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Chapter 2312: Why Do We Have to Agree

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Gu Ning and Zi Beiying exchanged a glance.

Zi Beiying wasnt mad.

She was honestly a bit displeased, but she didnt bother to argue with the girl.

The short-haired girl witnessed everything the long-haired girl did and showed disdain.

The long-haired girls purpose was too obvious! She just couldnt get rid of the bad habit of striking up a conversation with handsome men whenever she saw them.

Although the short-haired girl knew the long-haired girls behavior wasnt right, she had no intention of stopping her.

They didnt get along after all, and she would love to see the long-haired girl embarrass herself.

The two college boys, however, didnt know much about girls thoughts, so they thought the long-haired girl really wanted to find out whether Xu Jinchen and his friends wanted to go into the cave as well.

If they were going inside too, they would be more than willing to go with them.

Therefore, they didnt stop the long-haired girl either.

“Yeah,” said Xu Jinchen in a flat voice.

He could see the long-haired girls purpose, so he had a bad impression of her.

However, if he didnt give an answer, he would seem impolite, so he replied to her question.

“Well go inside too, but we dont have many people.

Were a little scared.

Can we go in together” said the long-haired girl.

She even acted pitiful, trying to win Xu Jinchens sympathy.

“You can stay outside if youre scared.

We dont need more companions.

Were not afraid,” said Xu Jinchen coldly, then he left the long-haired girl.

He walked to hold Zi Beiyings hand and entered the cave before the other people.

Xu Jinchen didnt do that just because he was afraid that Zi Beiying might be mad.

Even if Zi Beiying was absent, he would still do that, because he hated pretentious and calculating girls.

Moreover, if those college students followed them inside, they would only be a burden.

Xu Jinchen didnt want to be burdened.

However, he couldnt chase them away, so he thought they could leave those college students behind by walking faster.

If the college students were scared, they should stop walking deeper.

In addition, there were several forks in the cave.

After they separated, those college students might not dare to enter the windy road.

Other than that road, the other roads were safe, or the cave wouldnt be open to the public.

“You…” The long-haired girl didnt expect Xu Jinchen to embarrass her publicly and instantly became mad.

What was worse, Xu Jinchen held another girls hand and directly walked by her.

Although she had wondered whether they were a couple, she wasnt very sure of it.

Not every man and a woman were a couple when they stood together.

There were four of them and there was only one couple in their group.

She and another boy werent a couple.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have tried to strike up a conversation with Xu Jinchen.

The short-haired girl gloated over the long-haired girls bad luck.

She had tried to strike up a conversation with the man right in front of his girlfriend! It wasnt surprising at all that she was ignored.

The two college boys didnt think much about it.

They only felt Xu Jinchens attitude was a little unacceptable.

The short-haired girls boyfriend said nothing.

Although he was displeased with Xu Jinchens attitude, he didnt think Xu Jinchen had to agree to go with them.

The other boy, however, couldnt stand it.

Because he liked the long-haired girl, he was protective of her, so he immediately stood out and stopped Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying.

“I think your behavior is out of line!” he said angrily.

The long-haired girl was very satisfied when the boy stood out for her.

She enjoyed it when men chased and protected her, because it showed her charm.

However, she disliked that boy, but she didnt reject him because he was good-looking and was born in a rich family.

He also treated her very well, so she gave him hope, but never accepted him.

“My behavior is out of line” Xu Jinchen frowned a little.

He didnt understand why the boy criticized him like that.

“Why Do I have to agree to go with you”

Xu Jinchen didnt want to argue with the boy, but he couldnt tolerate selfish people.

If the boy didnt find fault with him, he would say nothing, but the boy picked on him.

The boy suddenly didnt know what to say.

It was true that they couldnt force Xu Jinchen to go in with them.

“Its alright.

We can go in by ourselves.” The short-haired girls boyfriend immediately came over to pull the boy back.

They had no position to criticize Xu Jinchen.

The boy also realized that he was being unreasonable, so he said nothing further, while Xu Jinchen left with Zi Beiying.

Witnessing that, the long-haired girl was disappointed, but she knew that she couldnt criticize Xu Jinchen for disagreeing with them.

After that, Leng Shaoting also walked into the cave, holding Gu Nings hand.

The long-haired girl felt heavily hit.

Why were handsome men always other girls boyfriends

Chen Meng was handsome too, but wasnt comparable to Leng Shaoting and Xu Jinchen.

He was also much older than them, so the long-haired girl didnt pay special attention to him.

After Leng Shaoting and the others entered the cave, the four college students caught up with them.

Even if they refused to go with them, they could follow them.

There was nothing wrong with that!

Gu Ning and the others indeed said nothing about it, but they could speed up to get rid of them.

Without delay, Gu Ning and her friends walked faster.

Seeing them walking forward so quickly, the four college students clearly knew that they were trying to get rid of them.

They were very displeased, but had to swallow their anger because they couldnt blame them for that.

At the beginning, they could still follow, but gradually they were left behind.

There were many bends in the caves, so the four college students soon lost Gu Ning and the others when they were a distance away.

Even though they knew that there were people ahead, they were still scared.

After walking for another while, they reached a fork.

At this moment, they had no idea which way Gu Ning and her friends took.

They were clearly aware that Gu Ning and her friends deliberately got rid of them, but they thought that they could catch up by following closely behind.

Unfortunately, they soon lost them after finishing two tenths of the way.

“Damn it! Theyre so bad.

They got rid of us on purpose,” said the long-haired girl in anger..


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