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Chapter 2374: Untitled

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Lord Gu gave Feng Wu an odd look.

The emotion it contained was a mixture of rage, hatred, and resignation.

In the end, he took a deep breath and sighed.

He sounded very sorry when he spoke to Long Yanyi.

“You can take revenge however you like.

The Gu family will take full responsibility.”

Ssss —

Everyone drew in their breaths when they heard that.

Although Lord Gu didnt name the killer, the look he gave Feng Wu revealed the “truth.”

So, did Feng Wu really kill Mrs.

Gu for her mother

Emperor Wu was furious, and the temperature seemed to drop again.

There was a murderous look in his eyes.

Gu Guanjuans stomach lurched.


Empress Dugu gloated at Gu Guanjuans predicament.

Long Yanyi gritted his teeth and asked, “So, youre saying that this girl killed my sister!”

Gu Guanjun sounded pained when he said, “Shes too young to understand what she has done.

Im the reason why this happened! Ill take full responsibility!”

The crowd was moved by what he said.

Some of them had been doubtful before, thinking that even if Feng Wu was the killer, Lord Gu had to have something to do with it as well.

However, they admired Lord Gu after hearing what he said.

Feng Wu looked at Gu Guanjuan and found him to be the most cunning man.

“Are you going to take responsibility” Feng Wu smiled at him.

“Since youre the murderer, Lord Gu, you should pay with your life.”

The others were all baffled.

Why did she say that

After everything that had happened, how could she still sound so confident

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Gu Guanjuan was perplexed.

He didnt expect to hear such words from Feng Wu either.

He looked at her and sighed in disappointment.

“Youre too proud.

If you can do such a thing at your age, what will you become when you grow up I was going to protect you because of your promising future, but since you wont repent, youre on your own.

Feng Wu, admit your crime.”

Long Yanyi reached for Feng Wus neck.

He was going to execute her!

As soon as he raised his hand, the crown princes eyes glinted coldly.


Long Yanyi stumbled back, and the ground under Jun Linyuans chair cracked as well.

He glared at Jun Linyuan.

Jun Linyuan was in the younger generation, and Long Yanyi was his senior.

Normally, a teenager would never be the match of a middle-aged man.

Moreover, Long Yanyi was the master of Dragon Valley and a talented cultivator.

However, after exchanging one blow, he realized that he wasnt Jun Linyuans match!


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