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Chapter 2389: Not Afraid of Ghosts

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Tang Jiakai and the others werent fully relieved until they were finally in the car.

Even then they were still trembling a little.

What they had experienced today was extremely dangerous.

“Ningning, did you really see Zhang Lihong Could you really see ghosts” Tang Jiakai asked.

It was still quite unbelievable in his opinion.

Chen Yuxi and Wang Qiwei were curious about it too.

Although they felt that Gu Ning had indeed seen ghosts just then, it was too unbelievable.

“Yeah.” Gu Ning said, “There are far more unbelievable things in this world.

Before I saw ghosts, I didnt believe in them either, but now Im convinced that they really exist, after all, Ive met them.”

Hearing that, Tang Jiakai and the other boys drew in a deep breath.

It wasnt really a surprising answer, but it was still shocking.

“Why can you see ghosts And why cant we We were shouting each others names, but we couldnt hear any voices except for yours,” asked Chen Yuxi with great curiosity.

“Yeah, and you dont seem scared at all,” said Wang Qiwei.

Not only could Gu Ning see ghosts, but she was also not afraid of them.

She had saved them, so Wang Qiwei took her as his idol now.

He admired her more than he had admired anyone else before.

“Normally, humans cant see ghosts, but one kind of person can.

They have different eyes, and I am one of them, so I can see ghosts.

And since I can see ghosts, I can see and hear you too.

I can also talk to ghosts,” said Gu Ning.

She could only give them that explanation.

“Ive seen ghosts many times before, so Im not afraid of them.

In fact, weak ghosts cant really affect human beings.

They could only do some magic and change the surrounding magnetic field and trap you in a different space.

In that case, you cant see or hear each other.”

Hearing that, they figured out what had happened, but they were still scared in retrospect.

Gu Ning continued.

“Anyway, its very dangerous.

If the ghost is unwilling to let you out, you cant leave and will starve to death.”

Chen Yuxi and Wang Qiwei inhaled in fear and trembled a little.

They were quite lucky that Gu Ning helped them out.

Without her help, they could have been trapped to death inside.

Gu Ning was their lifesaver!

“Miss Gu, thank you so much.

If it hadnt been for you, we could have lost our lives today.”

“Right, Im unable to say how grateful I am for your help.

No matter what you need, please feel free to let us know.

We wont spare any effort to help.” Chen Yuxi and Wang Qiwei thanked Gu Ning.

They knew that she didnt lack money, so they didnt offer her money and instead offered help.

“Sure,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt reject their kindness and agreed right away.

She might not need their help, but she had indeed saved their lives, so they would feel relieved if she accepted their offer.

Moreover, Gu Ning wouldnt slight them just because they were still students.

Even though they were just students now, they could have influence in the future.

Sometimes, it didnt require much influence to achieve something, and even strong people might need help.

“Um, Miss Gu, hows Zhang Lihong now” Chen Yuxi asked.

Although he was very terrified tonight, he still cared about his friend.

“His soul completely disappeared from this world and went into the next incarnation,” said Gu Ning.

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“Can people really get into the next incarnation after they die” Tang Jiakai asked.

“Im not clear about that.

Perhaps some can, and some cant,” said Gu Ning.

She wasnt sure of it because it had never happened to her.

“Oh, remember to keep it a secret.

Dont tell anyone else, alright” Gu Ning told them seriously.

“Sure.” Tang Jiakai and the other two boys agreed with a serious expression.

They understood how serious it was.

If they told other people about it, other people might not believe it and it might also cause unnecessary trouble.

“Miss Gu, youre really amazing!”


After they calmed down, Chen Yuxi and Wang Qiwei began to compliment Gu Ning.

“Ha-ha, Ningning is always this impressive.” Gu Ning didnt think it was a big deal, but Tang Jiakai felt very proud of her.

As usual, Gu Ning was his and the Tang familys pride.

She was perfect in every aspect.

Tang Jiakai believed that there was no other kid who could be as impressive as Gu Ning.

People who learned that Gu Ning was the Tang familys granddaughter never hesitated to compliment her once they met members of the Tang family.

Moreover, Gu Ning never stopped achieving greater things, so he was also curious about her abilities.

After they were back in the city center, Gu Ning drove Chen Yuxi and Wang Qiwei home before she went back to the Tang familys house with Tang Jiakai.

That night, Tang Jiakai, Chen Yuxi, and Wang Qiwei couldnt sleep at all.

They had nightmares about what had happened to them, leaving them to wake up from the dreams in horror.

Although it was already past, they couldnt get over it within a short time.

Whenever they thought about that, they would still feel scared.

Chen Yuxi and Wang Qiwei were targeted this time, so they were more scared.

They didnt even dare to turn off the lights.

Once the lights were off, they felt that Zhang Lihong was right by their side.

Early the next morning, Gu Ning went to see Gu Man in the hospital, because Tang Yunfan had to leave for work.

After she was in the hospital, she stayed with Gu Man and didnt pay a special visit to Shu Fangyi.

She helped her out of kindness, but there was no need for her to pay special attention to Shu Fangyi the entire time.

If Shu Fangyi needed help, she would call Gu Ning and Gu Ning would see what she could do.

Shu Fangyi had told Shen Liang to make a decision before 12 pm, so Shen Liang arrived at the hospital at about 10 am.

When he walked into Shu Fangyis ward, he didnt see Gu Ning and felt relieved.

He stood in awe of Gu Ning to some extent.

However, even if Gu Ning was absent, Shen Liang didnt dare to harm Shu Fangyi, because Gu Ning would know about it if he did..

And if Gu Ning helped Shu Fangyi again, it wouldnt do him any good.


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