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Chapter 2387: Why Do You Think They Wouldnt

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However, Tang Jiakai could see nothing, but Gu Ning could!

Tang Jiakai was even more scared now.

He wanted to ask Gu Ning about it, but it wasnt the right time.

Although Chen Yuxi didnt know where the voice came from, he still answered the question and he knew whom Gu Ning was talking about.

“Three years ago, the year after the National College Entrance Examination, Zhang Lihong, Wang Qiwei and I went to travel in Country T.

We stayed in a hotel.

When it was late at night, I was starving.

I asked Wang Qiwei and Zhang Lihong whether they wanted to have some night snacks.

Zhang Lihong was in a deep sleep, and we couldnt wake him up.

I didnt want to bother him, so Wang Qiwei and I left to buy some food.

“After we had night snacks and came back, we found that the hotel we stayed in was on fire.

Because Zhang Lihong was asleep, he failed to run away and was caught by the fire.

I blamed myself for leaving the hotel.

If I hadnt gone to buy night snacks, we could have woken Zhang Lihong up and he wouldnt have lost his life in the fire.

I feel very guilty, but it was an accident!” said Chen Yuxi.

If so, it was really just an accident.

Chen Yuxi and Wang Qiwei were innocent.

However, from Zhang Lihongs perspective, they went to travel together and stayed in the same hotel.

Chen Yuxi and Wang Qiwei went to have night snacks, but left him alone.

It was understandable that Wang Qiwei harbored a grudge.

“If you had woken me up back then, I wouldnt have been caught by the fire!” Zhang Lihong shouted, but Chen Yuxi couldnt hear it.

“Zhang Lihong, I understand your anger.

You went out for a trip together.

You stayed in the same hotel.

If they had woken you up and went out for night snacks together or if they had stayed with you, you could have survived the fire, but it isnt their fault.

They didnt know what would happen when they went out.

If they had known about the accident, they would have woken you up and taken you out.

You were asleep, and they didnt want to bother you, so they left you in the room,” said Gu Ning.

She wasnt criticizing Zhang Lihong, because he was in a terrible mood.

If he was angered, he could become violent.

Hearing Gu Nings conversation with Zhang Lihong, Tang Jiakai, Chen Yuxi, and Wang Qiwei were all frightened, especially Chen Yuxi and Wang Qiwei.

They thought that Zhang Lihong was already dead, but Gu Ning was still talking to him.

Was she talking to a ghost

“W-Who are you Are you talking with Zhang Lihong Isnt he…” Chen Yuxi asked Gu Ning and thought to himself that she might also be a ghost.

Otherwise, he should be able to see her!

“You dont need to know that.

Dont talk again until I ask you another question.

Be honest with me, but close your mouth when Im not talking to you,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt want Chen Yuxi to annoy Zhang Lihong and she mainly needed to deal with Zhang Lihong right now.

“Oh, sure!” Chen Yuxi agreed.

He somehow felt that this girl wouldnt hurt him no matter who she was.

Obviously, she was defending him.

Zhang Lihong thought that Gu Nings words were reasonable, but he was still reluctant to accept the result.

“So what I died and they survived.”

“What will make you willing to get over it and let them go” Gu Ning asked.

She stopped persuading him and tried to figure out his purpose first.

“I want them to die with me,” said Zhang Lihong with strong hatred.

He couldnt get over it until they were dead too.

Gu Ning was displeased.

“Theyre innocent.

Arent you afraid you wont be able to get into the next incarnation by doing that”

Chen Yuxi and Wang Qiwei trembled heavily, and were filled with horror.

To their surprise, Zhang Lihong wanted them to die with him.

“I dont care.

If I get into the next incarnation, Ill forget who I am,” said Zhang Lihong.

Some ghosts wanted to get into the next incarnation, while some had no interest in it, because they would lose all of their memories of the previous incarnation.

“Arent you afraid that your family might be affected They could have bad luck and be dragged into unnecessary trouble because of you,” said Gu Ning.

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Zhang Lihong was surprised and hesitated.

Seeing that, Gu Ning understood that he cared about his family.

Chen Yuxi heard from Gu Nings words that Zhang Lihong wanted them to die with him.

Although Chen Yuxi was aggrieved, he felt guilty upon thinking that Wang Qiwei and Tang Jiakai were completely innocent.

He didnt want them to die due to his mistake.

Besides, Tang Jiakai was born in a family of high status.

If the Tang family learned that Tang Jiakai died because of him, the Tang family would certainly punish his family for that.

Chen Yuxi didnt want his family to be affected.

Thinking of that, the timid Chen Yuxi summoned up his courage and said, “If Zhang Lihong wants someone to die with him, Ill do it.

Let Tang Jiakai and Wang Qiwei go.

Theyre innocent.”

Gu Ning and Zhang Lihong were shocked.

They didnt expect him to make such a decision.

It was hard to see a man who cherished friendship nowadays.

Even if Chen Yuxi felt guilty for causing trouble for his friends, it wasnt an easy decision.

“Zhang Lihong, I can see that Chen Yuxi cherishes friendship very much.

Your death was an accident, but they never stop blaming themselves for it.

If they were caught in the fire instead, I believe that they wouldnt harbor a grudge,” said Gu Ning.

Although it didnt happen and Gu Ning actually had no idea what they would do, she still tried to persuade Zhang Lihong by saying so.

“They werent caught by the fire.

Why do you think they wouldnt” Zhang Lihong questioned.

“Do you have no confidence in your friendship” Gu Ning asked, “If so, there is nothing I can say now.”

Instantly, Zhang Lihong fell silent..

In fact, he was convinced by Gu Ning, but it was hard for him to get over it after he had harbored the grudge for so long.


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