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Chapter 2262: Lost the Most Chips This Time

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Afterwards, all the winners chose their competitors by chance and continued to play the game.

This time, Gu Ning purposely chose Hidesuke Ida.

When Hidesuke Ida learned he was about to compete with Gu Ning, he had a premonition.

No need to guess, he was doomed to fail.

However, even if he already knew the result, he had to face it.

He would do his best and hope that he had good luck.

Other gamblers, instead, gloated over his bad luck.

Seeing that, Hidesuke Ida felt irritated and gave Gu Ning gloomy glances once in a while.

Gu Ning had an unkind idea all of a sudden and joked.


Ida, why are you always looking at me Did you fall in love with me”

Hidesuke Ida was nearly forty years old, so Gu Nings words were a little inappropriate, but it wasnt really uncommon for an old man to like a much younger girl.

However, it was impossible, because Hidesuke Ida couldnt wait to tear her to pieces.

“Miss Tang, I think youre a lady.

A lady shouldnt say something like that in public,” said Hidesuke Ida with displeasure.

Although Hidesuke Ida said that, nobody took it seriously.

Everyone knew that they were competitors and were simply arguing against each other.

“You wont move your eyes away from me.

Its hard for me not to misunderstand you.

If you dont like me, why are you staring at me all the time” Gu Ning argued.

“You…” Hidesuke Ida was mad.

He absolutely hated Gu Ning, but couldnt publicly say that.

Even if everyone knew that he disliked Gu Ning, it would be rude if he said it aloud.

Hidesuke Ida was furious, but didnt know how to argue with her, so he stopped looking at her.

When Gu Ning was arguing with Hidesuke Ida, she also felt a displeased look, which was from Leng Shaoting.

Although Leng Shaoting understood that Gu Ning was arguing with Hidesuke Ida, he was still unhappy because she was also flirting with him.

Gu Ning also realized that she shouldnt have done that, so she turned her head away after rubbing her nose in embarrassment.

Leng Shaoting wasnt mad at her.

He was just a little unhappy.

When he saw Gu Nings reaction, he put on a resigned look.

Before long, it was Gu Ning and Hidesuke Idas turn.

Facing Gu Ning, Hidesuke Ida was very nervous and began to sweat.

And once he became nervous, he couldnt play the game calmly.

No matter what, he was no match for Gu Ning.

When Gu Ning was gambling with Hidesuke Ida, she became a lot crueler and set a bigger bet.

After all, Hidesuke Ida was a skilled gambler and won a few times so he had many chips in his hands.

If she didnt set a bigger bet, she couldnt rob him of his chips.

Hidesuke Ida originally hoped that he could have good luck, but he lost hope after losing a few times in a row.

Even if he had won several times, he was losing chips fast.

Because Gu Ning set a bigger bet than him, he lost more chips every time.

Here were the rules of their game: Two dice cups.

Gambler A shook his dice cup first, then Gambler B made a guess.

After that, Gambler B would shake his dice cup, and Gambler A would have a guess.

If the odds were 8-1 at Gambler As turn, and 18-1 at Gambler Bs turn, Gambler B needed to pay ten times more chips than Gambler A.

Ten times were chips of ten million yuan.

Therefore, Gu Ning could always win many more chips than Hidesuke Ida.

As Hidesuke Ida lost more and more chips, he was getting more and more irritated, which badly affected his performance.

It hadnt happened to him in many years.

He had been practicing his gambling skills over the past years, so he hardly lost.

He only lost when he was a beginner, because he had bad skills back then.

However, he had never lost so much money before!

Even during these years in the competition against some of the best gamblers, he had never lost so much money.

They were equally skilled and no one was much better than the others, so he rarely lost a lot of money.

Accordingly, this was the first time that Hidesuke Ida had lost so much money.

Hidesuke Ida looked very displeased.

He really wanted to leave the table, but his reason stopped him.

In the end, Hidesuke Ida lost without surprise and lost all of his chips.

He even lacked enough money to pay Gu Ning in the last round.

If Hidesuke Ida stopped right now, he wouldnt need to pay so much money.

If he continued, he would have to pay the money he lost.

Although Hidesuke Ida lost to Gu Ning, he could have won if he played the game with other gamblers.

Therefore, even if Hidesuke Ida lost to Gu Ning, he refused to give up and decided to continue to play the game with other gamblers.

He wanted to save his face.

Hidesuke Ida told his assistant to help him exchange money for chips of a hundred million yuan, then he went to choose his competitor by chance.

Luckily, it wasnt Gu Ning this time, but a local gambler.

Without surprise, he defeated the local gambler.

Although he only won chips of ten million yuan, it was much better than a failure.

Hidesuke Ida didnt feel better until now.

Those gamblers who still had chips in their hands made different choices.

Several quit, while some continued till they lost all their chips.

As time went by, only eight gamblers were left in the competition.

They were Gu Ning, Ye Chaoxiong, Hunter, Lucas, He Hongjie, Hidesuke Ida, and a foreign gambler.

When Piao Wankui made it to top 10, he met Gu Ning and lost all of his chips.

He didnt exchange for more chips, because he knew that he would compete with Gu Ning sooner or later and he would lose all of his chips again.

Anyway, he had already lost all of his chips and he could quit now.

It wasnt embarrassing because he didnt quit halfway.

When Gu Ning competed with Hidesuke Ida again, Hidesuke Ida felt he was about to have a breakdown.

He couldnt understand why he was so unlucky today! He became this frightening womans competitor twice.

It seemed it was impossible for him to save face..

However, he couldnt quit.


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