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Before long, Gu Ning noticed that a red big truck was driving ahead not far away.

She checked its plate, and it was exactly the same one that had shown in the picture before her Jade Eyes.

She immediately used her Jade Eyes and saw that a black Cayenne was driving right ahead of the big truck.

There was a 10-meter or so gap between the two cars, and the big truck was speeding up.

They were still a thousand meters away from the highway.

Hey, would you please drive faster and catch up with the Cayenne It\'s my friend\'s car, Gu Ning urged the driver and told him a lie.

Sure. The driver agreed and sped up immediately.

Although the driver sped up, it was still difficult for him to catch up because they were all driving at a high speed.

Why is the big truck driving so fast It is already exceeding the speed limit, and is getting near to the Cayenne.

If it doesn\'t slow down right now, it could be dangerous, the driver complained.

Hearing what the taxi driver said, Gu Ning frowned.

Even the taxi driver knew that it could be dangerous if the big truck didn\'t slow down, so why did the driver of the big truck still do it, and even sped up The big truck must be doing it on purpose! Why Was it a murder

Although Gu Ning wasn\'t certain about it, it was possible, because the big truck was behaving strangely.

The highway was right before their eyes, and Gu Ning was feeling very anxious.

What should she do now

Stop the car right now!

When the big truck almost hit the Cayenne, Gu Ning ordered the taxi driver to stop immediately.

The taxi driver instinctively stepped on the brake without hesitation.

Gu Ning got out of the car immediately, but right at that moment, the big truck knocked into the Cayenne, and the latter crashed into the guardrails in an uncontrolled way.

If the Cayenne had knocked the guardrails directly, it wouldn\'t have fallen, but it had already been knocked over the guardrail, and was doomed to fall.

Gu Ning immediately ran to the Cayenne.

Just as half of the Cayenne had already gone over the guardrails, Gu Ning caught one of its wheels which were still on the safe side of the guardrail.

She used her magical power to improve her strength, and stabilized the car.

The two back wheels of the car were forced to get stuck in the guardrails.

However, it was still very dangerous.

If Gu Ning wasn\'t powerful enough to hold it, it would fall anyway.

Gu Ning\'s power was limited, and it was being consumed in a large amount within a short period of time.

If the people in the car couldn\'t be rescued soon, the car would still fall down when Gu Ning lost the support from her power.

Everyone around was shocked by the scene.

How powerful this girl is!

And she must be super brave to risk her own life to catch the wheel.

She could fall too!

Because of that accident, all the cars behind them stopped, and some warm-hearted men came to help Gu Ning one by one.

However, they all could only stabilize the car, and it was impossible for them to pull it back.

They needed a crane.

Some called the police, and some called the ambulance, while some were busy taking pictures as well as videos of the unusual scene.

A piece of news soon appeared on the Internet, A car accident on a highway in City D.

A brave and powerful girl caught its wheel! [Pictures Attached].

The first picture was Gu Ning holding the wheel alone, and in the second picture, many went to help Gu Ning pull on the back of the car, but their faces weren\'t clear because of the long distance.

Two thirds of the Cayenne was knocked over the guardrail, and it was highly possible to fall.

Thus no one thought that it was a show and that Gu Ning was deliberately attracting people\'s attention.

Instead, they were all astonished by Gu Ning\'s bravery and strength.

Jesus! How does she do it!

I think that she isn\'t an ordinary human being.

She was able to grab hold of the wheel and stabilize the car right on time!

Indeed! It\'s incredible!

The news went viral on the Internet and caused a sensation within a short time.

When a government worker noticed the car plate in the picture, he was stunned and called the mayor\'s private number at once.

The mayor was also shocked to hear the news.

He immediately took a car, heading to the site in person.

Moreover, he also called the directors of the Public Security Department as well as the Fire Department and the head of the Central Hospital.

It seemed that the people in the Cayenne were very important.

However, the crowd had no idea of that yet.

Around 10 minutes later, the fire brigade arrived and immediately started directing a rescue.

Ambulances arrived soon after.

Just as the Cayenne was pulled back, the directors of the Public Security Department as well as the Fire Department and the head of the Central Hospital arrived one by one.

Everyone was astonished and curious about the people in the Cayenne\'s identity.

The owner of the car must be an important figure.

It cost Gu Ning too much power, and she was exhausted, sinking to the ground.

She was surprised too, but had no energy to think about it now.

She planned to walk away quietly, but a nurse found her and put her into an ambulance without delay.

Gu Ning wasn\'t able to resist at all right now, and decided to have a rest first.

Unexpectedly, she fell sound asleep afterwards, and missed the call from K.

K had been waiting for her for a long time, and lost his patience.

He called her twice and a doctor answered it the second time.

Miss Gu, I\'ve been waiting for you for a long time.

Where are you right now K was apparently displeased.

Hi, the girl was in an accident just then, and she is in the hospital now.

May I know your relationship with her the doctor said politely.

What She was in an accident K was greatly surprised.

Yes, there was a car accident on the highway.

She\'s in a deep sleep now after she used her full force to pull on the car\'s wheel. The doctor thought that K was Gu Ning\'s friend, so he told him the truth.

What She is the girl who pulled the car\'s wheel K was amazed.

While he was waiting for Gu Ning, he surfed the Internet to kill time, and he had also read the news about the accident.

To his astonishment, the girl in the picture was actually Gu Ning.


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