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Chapter 2256: Gloating


Hidesuke Ida was mad, but he had to admit that Ye Jiasheng was right and he couldnt continue to argue.


Ida, its still game time.

If you want to finish the game, please sit down and obey the rules.

If not, well…” said Ye Jiasheng.

“Fine!” Before Ye Jiasheng could finish, Hidesuke Ida snorted and sat down, so Ye Jiasheng didnt continue.

They dropped that topic, and continued to play Mahjong.

Hidesuke Ida was impulsive, but wasnt dumb.

He knew he was being unreasonable, so he should stop embarrassing himself.

However, Hidesuke Ida couldnt continue to play the game calmly and lost more chips.

Finally, Hidesuke Ida lost all of his chips.

He even wanted to turn the mahjong table upside down, but luckily he curbed his anger.

Once Hidesuke Ida lost, a foreign gambler replaced him, but the foreign gambler soon lost as well.

There were fewer and fewer gamblers left in the hall.

He Hongjie also lost when he ranked seventh.

Although he lost, he made it to top 7, which was a good result.

Gu Ning had helped him a lot.

He Hongjie was surprised that he could make it into the top 7, and knew that Gu Ning had helped him to get that position.

Therefore, he was willing to accept the failure, and only felt it was a pity that he didnt make it to the end.

Since he came to take part in this game, he certainly aimed to win.

There were too many skilled gamblers this time, so he understood it was very hard.

Before long, there were only four people left.

They were Gu Ning, Ye Chaoxiong, Hunter, and the best gambler from Country Y.

Among the four winners, Gu Ning ranked first since she had won far more chips than the second winner.

Ye Chaoxiong ranked second, Hunter ranked third, while the best gambler from Country Y ranked fourth.

Gu Ning had chips worth 3.3 billion yuan now, Ye Chaoxiong had chips of five hundred million yuan, Hunter had chips of slightly more than two hundred million yuan, while the gambler from Country Y lost some chips.

He lost chips of thirty million yuan and now had chips of seventy million yuan.

Given the chips he had now, he didnt have enough money to lose.

Anyway, Gu Ning could help him and win chips from Hunter.

Hunter would leave the table, because Gu Ning saw him as her enemy.

She wouldnt allow him to win.

Although she didnt know the best gambler from Country Y, Country Y had a good relationship with their country, so she was willing to help him and make Hunter lose.

Therefore, with Gu Nings help, the best gambler from Country Y began to win chips.

Ye Chaoxiong was skilled at gambling, so he didnt need Gu Nings help, but Gu Ning still did him a favor once in a while in case he lost his position.

In that case, Hunter suddenly became the enemy of the three of them and lost again and again.

He won chips a few times, but lost most of the time.

As Hunter lost his chips, the other three people got more and more chips.

Among them, Gu Ning had the most chips.

Hunter now realized that the three of them had teamed up against him.

After all, Tang Aining and Ye Chaoxiong were from the same country and the gambler from Country Y had a good relationship with their country.

On the contrary, Country M actually had conflicts with their country.

However, even if he knew they had teamed up, they didnt talk to each other or exchange hints, so he could say nothing about it.

As he lost more and more chips, Hunters mood worsened and he couldnt stay calm or concentrate on the game.

As a result, he lost faster.

He didnt have a better temper than Hidesuke Ida, but he could control his emotions better.

He didnt lose his temper at the scene, but he actually was swearing at Gu Ning in his heart.

If swearing could kill people, Gu Ning would have been killed countless times.

Because Gu Ning had a pair of Jade Eyes, she wasnt afraid of losing and proposed to have a bigger bet.

As a result, Hunter lost his chips very quickly.

He had chips of slightly more than three hundred million yuan, but he lost all of them within an hour.

Gu Ning won the first prize in the end.

In addition to her own chips of a hundred million yuan, she had chips worth 3.41 billion yuan in all.

Ye Chaoxiong had chips of 580 million yuan, and the best gambler from Country Y had won chips of 110 million yuan in addition to his own hundred million yuan.

Thanks to Gu Nings help, the best gambler from Country Y won some chips.

He wasnt dumb and knew that Gu Ning was helping him.

Although he didnt understand how Gu Ning managed to do that, he didnt bother to ask further about it.

Ye Chaoxiong knew that Gu Ning also helped him.

He was very curious about it, but didnt ask any questions.

He was aware that Gu Ning was far stronger than he thought.

“Thank you, Hunter, youre very generous tonight,” said Gu Ning to Hunter politely.

She was obviously gloating over Hunters failure.

“Miss Tang, youre really skilled, but Im not very good at Mahjong.

I can accept failure.

Lets see who wins tomorrow.” Although Hunter was very displeased, he had to be polite to Gu Ning on the surface.

However, he also made it very clear that he wasnt very good at Mahjong to save his face.

He had heard Tang Aining was also good at Sic Bo and 5 card stud, which meant she was very likely to win again tomorrow, but now he couldnt be timid.

“Alright, Im looking forward to gambling with you tomorrow, Hunter,” said Gu Ning in a flat voice.

She didnt sound worried at all.

They would play Sic Bo and 5 card stud tomorrow, which was to Gu Nings advantage.

Because the result was out, todays gambling competition was over.

It was late now, and was already 7:30 pm, so Ye Chaoxiong arranged for a dinner party right away.

After todays gambling competition, they had more confidence in Gu Ning.

They felt she was more likely to win tomorrow.

The dinner party was held in the banquet hall in the casino.

Only invited guests could join in the dinner party and those VIP members had to pay for their own dinner.

After the game, the casino was back to normal business, so many people stayed.

Ji Manlin could go to the dinner party along with Ji Anchen, but she was unwilling to leave her friends behind, so she didnt go.

She wanted to talk with Gu Ning, but Gu Ning was always surrounded by many people so she had to give up for now.

Anyway, to her astonishment, Tang Aining easily won over three billion yuan.

She was quite jealous of her!


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