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Chapter 2371: I Think You Have Enough Time

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Although they went up and down on flying swords as well, they were already used to it, so it was fine for them.

However, it was the first time that they had ever taken a plane, so it was very uncomfortable.

Luckily, they had great acceptance, so they soon got used to it when the plane stabilized.

They werent worried that this plane might encounter any danger.

They trusted Gu Ning, and they could fly with swords even if an accident happened, so they werent afraid of falling.

They werent at a high level in their cultivation and couldnt fly for long, but it was enough for them to safely get down to the ground.

After Gu Ning left the airport, she went directly to the Tang familys house.

She didnt ask about what Cao Wenxin was doing now nor did she tell the Tang family about her pregnancy.

When they visited the Cao family, they would hear the news.

Gu Ning had to deal with a lot of things today.

An hour after she went back to the Tang familys house, she received Qi Tianlins call.

Although Qi Tianlin was very displeased that Gu Ning was already engaged to Leng Shaoting, and had been mad about it for a few days, he wouldnt cut off his relationship with Gu Ning just because of that.

In addition, he needed to buy magical pills from Gu Ning.

Gu Ning couldnt care less about Qi Tianlins attitude.

He was a little unkind to her now, but they didnt quarrel and she would still keep in touch with him.

“Hi.” Gu Ning answered his call.

“Well, it seems that you really dont take me as your friend.

Youve been back to City B for two days.

Why didnt you call me out for a meal” Qi Tianlin complained.

In fact, once Gu Ning got back, he heard the news, but he wanted to see whether Gu Ning would call him before he called her.

Even though she already had a fiancé, they were still friends.

They could still meet and dine together.

However, he was only disappointed.

Gu Ning rolled her eyes.

“Come on, I have too many friends in City B.

I cant dine with all of them when Im back.

Theyre all my friends.

I cant ignore any of them, right I dont have much time.”

“You dont have time I think you have enough time.

Stop lying to me.

Just a meal.

It wont cost you much money.

Youve made a lot of money from me.” Qi Tianlin understood that Gu Ning was always busy, but she should have some free time, so he believed that Gu Ning didnt take him as her friend.

“I make money from countless people.

Do I have to buy every one of them a meal If you dont want me to continue to make money from you, you can stop making deals with me,” said Gu Ning.

She wasnt mad, but felt resigned.

Hearing that, Qi Tianlin was angrier than ever.

Gu Ning could easily get him mad.

Hearing his heavy breathing, Gu Ning understood that she angered Qi Tianlin, but she didnt think it was too much.

Qi Tianlin asked for it himself.

“Boss, time to change dressings.”

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At this moment, Gu Ning heard Yu Haos voice from Qi Tianlins side.

“Get out!” Qi Tianlin roared.

Gu Ning cocked her eyebrow.

“Change dressings Qi Tianlin, are you injured”

She wasnt caring about him, but he was her friend to some extent after all.

She treated different people according to their different relationships.

“None of your business,” said Qi Tianlin coldly.

He was venting his anger on Gu Ning, but he was actually pleased when Gu Ning asked him about his injuries.

“Fine!” Gu Ning stopped asking further about it.

Anyway, Qi Tianlin sounded strong so he should be fine.

If he was seriously injured, he wouldnt have time to argue with her on the phone.

“Alright, if there is nothing else, I need to hang up now.

My mother needs to go to the hospital,” said Gu Ning.

They were just friends, so Gu Ning was unwilling to pay too much attention to his injuries.

She didnt want to cause any misunderstandings.

If Qi Tianlin was really in danger, as his friend, she wouldnt hesitate to help him.

However, obviously, Qi Tianlin was fine.

Once Gu Ning finished, Qi Tianlin directly hung up on her.

Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second, then shook her head with a resigned smile.

Qi Tianlin had a bad attitude towards her, but she didnt care.

They werent very close, so she actually wouldnt be affected by his treatment.

She just wanted to keep an appropriate distance from him.

Although Gu Mans estimated due date was still four days away, it wasnt too early to go to the hospital now.

After all, the estimated due date wasnt 100% accurate, and she might deliver a few days earlier or later.

Therefore, it was better if she went to the hospital earlier in case anything happened.

If she needed a cesarean section, she could do it right now.

However, because Gu Man was physically strong, the doctor advised her to have a natural delivery, since if she had a natural delivery, she could recover more quickly.

Although Gu Ning could help Gu Man have a quick recovery without leaving any scars no matter how she delivered, Gu Man also preferred to have a natural delivery.

The new baby was a boy, and the Tang family was very happy about it.

They didnt value boys over girls.

They treated Gu Ning very well after all.

They simply felt it was better for Tang Yunfan and Gu Man to have a son since they already had a daughter.

Tang Yunhang and his wife didnt think it was bad news, because they didnt think the boy would steal Tanghuang.

Actually, before Gu Man and Gu Ning joined their family, Tang Yunfan trained Tang Jiayang as the heir of Tanghuang.

Therefore, even though they didnt have that idea, it would be understandable if they really had that worry.

Nevertheless, in their eyes, Tang Yunfan built Tanghuang.

Without Tang Yunfan, Tanghuang wouldnt have become so successful today.

Therefore, they wouldnt be mad even if Tang Jiayang couldnt become the heir of Tanghuang.

They cared more about their familial relationships than money..


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