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Chapter 2433: Zhang Zikai Is Abducted

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Some parents asked for a very high bride price when their daughters got married.

It was beyond what the bridegroom could afford, so the wedding was ruined.

A betrothal gift was a part of traditional customs, but marriage wasnt a deal.

Parents shouldnt sell their daughters for money.

It was a gift and the number shouldnt be too high, unless the bridegroom was willing to give more.

Actually, some men were very mean and calculating.

They didnt want to pay a cent when they married a woman and even blamed the brides parents for selling their daughter.

The world was big and had all kinds of people.

It would be best when both the bride and bridegroom agreed to the conditions for marriage.

“My family doesnt have the thought of using my marriage to make a deal with the rich or the powerful.

They just hope that I can marry a man from a family of the same status as my family.

If there is a huge gap, it might cause problems,” said Zhang Zikai.

“Its true, especially when the wifes family is more influential than the husbands.

Most men have a big ego.

They are normally unwilling to marry a woman whose family is more influential than theirs, because it makes him feel inferior to his wife.

Even if they accept it for love or for money, theyll still be mentally unstable if they can prove themselves in the future.

Theyll betray you.

Well, there are good men, but its really hard to find one in todays society.

You never know what kind of man you marry until his real color is exposed,” said Gu Ning.

In todays society, there were more people who cared about status than those who didnt, so it was a realistic, not an idealistic world.

For example, when Gu Ning became Leng Shaotings girlfriend, after she found out his familys status, she had asked him whether his family would dislike her.

She had her pride, and didnt want to be disdained.

She was also ambitious, and she wouldnt stop making new achievements.

Even if Leng Shaotings family didnt accept her, she wouldnt be affected, because she only cared about Leng Shaotings attitude.

As long as Leng Shaoting defended her, she wouldnt mind what the Leng family said about her and she would be together with him.

As for those who disdained her, she would take them as strangers.

In their relationship, if Leng Shaoting hesitated to protect her, she would leave him without delay.

Her pride wouldnt allow her to yield.

“I think men nowadays are even more realistic than women.

Just take those men I met as examples, women actually dont care much about a mans background, but men are different.

They want a wife whos no worse than him and can make money, give birth to kids, and take care of the family.

Theyre looking for a free servant.

My uncle divorced last week, just because my aunt didnt want to do housework after she came back home from her work.

In fact, after my aunt gave birth, she kept their home clean and tidy that year, but my uncle blamed her for not working.

Men are never satisfied.

And my aunt couldnt stand him any longer.

She divorced him and left with the kid,” said Zhang Zikai.

She disapproved of her uncles behavior and even swore at him when she heard the news.

Actually, she only complained about that at her home, because it was her uncles family affair and she couldnt judge him.

Her mother, however, directly criticized her uncle to his face, but her uncle didnt think it was his fault, so her mother had to stay away from her uncle.

Two days ago, her uncle called her mother for help, but her mother refused.

Although they were cousins, her mother disliked her uncle, because her uncle wasnt a good man.

“Well, I hope we can meet good men.

There are no perfect men in this world, but we dont need a perfect man.

We just want him to be upright, caring, and loving.

Even though that kind of man seems really rare,” said Song Miaoge.

She was worried that she might meet a terrible man.

After eating, they didnt go somewhere else, and instead just went to their own homes.

Because it was still early, Gu Ning didnt drive them home.

They would usually be safe by themselves.

Unfortunately, accidents happened when you thought it was impossible.

Gu Ning didnt leave until her female friends left in a taxi.

However, ten minutes later, Gu Ning received Zhang Zikais call.

Strangely, Zhang Zikai wasnt talking to her, she was talking to the taxi driver.

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“Hey, I think you just took the wrong way.

I remember that we shouldnt change direction here,” said Zhang Zikai.

She sounded calm, but Gu Ning could hear that she was nervous.

Upon hearing that, Gu Ning understood that something was wrong.

Therefore, she immediately told Gao Yi to turn their car to chase after Zhang Zikai.

At the same time, she kept listening to their conversation on the phone.

“There is a lot of traffic on the road ahead, so we can go faster by taking this road,” said the taxi driver.

Zhang Zikai was born in the capital, so she couldnt be more familiar with it.

She often went to the city center and she knew whether it was the road back home by a glance.

Therefore, she was clearly aware that the taxi driver took the wrong road.

It wasnt the way to her home.

She felt that she might have been abducted.

“Alright,” said Zhang Zikai.

She stopped asking about that, then hung up and sent Gu Ning her location.


Zhang Zikai was very nervous and was trembling a little, but she had to calm herself down.

Because she knew that Gu Ning was coming to save her, she could keep calm for now.

The taxi driver glanced at Zhang Zikai in the rearview mirror once in a while.

When he saw the calm expression on Zhang Zikais face, he thought that she believed him.

She wasnt playing on the phone either, so he wasnt worried that she was already alert.

Gao Yi drove as fast as possible towards the location Zhang Zikai sent them.

He didnt care about how many red traffic lights there were along the way, because he needed to save a girl.

Zhang Zikai wasnt separated from Gu Ning for long, and the taxi driver didnt drive fast, so Gu Ning caught up to the taxi after ten minutes.


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