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Chapter 2314: Get into the Windy Hole

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Gu Ning said that because she was afraid that they might encounter an accident and be unable to come back soon.

If they were really in danger, Xu Jinchen and the others wouldnt be able to rescue them, so they shouldnt come in no matter what happens.

They had to leave.

Gu Ning didnt think that she and Leng Shaoting would be injured.

Even if they ran into trouble, they would get themselves out.

“What You two are going in there Its too dangerous!” Zi Beiying didnt think it was a good idea.

Xu Jinchen and Chen Meng understood Gu Ning and Leng Shaotings worries, so they agreed.

Even if they disagreed, it was useless.

Therefore, Xu Jinchen and Chen Meng said, “Sure.”

“You…” Zi Beiying couldnt believe her ears.

How could Xu Jinchen and Chen Meng agree to let Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting go in without them She was anxious and annoyed.

She felt that they didnt care about Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting at all.

“Alright, Shaoting and Gu Ning will be fine.

It might not be so dangerous inside.

Perhaps theyll soon come back.” Xu Jinchen actually wasnt sure whether it was dangerous, and simply said that to comfort Zi Beiying.

In case Zi Beiying wasnt convinced, Xu Jinchen added.

“Shaoting also agreed with Gu Ning.

Thats an order for us.

We cant stop them.

If we dare to stand in their way, well be punished according to the rules in the military.

Do you want to see me and Chen Meng punished”

Xu Jinchen seemed very pitiful.

He was reluctant to be punished for that.

“What” Zi Beiying was surprised.

They werent carrying out a task.

How come it was an order

Seeing Zi Beiyings confused face, Leng Shaoting said, “Yeah, well do what Ningning just said.

This is an order.”

At this moment, Zi Beiying couldnt say anything about it.

She wasnt dumb, and she knew that soldiers could never say no to orders from their leader.

She was unwilling to see Xu Jinchen punished.

In addition, since Xu Jinchen and Chen Meng believed in Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, she could only agree.

Xu Jinchen and Chen Meng had been Leng Shaotings comrades for years, so they should be very aware of his abilities.

Leng Shaoting agreed to go in with Gu Ning, which meant that Gu Ning wasnt weak, otherwise Leng Shaoting wouldnt allow her to take the risk.

Moreover, just as Xu Jinchen said, they might come back soon!

However, Zi Beiying was still worried about their safety, so she said to Gu Ning, “You must be careful.

Come out as soon as possible.”

“Dont worry, well be fine,” said Gu Ning.

After that, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were ready to go in.

The hole was welded by steel bars, so if they wanted to get in, they had to cut them.

Gu Ning took out a dagger and handed it to Leng Shaoting.

Because Xu Jinchen and the others were present, Leng Shaoting couldnt use his sword, or it would expose more of his secrets.

Dagger would be of the same use.

However, a dagger wasnt able to cut the steel bars, so Leng Shaoting used his magical energy.

Used with magical energy, the dagger could easily ruin a building.

It couldnt be easier to cut a few steel bars.

Only Leng Shaoting, a cultivator at a high level, could do that.

“Are you going to use this dagger to cut those steel bars” Zi Beiying didnt think it was possible.

Xu Jinchen and Chen Meng were aware that Leng Shaoting had super powers, so they knew it wouldnt be a problem, but they didnt know that Leng Shaoting was a cultivator.

The moment Zi Beiying finished speaking, Leng Shaoting quickly cut three steel bars with the dagger, which shocked Zi Beiying.

It really could do that, and it seemed very easy!

Before Zi Beiying could figure it out, Leng Shaoting cut off the lower parts of the three steel bars.

As a result, the middle parts of the steel bars fell and showed an empty space big enough for a person to go in.

Leng Shaoting went in first, followed by Gu Ning.

Afterwards, they walked inside, and soon disappeared in the darkness.

Zi Beiying didnt come back to her senses until Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were totally gone.

She glanced at the broken steel bars, and still couldnt understand how Leng Shaoting made it.

“Jesus, its so unbelievable!”

“No need to worry, Shaoting is much stronger than you think,” said Xu Jinchen to comfort Zi Beiying.

He didnt think it was wrong that Zi Beiying was worried about Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, because he cared about them too.

Even though they knew that both Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were very strong and they believed that they would be fine, they were still a little worried.

In fact, Zi Beiying had taken Leng Shaoting as her dream man before, but Xu Jinchen didnt mind it.

If it were another man, he might be mad and think that Zi Beiying still had a place for them in her heart, and that is why she was worried about their safety.

However, Xu Jinchen didnt have that concern.

He believed that Zi Beiying was loyal to him.

“Sure!” After witnessing Leng Shaotings ability, Zi Beiying was less worried.

Once Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning got in, they used the night-luminescent pearl to light the hole.

Even if it wasnt very bright, it was enough for them to see the path.

The farther they went, the stronger the wind became.

Ordinary people could barely move a step now, but Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting only had some difficulties.

They could still move as usual.

When the wind became so strong that it could blow people down, they found it hard to move ahead, but they were still able to walk forward.

As Gu Ning walked forward, she used her Jade Eyes on the road in front.

Perhaps because of the magnetic field, she could only see a short distance of ten meters.

It was still completely dark ahead.

“Its really strange.

Where does this wind come from I thought there might be monsters or ghosts, but I cant sense them at all.” Gu Ning frowned with confusion.

“Right, I guess we can only keep going to see whats ahead of us,” said Leng Shaoting.

He felt that it was strange too, but they needed more clues.

As they walked ahead, the wind became stronger and stronger, and it became more and more difficult for them to move.

However, because they still couldnt see anything dangerous, they had to continue to go forward.

Right when they felt it was difficult for them to go ahead, they saw a sparkling barrier, but they didnt know what was behind it.

Even Gu Nings Jade Eyes were useless now.

She could only see white everywhere ahead..


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