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Chapter 2379: You Recognized Me

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However, her arm was too painful and she couldnt stand it any longer.

“Get a doctor to treat my arm!” She shouted to the female doctor.


Shen, please wait a second, Ill call another doctor over to treat you right now,” said the female doctor.

Although she should take care of the new-born baby right now, she didnt dare to leave Senior Mrs.

Shen unattended.

Although this was an obstetrics and gynecology hospital, it didnt mean that all of the doctors only knew about obstetrics and gynecology, and couldnt treat other patients.

Knowledge in the same field was related, so doctors should know how to treat different patients to some extent.

Moreover, dislocation wasnt a serious injury, and many doctors could solve that problem.

Gu Ning didnt stop other doctors from treating Senior Mrs.

Shen and the other man, but she wouldnt.

Even if she was going to do something about it, she would only make it worse.

“You can go now.

Just leave it to me.” Gu Ning said to Shu Fangyi.

“Thank you so much.” Shu Fangyi thanked Gu Ning once more, then followed the female doctor away.

“Little bi*ch, dont you dare leave! I promise Ill pay you back!” Senior Mrs.

Shen shouted to Gu Ning.

“Relax, I wont leave.

Ill just wait here, but you better watch your language.

If you dare to swear at me again, Ill slap your face till you shut up,” said Gu Ning.

“You…” Senior Mrs.

Shen was unwilling to give in, but she didnt dare to say anything now.

Because once Gu Ning used violence, it was impossible for her to fight back.

Afterwards, Gu Ning didnt bother to leave, but took out her phone to make a call.

She called a nurse first and told them to take Gu Man back to her ward, then she called Tang Yunfan and told him what had just happened in the hospital.

She needed him to hire a lawyer for her.

Tang Yunfan was more than happy to help Gu Ning, and was also mad about what happened in the hospital.

Senior Mrs.

Shen took out her phone to call someone right away when she saw that Gu Ning did.

She just called her son, Shen Liang, but failed to get through to him.

This time, he finally answered her call.

Shen Liangs father was unaware of what they did today, so Senior Mrs.

Shen didnt call her husband.

Because Shen Liang teamed up with his mother, Senior Mrs.

Shen told him the whole thing.

She said that they wanted to take the baby away, but Shu Fangyi stopped them and the baby fell to the ground by accident.

She also argued that the baby was fine.

Senior Mrs.

Shen refused to believe that the baby was injured because of them and was saved by Gu Ning afterwards.

After all, she only saw Gu Ning picking the baby up and not doing anything else.

Shen Liang didnt care about the baby, so he said nothing about it.

However, when Senior Mrs.

Shen told him that a strange girl interfered and injured them, Shen Liang was shocked.

How could a girl injure five of them, including three men, by herself

It was unbelievable.

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Shen Liang was a little scared.

Actually, he only dared to bully the weak and could never make decisions on his own, or he wouldnt listen to his mother all the time.

In the end, Senior Mrs.

Shen told him that Shu Fangyi wanted to get a divorce.

Shu Fangyi also asked to take back the manor and wanted the Shen family to pay her for her loss.

Shen Liang didnt accept that.

Although the Shen family had hundreds of millions of yuan in assets, Shu Fangyis manor was worth over a hundred million yuan, so he was unwilling to let her take it away.

Besides, it was hard to run a business now and the Shen family was already losing money.

Therefore, they had the idea of selling the manor for some money to keep their familys business afloat.

If they divorced and Shu Fangyi took the manor back, they would suffer a great loss.

Therefore, Shen Liang was unwilling to have a divorce right now.

He knew about the law.

If Shu Fangyi divorced him, he couldnt keep the manor, so he had to persuade Shu Fangyi to give up.

“Alright, mom, I think you should stop now.

If Fangyi really divorces me, we cant get the manor,” said Shen Liang.

He didnt want his mother to continue to annoy Shu Fangyi, or it would become serious trouble.

“What are you afraid of The manor is her dowry.

It should be ours now.

She cant take it back,” said Senior Mrs.

Shen airily.

“Dont be so dumb.

Although its her dowry, it was also her property before she got married.

According to the law, it belongs to her, not us.

If we steal it from her, we might be put in jail,” said Shen Liang in annoyance.

His mother knew little about the law.

“R-Really” Senior Mrs.

Shen panicked a little.

She didnt believe Shu Fangyis words, but she believed her son.

“Of course, dont mess with Shu Fangyi again.

Ill go to the hospital right now.

We must keep her in the marriage,” said Shen Liang.

“Great, come over as soon as possible,” said Senior Mrs.


If that was the truth, she would stop arguing with Shu Fangyi.

In fact, she didnt have any more energy to do that now anyway.

Saying that, Senior Mrs.

Shen gave Gu Ning a glance and said, “Come with more men.”

She didnt want her son to be injured by Gu Ning.

“No problem.” Shen Liang understood his mothers worries.

He was also afraid of that, so it was impossible for him to come alone.

Gu Ning clearly heard their conversation, and she was totally disgusted by them.

If it was possible, she couldnt wait to beat them again.

Right at this time, the nurse came and Gu Ning told her to take Gu Man back to the ward.

Gu Ning understood that Gu Ning could handle it, so she wasnt worried about that and went back to the ward along with the nurse, but before she left, she reminded Gu Ning to be careful.

At this moment, Senior Mrs.

Shen saw Gu Man.

In an instant, she rounded her eyes in shock, because she recognized Gu Man, but Gu Man didnt know her.

All of a sudden, Senior Mrs.

Shen turned to look at Gu Ning and felt that she was very familiar.

Gu Ning made her think of a man.

“A-Are you her daughter” Senior Mrs.

Shen asked.

Although she clearly heard Gu Ning call Gu Man mom, she still wanted to make sure of it.

“What You recognized me Are you scared now Do you regret it Anyway, we still need to deal with this problem.” Gu Ning stared at Senior Mrs.

Shen with a vague smile.

Since Senior Mrs.

Shen already recognized her, there was no need for her to keep it a secret any longer.

Actually, she had planned on telling Senior Mrs..

Shen about her family background when she handled the situation.

After all, it was much easier!



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