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Chapter 2345: Find Antiques

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“No, no, no need.

Ill do whatever you say.” Tao Lin gave in right away.

He would leave before Gu Ning anyway, so there was no need to call Leng Shaoting.

He didnt want to waste time here either.

Therefore, Tao Lin took Gu Nings car key and left in the direction Gu Ning told him.

Gu Ning also left the place and went deeper.

At the same time, she sent a message to Xin Bei and told him that she found Tao Lin.

Tao Lin was on his way to Huafu Hills, so he could wait for him outside, while she would continue to search for the criminal.

At this time, Xin Bei was lying in bed, but he wasnt asleep, because he was worried about Gu Ning.

They should have been carrying out the task tonight, but Gu Ning went there alone.

In other words, Gu Ning helped them, so he couldnt sleep now.

It was very dangerous after all! He understood that Gu Ning was very strong, but one could never be too careful.

Without any news from Gu Ning, he couldnt sleep.

And it was not only Xin Bei; Ai Weishun and the other men had the same worry.

They all stayed awake.

If they could still sleep well in such a situation, they would be totally ungrateful.

Their phones were on the entire time.

They wouldnt mute their phones so that they could answer calls once their phones rang.

Even if there was only a message, they must read it whenever their phones rang.

As a result, once Xin Beis phone rang, he heard it and quickly took it out.

It was a message from Gu Ning.

Knowing that Gu Ning already found Tao Lin and that Tao Lin was on his way to Huafu Hills in her car, Xin Bei abruptly sat up on the bed in great shock.

It was too efficient!

Even if he knew that Gu Ning was very outstanding, he was still amazed by her efficiency.

Because he made big movements, Cao Wenxin was woken up by him.

Seeing him sitting there, Cao Wenxin asked, “Whats wrong”

“My comrade who was held hostage was rescued.

Hes on his way to Huafu Hills now.

I need to meet him.

You can continue to sleep now,” said Xin Bei, then kissed Cao Wenxins forehead.

“Alright.” Cao Wenxin didnt ask more about what had happened and went back to sleep.

She was a pregnant woman now, so she needed more sleep.

Afterwards, Xin Bei got out of the bed and went downstairs.

He called Ai Weishun at once and told Ai Weishun that Gu Ning had already found Tao Lin and that Tao Lin was on his way to Huafu Hills.

Tao Lin was in a very dangerous situation, so they were all worried about him.

Therefore when they heard that he had been rescued and was coming back, they couldnt stay in their places and rushed to Huafu Hills right away.

No matter what, they had to see Tao Lin as soon as possible.

Although Tao Lin was only a subordinate, the Red Flame cherished every soldier who served them.

Every life mattered.

Most importantly, they were serving their country and deserved great respect.

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After Xin Bei called Ai Weishun, he called Leng Shaoting too.

He wasnt sure whether Gu Ning had told Leng Shaoting the news yet, so he thought that he should give Leng Shaoting a call.

Gu Ning didnt tell Leng Shaoting that she had already found Tao Lin, because she was in a hurry and forgot.

After sending Xin Bei a message, she directly put her phone into the telepathic eye space.

As a result, Leng Shaoting didnt know that Gu Ning had already found Tao Lin and that Tao Lin was on his way back until Xin Bei called him.

Leng Shaoting was relieved when he heard the news, because the criminal wouldnt have a hostage to threaten Gu Ning with.

Without any worries, Gu Ning could do whatever she wanted to do.

However, Leng Shaoting was still worried about Gu Ning, so he immediately left the military base and flew to City B on a private jet.

He couldnt relax until he saw Gu Ning safe and sound.

Gu Ning didnt know where the criminal and the person with super powers went.

She could only rely on her senses to search for them, but she didnt do it alone.

When Tao Lin was far away, she let the monster fox out and told it to help her.

Gu Ning told it to not go too far so that they could hear each other if either of them found their target.

Since the criminal and the person with super powers went to an ancient grave, Gu Ning couldnt find them on the ground.

She had to find the ancient grave instead.

As long as she found the ancient grave, she would soon find them.

Gu Ning wasnt sure whether they already knew the location of the ancient grave.

After searching around for half an hour, she finally found a grave tunnel, so the ancient grave should be nearby.

Gu Ning immediately released some magical power to tell the monster fox to come back.

If the monster fox found their target before her, it would have made some sounds.

They were in the wilderness after all, so it was very normal for wild animals to make sounds.

Once Gu Ning released some magical power, the monster fox felt it and ran towards her.

Gu Ning didnt put it into the telepathic eye space, but kept it by her side.

Anyway it was dark in the wilderness, so no one could see them.

Since the ancient grave was nearby and the criminal along with the person with superpowers were still absent, Gu Ning guessed that they must have entered the grave tunnel.

The grave tunnel was three meters under the ground.

It wasnt shallow, so Gu Ning couldnt see what was under it.

She could only see things two meters under the thick dirt.

Therefore, Gu Ning couldnt know which side of the grave tunnel was the ancient grave and which side was the entrance.

She could only let the monster fox help her.

Gu Ning told the monster fox to find whether there was an entrance, because it didnt have Jade Eyes and couldnt see what was in the grave tunnel.

After walking along the grave tunnel for a few meters, Gu Ning saw a fork in the tunnel, making it harder for her to find the entrance.

Although she could directly dig a hole from the ground, she didnt think it was a good idea.

Even if she entered the grave tunnel, she still needed to search ahead.

It was dangerous inside, and there might be traps.

She could handle it, but it was unnecessary trouble.


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