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Chapter 2249: Well Only Know After the Competition


“Thank you so much for your concern.

I dont mind at all,” said Gu Ning.

“Great, but since they came here specially for you, Miss Tang, you must be careful.

They came for nothing good after all,” said Ye Chaoxiong.

It could be a dangerous gambling competition.

Although he knew Gu Ning was very skilled at gambling, there were always people who were better at it, so he reminded Gu Ning to be careful.

One could never be too careful after all.

In addition, it also relied on ones luck to win money by gambling.

Even if one was very skilled at it, without good cards, one still couldnt win.

Therefore, Ye Chaoxiong believed in Gu Ning, but didnt fully believe in her.

“Thanks, I will,” Gu Ning said.

Even though she had confidence in herself too, she wasnt completely confident because she knew luck played a very important role in gambling.

Therefore, she had to be careful.

After they finished the meal, it was nearly 1 pm, and they had to go to the casino, so without delay, they set off to the casino together.

The gambling competition would begin at 2 pm, but the casino was already crowded at this time.

The casino was always full of people, but today was different.

Because not everyone was allowed to come in today, only invited guests and VIP members could step in.

It was very large and could accommodate several thousand people, but the situation was different these days.

It wasnt easy to manage so many people.

In fact, its membership was about a thousand people.

Ji Manlin was also there with two of her friends.

One was a man, while the other was a woman.

Ji Manlin was also a member of the Ye familys casino.

She wasnt very interested in gambling and seldom gambled, but it was more likely to see Ye Jiasheng at the Ye familys casino.

Although the casino was open to everyone normally, regular visitors activities were restricted.

Ji Manlin didnt want to be restricted.

Ji Manlins friends werent members, but Ji Manlin could easily get two membership cards for them.

As soon as Ji Manlin came, she searched for Gu Ning and hoped to see her alone.

She didnt want to meet the Ye family right now.

However, Gu Ning was still absent, so Ji Manlin failed to find her.

“Manlin, who are you looking for” Ji Manlins friend asked her because she looked around once she walked inside.

“A person,” said Ji Manlin, but she didnt tell them a name.

Those famous skilled gamblers arrived earlier and stayed in the lounge for now.

Given their status, they were unwilling to meet the regular gamblers outside.

They didnt come out until Ye Chaoxiong and the others appeared.

Once they walked in, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting carefully observed the people around them.

They wanted to see whether they could find the hirer.

After the skilled gamblers of different countries showed up, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting observed their reactions too.

They were also suspicious of them.

There could be a mastermind behind the hirer, and the mastermind could be in those foreign gamblers.

When they walked closer, they saw Gu Ning.

Some recognized her, while some didnt.

One of them blinked the second he saw Gu Ning and soon went back to normal.

Although he just blinked, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting still caught it.

They remained calm on the surface, but stayed alert.

Did this man have something to do with the assassination

The man was the best gambler from Country M, and his name was Hunter.

Because Ye Chaoxiong had introduced all the best gamblers from different countries to them at lunch this morning, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting recognized him by a glance.

Although they couldnt make the conclusion that he was the mastermind yet, he aroused their suspicions and they would pay more attention to him.

After they walked out, they greeted Ye Chaoxiong first politely.

Ye Chaoxiong had a very high status in gambling internationally, while they were much younger than him although they were the best gamblers in their countries.

In fact, they only appeared polite on the surface, but they actually had no respect for him.

Instead, they took Ye Chaoxiong as their enemy.

After all, they werent from the same country and didnt want other countries to surpass their own countries.

Afterwards, they turned to look at Gu Ning and He Siyin, because they werent sure which one of them was Tang Aining.

Although they had seen photos before, they still couldnt recognize Tang Aining because foreigners were basically the same in their eyes.

“Whos Miss Tang” the best gambler from Country R asked first.

He spoke heavily accented local language in an unkind tone.

“Its me,” said Gu Ning.

She sounded confident, but wasnt arrogant.

It was hard for other people to ignore her.

All the best gamblers had a frown.

In their eyes, women shouldnt sit by the same table as men.

However, Gu Ning was very confident and was at ease, which made them feel displeased.

“I heard youre excellent at gambling and have an eerie accuracy,” said the best gambler from Country R.

He refused to believe it even if he had heard about that.

He didnt think any gambler could be right every time.

Besides, she was a young woman! Therefore, he believed it was just an exaggeration.

“I cant tell you right now.

Well know after the competition,” said Gu Ning with a vague smile.

She didnt admit it right away, but her tone and attitude were full of confidence.

Whether she was confident or not, she had to show her confidence at this time.

Not everyone believed that she was being confident.

Those gamblers who had witnessed Gu Nings abilities in City Ao trusted Gu Ning, while those who hadnt met her before thought that she just dodged the question.

As a result, they became less afraid of Gu Ning and began to slight her.

In fact, the best gamblers from five foreign countries held obvious hostility for Gu Ning.

They were headed by Country R and Country M, then Country H.


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