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Chapter 2231: Chu Peihan Is Defamed

Most importantly, the rainbow flower was the most favorable role in the new drama.

It was loyal and protective of its owner, and it also died for its owner in the end.

It would arouse a lot of peoples sympathy and the audience would easily remember it.

When the project of Life After Life, Legend of Demon Flower just carried out, Fenghua Entertainment didnt do much publicity, so not many people knew about it.

The major roles were played by actors signed by Fenghua Entertainment.

The leading actress wasnt Tang Xiaoxiao, because Tang Xiaoxiao was in another crew.

Su Tongnuo would be the leading actress this time.

Su Tongnuo was very suitable for the role of Hua Lingge, because she was pure, attractive, sexy, and strong.

As Hua Lingge, she needed to be pure and lovely, while she had to be strong and attractive as the Demon Flower.

The leading actor was Qiao Hanchen.

He was mature and stable, and was perfect to play the role of Bai Wuchen.

Han Lengxuan and Bai Lin were supporting actors in the new drama.

As for the rest of the important roles, a few parts were played by actors signed by Fenghua Entertainment, while most were played by actors signed by other companies.

There were about a dozen actors in Fenghua Entertainment now.

Some of them were completely new faces.

Although they were outstanding in appearance and acting since they could be signed by Fenghua Entertainment, they couldnt play leading roles right away.

They needed to begin their career from supporting roles.

Anyway, Fenghua Entertainment treated its artists very well, so it helped its artists get good chances.

If they played the supporting roles well, they could leave a deep impression on the audience too.

After the major actors were settled, they made an announcement on their official website, and it soon went abroad.

The name of the rainbow flower in Life After Life, Legend of Demon Flower was Qi.

Most of Chu Peihans schoolmates believed she got the role through Gu Guangmiaos connections.

She was just a student and she had only played an unimportant role in a film before, so there was no reason for her to get a supporting role right away.

Although it had happened before that an actor played the supporting role right after he or she joined the entertainment industry, it hadnt happened in their circle, so they werent really surprised.

However, Chu Peihan studied in the same school as them so it was hard for them not to be jealous of her.

Most importantly, it had already aroused their jealousy when Gu Guangmiao accepted Chu Peihan as his student.

Now that Chu Peihan had gotten such a good chance, they grew more jealous of her.

Therefore, many people attacked Chu Peihan behind her back and some even spread rumors about her on the Internet and said that she had a sugar-daddy.

The entertainment industry was notorious for unspoken rules, so most people believed that Chu Peihan had a sugar-daddy because she had a smooth career.

Although no one dared to challenge Chu Peihan face to face because she was good at kung fu, they werent afraid to badmouth her behind her back.

Rumors about Chu Peihan didnt gain much attention, but many people read the posts and began to doubt whether she got the chance because of her abilities.

At the same time, some people still chose to trust her.

Hearing rumors about her, Chu Peihan wasnt mad.

She clearly knew that she would have to face criticism and attacks after she chose to join the entertainment industry.

She was mentally-prepared, so she stayed calm.

Shi Xiaoyue, however, was furious, because she went to have the audition along with Chu Peihan.

She could prove that Chu Peihan had excellent acting and she was the best actor among the candidates.

Shi Xiaoyue believed that Chu Peihan deserved the chance.

Speaking of Shi Xiaoyue, she also had an audition for a role in Life After Life, Legend of Demon Flower and she got the role too.

Shi Xiaoyue originally went there with Chu Peihan for fun, but Lu Zhan had a good impression of her.

She was pretty and her major was also Performing Arts, so he asked whether she had interest in the new drama.

Because Shi Xiaoyue was majoring in Performing Arts, she was definitely interested in the new drama, so she tried and Lu Zhan accepted her.

Although it wasnt an important role, she had some lines.

The role played by Shi Xiaoyue was a little unpleasant.

She would play a spoiled rich heiress.

Because the man this rich heiress admired liked the leading actress, this rich heiress hated and bullied the leading actress.

She didnt have a good ending.

Anyway, it wasnt a hateful role, and was actually a little pitiful.

After Shi Xiaoyue heard the rumors about Chu Peihan, she told Chu Peihan right away, but Chu Peihan looked very calm.

Shi Xiaoyue was displeased with her response.

“Why arent you mad They are defaming you.

Theyre spreading rumors about you.”

Chu Peihan felt touched that Shi Xiaoyue was so mad because she cared about her, but she rolled her eyes at Shi Xiaoyue at this time.

“Is this the first time youve heard about the entertainment industry I dont think you should join it because you have a quick temper.

Although were both just interested in acting and we dont work for fame or wealth, we should get used to it since we chose to be actors.

Whether youre innocent or not, there will always be people who like to defame you.

As long as it isnt the truth, the publics opinion wont affect you.

Theyll soon get bored and forget it.”

“I know, but Im just mad at them!” Shi Xiaoyue complained, feeling upset.

She knew the rules, but she just couldnt control her emotions!

“Alright, calm down.

Lets go to have hot pot this afternoon! In winter, its best to have hot pot,” said Chu Peihan to comfort her.

Hearing that, Shi Xiaoyue didnt know what to say.

There were rumors about Chu Peihan on the Internet, but she was still in the mood for hot pot.

However, they had to eat even though they were mad, so Shi Xiaoyue agreed to have hot pot with Chu Peihan that afternoon.

She didnt know whether her cousin was aware of it or not, so Shi Xiaoyue sent Han Chenglin a message when Chu Peihan didnt pay attention to her.

Han Chenglin was at the shooting set, so he didnt notice the rumors about Chu Peihan on the Internet until he read Shi Xiaoyues message.

As a celebrity, he knew rumors were very common in their industry.

In fact, if the rumors were about him, he wouldnt be annoyed, but now he felt quite displeased because Chu Peihan was amid criticisms.

Therefore, Han Chenglin immediately arranged for someone to do an investigation and find those people who spread the rumors.

He also ordered them to delete the posts.

Then he asked Shi Xiaoyue about Chu Peihans mood.

Shi Xiaoyue told him that Chu Peihan couldnt care less about it, but that she was furious

It wasnt surprising to Han Chenglin that Chu Peihan wasnt affected, because he knew Chu Peihan didnt care about that.

However, even though Chu Peihan wasnt mad, she couldnt tolerate those rumors, so she sent out a post on Weibo.


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