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Chapter 2268: Were Childhood Friends

Zhan Zhiyin had a very special air which was quite attractive to him.

Leng Shaoming was distracted for a second, but didnt forget his manners.

When Zhan Zhiyin came closer, he stood up and politely greeted her.

“Hi, Miss Zhan, nice to see you.

Have a seat please.”

Because they only knew each other and werent familiar, Leng Shaoming called Zhan Zhiyin Miss Zhan instead of Zhiyin.

“Been a while, Shaoming.” Zhan Zhiyin greeted Leng Shaoming, then sat down elegantly.

Although Leng Shaoming wasnt familiar with Zhan Zhiyin, she always called him Shaoming, and she did the same thing now.

Leng Shaoming accepted it.

After that, he beckoned to a waiter and asked Zhan Zhiyin, “Miss Zhan, what would you like to drink”

“Thanks.” Zhan Zhiyin took the menu from the waiter.

After reading it, she said to the waiter, “Warm jasmine aloe fruit tea please.”

“No problem, please wait for a second,” said the waiter and left.

Although Leng Shaoming had seen Zhan Zhiyin before, this time was different.

They were on a blind date now, so Leng Shaoming felt a little uneasy and didnt know what to say.

Most importantly, he didnt hate Zhan Zhiyin, or he wouldnt be so careful.

However, precisely because he didnt hate her, he was afraid that he might make mistakes.

Zhan Zhiyin, instead, was quite relaxed.

After all, she wasnt the real Zhan Zhiyin, but just a monster fox.

She didnt have many emotions.

“Shaoming, theres no need to feel embarrassed.

Lets take it as a friendly gathering,” said Zhan Zhiyin.

She noticed that Leng Shaoming was a little nervous.

Zhan Zhiyin disliked that, and hoped that Leng Shaoming could relax in front of her.

Leng Shaoming smiled in slight embarrassment and said, “This is my first blind date, so Im unavoidably a little nervous.”

“I can understand.

Actually, its also my first blind date.

Im nervous too.

Im just trying to seem calm,” said Zhan Zhiyin, feeling a little shy.

She was actually lying and simply wanted to leave a good impression on Leng Shaoming.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoming smiled and somehow relaxed a lot.

He gradually found topics to chat about with Zhan Zhiyin.

At the beginning, they chatted casually, and began to enjoy it over time.

They had a pleasant talk.

Although Leng Shaoming was a little cold to other people, he was different from Leng Shaoting who was hard to get along with.

It was easy to get along with Leng Shaoming, but he preferred to talk to people who had many things in common with him.

Although Zhan Zhiyin was already dead, the monster fox had her memories, so it knew a lot.

Zhan Zhiyin was very knowledgeable after all!

They didnt have too many things in common, but it was a harmonious meeting and more than half an hour soon passed.

At this time, Chang Kaixuan and Fan Yayue walked out with a man and woman.

They needed to leave and had to walk by Leng Shaomings table.

Therefore, when Fan Yayue saw a beautiful woman pleasantly chatting with Leng Shaoming, she was displeased.

She still liked Leng Shaoming, so she was unhappy to see him with other women although she didnt have the position to stop it from happening.

However, this time, Chang Kaixuan didnt notice Fan Yayues reaction, because he saw a familiar face.

It was Zhan Zhiyin.

He met Zhan Zhiyin abroad about a year and a half ago.

Zhan Zhiyin studied abroad, while he was traveling.

Zhan Zhiyin was the best friend of the girlfriend of one of his friends, so they got to know each other at a gathering.

He had stayed abroad for a month back then, and had a good impression of Zhan Zhiyin.

He even had chased her, but Zhan Zhiyin had no special feelings for him.

He didnt know why till now, if he guessed correctly.

If Zhan Zhiyin met Leng Shaoming before him and was aware of their family background, she should know the different stands of the Leng family and the Chang family.

If Zhan Zhiyin was Leng Shaomings friend, she surely wouldnt like him.

“Oh, hi, isnt this Zhan Zhiyin, Miss Zhan” Chang Kaixuan stepped to greet her of his own accord, but his tone was unkind.

Zhan Zhiyin saw Chang Kaixuan, and tried to ignore him.

However, he came to greet her first, so she had to give a response.

“Hi, Mr.

Chang, what a coincidence!” Zhan Zhiyin said.

“Are you Shaomings girlfriend” Chang Kaixuan asked.

“Were just friends,” said Zhan Zhiyin.

Although Fan Yayue knew that it was impossible for her to be together with Leng Shaoming again during this life, she felt better when she heard that they were just friends.

She knew that she shouldnt have that feeling, but she couldnt control her emotions.

“Old friends” Chang Kaixuan asked and squinted.

He wanted to find out whether Zhan Zhiyin rejected him because of Leng Shaoming.

After such a long time, he didnt really care much about the reason why she rejected him, but he still wanted to figure it out if it was possible.

“Yes, were childhood friends.

Is there a problem” Zhan Zhiyin asked.

She knew why Chang Kaixuan asked that question.

“Of course not.” Chang Kaixuan sneered.

With the answer, Chang Kaixuan didnt bother to argue with them.

“Well, I should leave you two alone now.


“Bye, Mr.

Chang,” said Zhan Zhiyin and ignored Chang Kaixuan.

Chang Kaixuan and the others walked out.

When Chang Kaixuan was gone, Leng Shaoming and Zhan Zhiyin began to talk about him.

Zhan Zhiyin told Leng Shaoming that she met Chang Kaixuan abroad.

“My grandfather has a very close relationship with Grandpa Leng.

My family also sides with the Leng family so I certainly wont accept him,” said Zhan Zhiyin.

After staying in the café for another half an hour, it was getting dark so they left.

“Um, do you have anything else to deal with after this” Zhan Zhiyin asked Leng Shaoming when they were out of the café.

“Not at all,” said Leng Shaoming.


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