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Chapter 2372: Untitled

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Jun Linshen wrapped his arms around Emperor Wus leg and shouted, “Your Majesty, I didnt do it!”

Feng Wu frowned at Emperor Wu.

She remembered Emperor Wu as a biased father who would always take Jun Linshens side.

Was he going to do it again

Emperor Wu cast a stern look at Feng Wu and thought, “Arent you a fierce girl Theyre humiliating your mother now! Do something!

“Dont just sit around!”

Seeing that look, Feng Wu rubbed her nose and wondered what the emperor was up to this time.

Emperor Wu had no idea that Feng Wu was mistaken about his attitude.

He looked around and said, “Someone, tell me whats going on here.”

No one responded.

Lady Gu suddenly had an idea.

She decided that she should grab this opportunity and make the first move.

At that thought, she stepped out and said loudly, “Your Majesty, Lady Ling is the one who started the whole thing! Your Majesty probably doesnt know who that is…”

Both Emperor Wu and Empress Dugu gave her a strange look.

How could they not know who she was

Lady Gu spoke very fast when she was nervous.

“Lady Ling seduced Lord Gu, my brother! Feng Wu wants her mother to become the official wife, so she killed Mrs.


Emperor Wu gritted his teeth.

“Did you say that Lady Ling seduced Gu Guanjun”

Lady Gu was a little taken aback because she realized that something was off.

The highlight of her analysis was the part where Feng Wu killed Mrs.

Gu, but His Majesty only cared about the petty details, which puzzled Lady Gu.

But she didnt have much time to think, so she nodded.

“Yes! Lady Ling seduced Lord Gu!”

Emperor Wu gave Feng Wu a cold glance.

He wondered why Feng Wu was still standing there when that woman was slandering her mother.

Lady Gu cried and said, “Your Majesty, Im telling the truth, but Feng Wu hit me.

Please do something…”

Emperor Wu was satisfied when he saw the bruises on her face and her handless arm.

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Lady Gu would probably pass out if she knew what Emperor Wu was thinking.

“Feng Wu, do you have anything to say” Emperor Wu asked in a neutral tone.

Feng Wu replied by slapping Lady Gu again.

“I see that you havent learned your lesson.

Are you having fun making up stories Ill slap you once for every lie you tell!”

She was dauntless!

Everyone looked at her in disbelief.

How dare she

How could she do that in front of the emperor

Lady Gu cried as she ran away from Feng Wu.

“Your Majesty, Feng Wu is angry because Im right!”

Seeing that Emperor Wu wouldnt say anything, Lady Gu screamed at Feng Wu, “How dare you hit me in front of His Majesty You have no respect for His Majesty at all!”


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