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Chapter 2347: A Magician

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“Sure,” said the criminal.

After that, Gu Ning went ahead along with them.

The foreign man sized up Gu Ning and the monster fox, especially the monster fox.

He tried to figure out how aggressive it was.

Although he didnt think that he wouldnt be able to defeat a woman and a fox, he needed to know more about them in order to be well-prepared.

Even if he couldnt know them completely, it was better for him to know something.

Gu Ning could feel that the foreign man was sizing her up, but she didnt care.

The monster fox met the foreign mans eyes.

It squinted and looked dangerous, so the foreign man immediately withdrew his sight.

He could see nothing with a glance.

“May I know your name You can call me Li,” said the criminal.

Li wasnt his real name.

The criminals real name was Ma Shibiao.

Gu Ning didnt know what crimes he had committed, but it must be very serious since Leng Shaotings team was sent out to catch him.

Besides, the criminal used to be a professional killer.

He must have killed many.

“Call me Gu please,” said Gu Ning.

There was no need to hide her real surname.

It wasnt a big deal even if they learned about her identity.

They would either be killed or put in jail after today.

They wouldnt have any chances to take revenge.

“Miss Gu, where are you from” Ma Shibiao asked.

“City B,” said Gu Ning.

“How did you know there is an ancient grave here” Ma Shibiao asked.

“Why are you asking me so many questions Do you want to know my background or what We just met.

We have the same goal.

After we get what we want, well separate.

Its meaningless even if you know more about me.

Are you still suspicious of me Please dont think too much.” Gu Ning mocked.

Ma Shibiao and his mates had to agree that they thought too far.

They didnt think that other people would know their whereabouts, but they stayed alert because they were very careful.

Even though they were less suspicious of Gu Ning, they still stayed alert.

“Miss Gu, what is that in your hand” the foreign man asked.

He had noticed the night-luminescent pearl in Gu Nings hands for a long time, but Ma Shibiao wouldnt stop asking Gu Ning questions earlier, so he didnt interrupt.

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The night-luminescent pearl made him feel very comfortable, so he believed it was valuable.

Ma Shibiao and other men didnt notice the bright object in Gu Nings hands until now.

“Is that a night-luminescent pearl” Ma Shibiao asked in great surprise.

He had seen many kinds of treasures, so he recognized them by a glance.

Most people had heard of night-luminescent pearls, but only a few had seen it in reality.

Therefore, even if they knew it could shine, not many people could recognize it.

Ma Shibiao hadnt seen it with his own eyes before, but he had seen it on TV.

It was a round, shining bead, so it must be a night-luminescent pearl.

However, he never believed that night-luminescent pearls were as valuable as people said.

It wasnt that bright, but it was indeed worth a lot of money.

“Yeah, its a night-luminescent pearl,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, the others were more surprised.

Ma Shibiao said, “Where did you get it”

“From another ancient grave,” said Gu Ning.

Those men didnt doubt that, because there were many treasures in ancient graves.

It wasnt surprising that Gu Ning could find a night-luminescent pearl.

It was hard to find a night-luminescent pearl in general, but it could be easily done in an ancient grave.

“Whats a night-luminescent pearl” the foreign man asked.

“Its a rare jewel of high value which can shine,” said Ma Shibiao.

Thats all he knew.

He was an ordinary man, so he didnt know that the night-luminescent pearl contained endless magical power.

In fact, the magical power of night-luminescent pearls were only very helpful for cultivators.

For ordinary people, it could only improve ones health.

Therefore, Ma Shibiao didnt have much interest in the night-luminescent pearl.

He didnt lack money, so he wouldnt bother to have conflicts with Gu Ning for the night-luminescent pearl.

Its not that he thought that he couldnt defeat Gu Ning, it was just unnecessary.

The foreign man wasnt an ordinary man, so he could feel that the night-luminescent pearl was very special.

It made him feel very comfortable.

He actually was a little tired after traveling a long distance, but he felt much better after absorbing the energy of the night-luminescent pearl.

Therefore, he wondered whether this night-luminescent pearl had a certain kind of energy that he didnt know of yet.

Because of that, he had a desire to steal it.

Once he wanted it, he would try to get it by hook or by crook.

He was very interested in the night-luminescent pearl, but he wouldnt steal it right now.

They shouldnt have conflicts at this moment, so he would take action after finding the treasures in this ancient grave.

During this time, he must learn more about Gu Ning and the fox.

Gu Ning didnt talk to them much, but she observed them quietly, especially the foreign man.

She wanted to figure out his identity.

From the foreign man, Gu Ning could see that he had a black crystal ball the size of a fist.

What surprised Gu Ning was that there was a figure in the crystal ball.

She knew that it couldnt be a human being.

If she guessed correctly, it must be a soul.

The soul of a dead person was a ghost.

If it was really a ghost, Gu Ning wouldnt be surprised at all, because this foreign man wasnt an ordinary man.

In addition to that, in the backpack of the foreign man, there was also a 60 cm long magic wand.

Yes, it was the magic wand, which Gu Ning had seen in the movie.

It was the magicians weapon.

In other words, this man might be a magician.

He carried a crystal ball and a magic wand, so Gu Ning bet that he must be a magician.

A magician was a character frequently mentioned in European and American folklore, fantasy literature, and tabletop and video games, referring to a group of people who could mobilize some kind of mystical power.

Magicians could also be called wizards, witches, sorcerers, soothsayers, seers, etc.


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