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Chapter 2286: Just a Misunderstanding


“Its just a misunderstanding.

Its not a big deal,” said Han Chenglin airily.

He could accept it when other people mistook him and Chu Peihan for a couple, but he wouldnt accept it if other people mistook him and another girl for a couple.

Hearing that, Gu Ning understood Han Chenglins intention, but Chu Peihan seemed to know nothing about it.

“I dont want your female fans to attack me for that,” said Chu Peihan with displeasure.

Upon thinking of the trouble Han Chenglins fans had caused her, Chu Peihan wanted to vent her anger on Han Chenglin.

“Arent you good at fighting You can easily beat them up!” Han Chenglin said.

He didnt want his female fans to bother Chu Peihan, but he couldnt stop them either.

Luckily, Chu Peihan wasnt weak at all, so he wasnt worried.

He didnt think it was a bad thing if Chu Peihan used violence.

“Do you think I have so much free time to deal with your annoying fans” Chu Peihan rolled her eyes at Han Chenglin and said impatiently, “You can just stay away from me so that other people wont mistake us for a couple.”

“Come on, were friends! Dont be so cruel,” said Han Chenglin and acted aggrieved.

Chu Peihan didnt know what to say, so she directly shut her mouth.

After Chu Peihan walked around in the Imperial Garden for half an hour, Shi Xiaoyue called her and asked her where she was.

Chu Peihan then told Shi Xiaoyue their location.

Before long, Shi Xiaoyue came.

When Shi Xiaoyue saw Gu Ning, she was struck dumb for a second.

She didnt expect to see Gu Ning here, and the next second, she was stunned by Leng Shaoting.

Shi Xiaoyue didnt know Leng Shaoting, but she assumed that he should be Gu Nings boyfriend because they stood very close to each other.

Therefore, although Shi Xiaoyue was attracted to Leng Shaotings handsome face, she didnt dare to pay much attention to him in case Gu Ning was mad.

Besides, he looked cold and seemed unwilling to talk to strangers, so she didnt dare to move closer to him.

Anyway, she believed he couldnt be an ordinary man.

Since he was Gu Nings boyfriend, he must enjoy a high status as well.

What family was he born in

Shi Xiaoyue was very curious about it, but lacked courage to ask about it.

Because Shi Xiaoyue came, Chu Peihan completely stopped talking to Han Chenglin now.

She held Shi Xiaoyues arm and they seemed to be best friends.

They chatted and laughed and only paid attention to Han Chenglin when they needed someone to take photos of them.

Han Chenglin was very dissatisfied with that.

Actually, Shi Xiaoyue shouldnt be here, but now he was the odd one out.

However, he couldnt chase Shi Xiaoyue away.

If he dared to do that, he would be chased away instead.

Anyway, Han Chenglin had to accept the reality that he was left alone.

After walking around for a while, Han Chenglin invited them for afternoon tea.

He was worried that Chu Peihan would kick him away once Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were gone.

Wherever Gu Ning was or went, Chu Peihan would certainly follow behind, so if he invited them to share afternoon tea, Chu Peihan wouldnt tell him to leave.

Gu Ning didnt bother to guess Han Chenglins intention.

Since he kindly invited them, she agreed happily because they were going to pick a nice place to have a rest as well.

Han Chenglin felt relieved when Gu Ning agreed.

He was really worried that they might turn him down.

They didnt walk far away and went to a nearby café.

When the five of them were together, the three girls talked most of the time.

Leng Shaoting and Han Chenglin almost stayed quiet the entire time.

Leng Shaoting was used to it and didnt feel uneasy at all, while Han Chenglin wasnt used to it at all.

He did his best, trying to join the girls conversation.

Han Chenglin could be quiet, but he disliked it, because he felt it was impolite not to talk with Leng Shaoting.

However, facing powerful Leng Shaoting, he was a little timid and didnt know what to say.

After having afternoon tea, it was about 5 pm and it was time to have dinner.

They were out anyway, so they decided to have dinner together.

Han Chenglin naturally wouldnt reject it, because Chu Peihan would go too.

He actually had the idea of inviting them to share a meal together, but Gu Ning did it before him, so he agreed with alacrity.

After that, they went to have dinner together.

At this time, photos of Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting at the Imperial Garden went viral right after they were posted on the Internet for half an hour.

The photos went viral not only because of Gu Ning, but also because of Leng Shaoting.

Gu Ning was very famous, while Leng Shaoting was extraordinarily handsome.

Most importantly, he looked very close to Gu Ning.

Although it didnt say that they were a couple in the post, Internet users believed the man in the photos was Gu Nings boyfriend.

They didnt make intimate postures, but their eyes were full of love for each other when they looked at one another.

“Jesus, is that Goddess Gus boyfriend Hes so handsome!”

“He must be Goddess Gus boyfriend.

Look at his loving eyes at her!”

“I read from a post before that Goddess Gu already has a fiancé.

I think the man should be her fiancé.”

“Theyre a really beautiful couple.

What a perfect couple!”

“I wonder what Goddess Gus boyfriend does How about his family background”

“Its obvious that he isnt an ordinary man.

Or he wouldnt become Goddess Gus boyfriend.”

“Right, I agree that Goddess Gus boyfriend must be from an extraordinary family.”


The photographers were all amazed when their photos became so popular within a very short time.

After reading the comments, they were shocked.

To their astonishment, the girl in their photos turned out to be the chairman of the Shengning Organization.

It was unbelievable! If they had known her status, they wouldnt have dared to take photos of her.

It also proved that Gu Ning didnt put on any airs, and she was very friendly.

It was really rare nowadays, because people of high status today always thought they were better than other people.

Therefore, they had a very good impression of Gu Ning.

Before they posted the photos on the Internet, they had sent them to Gu Nings email box.

Gu Ning was with her friends, so she didnt see it right away.

She had no idea that she and Leng Shaoting were popular on the Internet.

Even if she knew, she wouldnt be surprised, because she was already used to it.


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