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Chapter 2255: Give up


If the hirer was Ji Anchen, there must be a grudge between Tang Aining and Ji Anchen, or someone who was close to Ji Anchen.

If they wanted to kill Tang Aining right now, they had to see her as their enemy.

In that case, the mastermind must be one of the participants of todays gambling competition, especially those gamblers from foreign countries.

If the mastermind was a foreign gambler, he must have a very close relationship with Ji Anchen for Ji Anchen to be willing to hire a killer for him.

Given Ye Jiashengs knowledge, only Hunter had a close relationship with Ji Anchen.

If so, was Hunter the real person who wanted Tang Aining dead

Ye Jiasheng thought it was very possible.

As the heir of the Ye family, Ye Jiasheng was very smart and soon figured out the situation.

Therefore, he said to Leng Shaoting, “If the hirer is Ji Anchen, there should be a grudge between Miss Tang and Ji Anchen.

Or someone asked Ji Anchen to hire a killer and murder Miss Tang.

Whoever wants to do that right now has to see Miss Tang as their enemy.

I think the mastermind should be among these gamblers.

If the mastermind can get Ji Anchen to do that for him, they must have a very close relationship.

As far as I know, only Hunter from Country M has a very good relationship with Ji Anchen.”

Without solid proof, Ye Jiasheng couldnt jump to conclusions that it was the truth.

He might be wrong.

“In fact, when we just came in, we also noticed that the man called Hunter wasnt right.

His expression aroused our suspicion, but it didnt mean anything,” said Leng Shaoting.

Without evidence, he couldnt draw a conclusion right now.

Hearing that, Ye Jiasheng was surprised.

He didnt know that Leng Shaoting was already suspicious of Hunter.

Because of that, he thought Hunter was very possibly the mastermind.

“So whats next” Ye Jiasheng asked.

He felt it wasnt appropriate for him to interfere, so he asked for Leng Shaotings opinion first.

“We do nothing for now.

Ill talk about it with Ningning after the game is over.

Well see what to do next,” said Leng Shaoting.

He needed to talk with Gu Ning about it before taking action because he respected her.

“Great, feel free to let me know if you need me.” Since Leng Shaoting needed to talk with Gu Ning first, he would only help when they needed him.

“Sure,” said Leng Shaoting.

Because they were in City Ao, it was unavoidable for them to turn to the Ye family for help.

After that, Leng Shaoting went back to watching Gu Ning, while Ye Jiasheng went to deal with his own business.

Ye Jiasheng knew that Ji Anchen was the hirer, but he did nothing for the time being.

Ji Anchen didnt know that they had remembered his voice and that he easily exposed himself after saying a few words.

If he knew that, he would be shocked.

At Gu Nings table, Hidesuke Ida was losing more and more chips.

He lost the chips he had won, then his own chips.

The more chips he lost, the more anxious Hidesuke Ida became.

However, the more anxious he was, the more difficult it became for him to make good judgments.

As time went by, Hidesuke Ida began to lose his temper and threw out his tiles with great strength.

It was understandable, so Gu Ning and the others werent mad.

However, when Hidesuke Ida began to swear, He Hongjie couldnt stand it any longer and said, “Mr.

Ida, there is a lady with us.

Please watch your language.”

“Its none of your business!” Hidesuke Ida lost control of his anger when He Hongjie criticized him and he gave He Hongjie a fierce glare.


Ida, calm down.

I didnt say anything.

I just reminded you to be polite and gentle.” He Hongjie wasnt angry when Hidesuke Ida glared at him.

Instead, he was quite satisfied that Hidesuke Ida was mad.

“Do you mean Im not polite” Hidesuke Ida questioned, as if he was a gentleman.

In fact, he also knew dirty language was rude, but he was unwilling to be criticized and taught by other people in public.

He felt that he lost his face.


Ida, do you think dirty language represents politeness I see.

Uncle He, we dont need to stop Mr.


Just let him be himself.

I think it might be their countrys culture,” said Gu Ning, stopping He Hongjie.

She was being very ironic.

Gu Nings voice wasnt low, so many people around them heard her and burst into laughter.

“Ha-ha, Ha-ha.”

Hidesuke Ida swore in anger, but he didnt think it was impolite, which meant their countrys culture adored rudeness.

Even the best gamblers from other foreign countries began to disdain Hidesuke Ida.

“You…” Hidesuke Ida hit the table heavily and stood up angrily.

He fiercely glared at Gu Ning, as if he was going to swallow her alive.

This woman had humiliated him in public!

Hidesuke Ida felt that Gu Ning had humiliated him, but he forgot that he was very rude in public.

It wasnt other peoples fault that they made fun of him.


Ida, its game time.

Do you want to give up by standing up If you quit, well take away all of your chips,” said Ye Jiasheng, walking over.

According to the rules, they couldnt give up in the middle of the game, but if they wanted to quit, their chips would be taken away.

No one was willing to lose all their chips.

No matter how unlucky they were today, they would rather lose the chips on their own.


Ye, this woman called Miss Tang humiliated me in public.

Shouldnt you tell her to behave herself” Hidesuke Ida questioned.

It was impossible for him to quit, but it would be embarrassing if he gave in right now.

Therefore, he had to defend his pride.

However, he ignored the fact that he had embarrassed himself first.


Ida, were not deaf.

We heard your conversation, so I dont think Miss Tang meant to humiliate you.


Ida, its you who embarrassed other people first,” said Ye Jiasheng.

He wasnt defending Gu Ning, and just told the truth.

“You…” Hidesuke Ida was furious.

To his surprise, Ye Jiasheng refused to side with him.

In fact, Ye Jiasheng wasnt choosing a side.

Although he disliked Hidesuke Ida, Hidesuke Ida was his guest, so he was unwilling to argue with him.

It was Hidesuke Ida who embarrassed himself this time, so Ye Jiasheng couldnt tolerate it.


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