled abuse at Gu Ning.

Luckily, there were more Internet users who stood with Gu Ning, and a few photos couldnt prove anything.

A girl who had a boyfriend could also have male friends.

There was nothing wrong even if a girl was alone with her male friend.

They didnt go to the theater or have a meal together, which might be abnormal.

They were in the airport, so obviously they came to pick someone up.

The man could also be Gu

Nings subordinate, or her relative.

It was really unacceptable that they jumped to conclusions without any evidence.

However, some malicious Internet users still wouldnt stop criticizing Gu Ning.

Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai didnt pay attention to Weibo, so they didnt know about it.

When it gradually got more and more attention on Weibo, Tang Jiayang came out and they went to welcome him, so they didnt have time to play on the phone.

Gu Ning and Tang Jiayang deliberately avoided Jiang Yutong, so they walked slowly.

They wanted to see what she planned to do.

After Tang Jiayang arrived, he turned on his phone and called Tang Jiakai.

Tang Jiakai then told him that Jiang Yutong was also in the arrival hall.

Knowing that Jiang Yutong was also there, Tang Jiayang fell into a bad mood, but there was only one way out, so he had to face it.

‘Tang Jiakai also told Tang Jiayang to be as unkind as possible to Jiang Yutong this time.

If he couldnt totally disappoint her or make her scared of him, she wouldnt stop bothering him.

They didnt care whether she would be heart-broken.

People must pay for their actions.

She had a wrong idea, so she should pay for it.

Otherwise, she would believe that she still had a chance.

‘Tang Jiayang agreed that he should really change his attitude towards Jiang Yutong, or she would continue to bother him.

‘When Tang Jiayang was out, Jiang Yutong saw him and got excited.

Without delay, she walked to him and said, “Hi, Jiayang, welcome back! What a coincidence! I came to pick up my friend.

I didnt expect to see you here.”

She came to pick up her friend

It was an excuse, because Jiang Yutong didnt want Tang Jiayang to know that she specially came to see him.

She didnt want him to hate her.

However, if she came to pick up her friend and they met by chance, it would be different.

“Hi,” said Tang Jiayang in a flat voice.

He didnt bother to embarrass her and planned to leave her behind.

At this time, Tang Jiakai and Gu Ning walked over.

Tang Jiakai didnt hesitate to embarrass Jiang Yutong and he said, “Coincidence I dont think so.

You and your friend have sat here for a long time.

Didnt you specially come here after hearing that Jiayang will be home this morning”

“You…” Jiang Yutong flushed in humiliation when Tang Jiakai pointed it out publicly.

She didnt expect that Tang Jiakai and Gu Ning had already noticed her.

It was quite embarrassing!

Anyway, Jiang Yutong refused to admit it.

“Its nonsense! I just got here, and I came to pick up my friend.”

She didnt think that they had taken videos or photos of her.

“Really I just took a photo of you, and there is a timestamp on it,” said Tang Jiakai.

He actually didnt know what Jiang Yutong was thinking, but that was what he thought, so he said it aloud.

He also didnt have a photo; he was simply tricking Jiang Yutong.

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Without surprise, Jiang Yutong panicked.

She was surprised that Tang Jiakai really had taken a photo as evidence.

How could he do that

All of a sudden, Jiang Yutong didnt know what to do, and Gu Ning was unwilling to waste more time arguing with her.

After all, they were in a public place and they were relatives.

It wasnt a good thing if they continued to embarrass each other, so Gu Ning called them to leave.

Tang Jiakai disliked Jiang Yutong, but he knew when to stop, so he listened to Gu Ning and stopped arguing.

However, Jiang Yutong refused to let them go.

She directly chased after them and said, “I didnt drive here.

Let me and my friend take your car!”

Jiang Yutong understood that the Tang family would send people to pick Tang Jiayang up, so she had the intention of sharing the car with Tang Jiayang.

Therefore, she purposely didnt drive.

Unexpectedly, it was Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai who came to pick up Tang Jiayang.

Anyway, they were relatives, so she didnt believe that they would leave her behind.

Unfortunately, she was wrong, because they really wouldnt hesitate to leave her behind.

“No,” said Tang Jiakai at once.

“Why” Jiang Yutong was reluctant to give up.

“Because its my car, and I dont want you to sit in it,” said Tang Jiakai.

“You…” Jiang Yutong was struck dumb.

She understood that her relationship with Tang Jiakai was really bad, so it wasnt surprising that Tang Jiakai didnt want her to sit in his car.

Normally, she wouldnt bother to, but today she was determined to sit in his car.

Therefore, Jiang Yutong threatened him.

“If you dont let me sit in your car, Ill call your mother.”

“Whatever,” said Tang Jiakai.

He couldnt care less.

Although he knew that his mother would tell him to let Jiang Yutong sit in his car, he would still refuse to do that.

“Lets go,” said Tang Jiakai, then pulled Tang Jiayang and Gu Ning away.

Jiang Lihua didnt call Jiang Lihua, but she continued to follow Tang Jiayang.

Gu Ning and the others said nothing, but they wouldnt allow her to get in their car.

“Yutong, why dont we take a taxi” Jiang Yutongs friend said.

She was willing to be cooperative, but it was too embarrassing and she really wanted to leave.


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