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Chapter 2430: Not Afraid of Revenge

Therefore, Gu Ning decided to go to the basement and take all the valuables.

If they really took revenge for the head one day in the future and caused her damage, she would take the valuables as compensation!

After all, her companies were in many different places.

She might protect some of them, but it was impossible for her to guard every one of them.

Although the cold magical power Gu Ning put into the heads body didnt affect other people, Jiang Liluo and Si Jin felt it because they were also cultivators.

However, they were confused when they noticed that it was an evil magical power.

Gu Ning was a good cultivator.

How could she release evil magical power Wasnt this what evil cultivators could do

They were right.

Normally, only evil cultivators could use cold magical power to hurt people.

Good cultivators couldnt do that.

They were curious, but it wasnt the right time to ask about that.

Even though Gu Ning could use evil magical energy, she was a good cultivator and an upright person.

Moreover, she was also Shangguan Yangs disciple, so they wouldnt have negative opinions about her.

The head immediately felt that something was wrong with his body.

He knew it must have been caused by Gu Ning.

He was scared and struggled at once, but he barely had strength to escape.

“What did you do to me” he questioned angrily.

“Relax, I wont kill you; you will just be unable to move ever again.

You wont be able to talk either.

Thats the price you pay for your stupidity,” said Gu Ning meaningfully.

Being unable to move or speak ever again was torture, but the head lacked courage to ask Gu Ning to kill him.

He still had hope that he could get better as long as he was still alive.

However, for now, he tried to persuade Gu Ning to let him go.

“I accept the condition you just set,” said the head.

Although he was reluctant to do that, he didnt want to be dumb and disabled.

“Too late, anyway I just said that, I didnt really mean it.

Since I came here, I had no intention of letting you go.

To be honest, I came here from afar in order to completely destroy your organization.

Or itll be a waste of my time.” Gu Ning sneered.

“You…” The head was angry.

He was mad that Gu Ning just said that to fool him.

However, he could do nothing about it now, because Gu Ning had complete control over him.

He could only try to threaten her.

“Youll be paid back if you treat me like this.”

At this time, it was very difficult for him to say a complete sentence, which scared him.

“If I was afraid of revenge, I wouldnt have come here,” said Gu Ning.

She knew that if she didnt kill all of them, she would be paid back.

However, if she didnt take action first, her business would be damaged, so why shouldnt she take the initiative

It would be better if she killed all of them before they damaged her business.

Killer organizations had no moral standards.

If they had, they wouldnt have established such cold-blooded organizations.

Therefore, Gu Ning believed that they meant what they said.

They were really going to damage her business.

The head was struck dumb.

It was true.

If Gu Ning was afraid of them, she wouldnt have come here.

Besides, given Gu Nings abilities, she could protect herself.

She might only lose some money.

In addition, he wasnt actually sure whether there were people who were willing to pay Gu Ning back for him.

People were selfish.

If other people knew how strong Gu Ning was, they wouldnt risk their lives for him.

What was worse, there were plenty of people who wanted his seat in the organization.

Those people couldnt wait to see him get in trouble.

They would thank Gu Ning for disabling him instead of paying her back for him.

The head fell into despair.

As long as Gu Ning refused to let him go, he would suffer the result Gu Ning told him.

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For the first time in his life, he regretted messing with Gu Ning.

He didnt know how strong she was, but she was much stronger than a human.

In fact, exactly because he had no idea how strong Gu Ning was, he had made that decision to threaten her.

If it happened again, he might make the same decision and suffer the same result.

When the head couldnt move or speak at all, Gu Ning stopped, because he might die if she continued.

“Wait for me here.

Ill be right back.” Gu Ning said to Jiang Liluo and the others.

She was going to rob their storeroom.

“Sure.” They replied, and Gu Ning went out.

With the help of her Jade Eyes, Gu Ning quickly found the entrance of the basement.

The door was locked, but she easily opened it.

Afterwards, she swiftly went into the storeroom and put all the valuables into her telepathic eye space.

When she was back into the hall, only five minutes had passed.

Nothing else happened later, and those killers did nothing.

They were subordinates, but Gu Ning didnt let them go.

She disabled all of them, but not as seriously as what she had done to the head.

After that, they left.

They didnt destroy the manor, because she only came to disable the members of the killer organization.

She couldnt kill them all, but it was enough that the head was disabled.

Besides, not every member of the killer organization was in the base, and she didnt have time to find them.

If some of them really took revenge, she would deal with them then.

Half an hour later, someone showed up at the manor.

It was the deputy head of the killer organization.

Some of his people were in the manor, so he soon heard about what had happened.

Gu Ning didnt injure the other men seriously, so they could still move and talk a little.

They just had a hoarse voice and it was difficult to hear them clearly.

When the deputy head learned that the head was seriously injured, he was extremely happy, because he had waited for today for a long time.

He was more experienced than the head, but he wasnt the head.

He couldnt accept that.

After the deputy head witnessed what had happened to the head, he laughed out loud.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha, Night Soul, look at you now! Do you know how long Ive waited for today”

Night Soul was the heads codename.

He used to be a professional killer.

Relying on his own abilities, he made it to the position of the head of their organization.

Unfortunately, he ran into Gu Ning..


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