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Chapter 2230: The New Drama

Before the Demon Flower died, she made a promise.

“Bai Wuchen, I dont want to put you in a dilemma this incarnation, so I choose to die under your sword.

The next incarnation, I wont be a demon again.

Ill be a mortal.

Ill be together with you.

You cant betray me.

If you betray me, Ill become a demon again and I certainly will pay you back.”

It was the Demon Flowers ability.

Once she made a promise, it could become reality.

At this last moment, Bai Wuchen was touched.

Although he still disliked her, he felt guilty because she died for him.

He also promised that he would protect her throughout their life if she became a mortal in the next incarnation.

Therefore, the Demon Flower became a mortal named Hua Lingge in the next incarnation.

However, she lived a terrible life.

Her parents died when she was only ten and she was adopted by her uncle and aunt.

However, her uncle and aunt treated her badly and stole her family wealth.

They made her a domestic servant and always hurled abuse at her.

She didnt have friends, so she could only talk with a rainbow flower in the yard.

The rainbow flower showed up in the yard out of the blue when Hua Lingge was born.

It never withered and only Hua Lingge could see it.

It was actually made of a drop of her blood when she was incarnated, so this rainbow flower came to protect Hua Lingge.

Therefore, this rainbow flower had senses.

In order not to scare Hua Lingge, it would go into her dreams and talk with her once in a while.

Every time Hua Lingge was injured and in pain, the rainbow flower would cure her with its magical power but didnt remove the scars in case her uncle and aunt found out.

One day, Hua Lingge broke a vase by chance and her aunt punished her by forcing her to run in the heavy rain.

Hua Lingge had a fever afterwards and her life was in danger.

At this key moment, the rainbow flower stopped hiding itself and appeared in a human form to save Hua Lingge.

Under the rainbow flowers encouragement, Hua Lingge left home and stayed away from their bullying.

The rainbow flower also stayed with her in its human form.

Because the rainbow flower wasnt at a high level, it could only be a human for two hours every day, but it could talk with Hua Lingge all the time.

After that, a lot of things happened, and she met Bai Wuchen.

At first glance, Bai Wuchen recognized her.

He also remembered his promise, so he wanted to take her with him.

However, Hua Lingge took him as a letcher and ran away once she saw him.

It didnt change until Hua Lingge ran into a wolf monster and even the rainbow flower couldnt defeat it, and Bai Wuchen rescued them in the end.

Hua Lingge then followed Bai Wuchen and became his disciple.

He only took her as his disciple and didnt marry her.

He only felt he owed her, but there was no love between them.

He was unwilling to be her husband for this life.

At this time, Bai Wuchen already became the head of their martial arts sect and he needed to manage a lot of things.

He was in no mood for a family.

As time went by, Hua Lingge fell in love with Bai Wuchen and Bai Wuchen also changed his attitude towards Hua Lingge, but he still couldnt accept her for all kinds of reasons.

During this process, Hua Lingge was disappointed, sad, and even heart-broken.

She felt quite aggrieved and refused to accept the result.

Gradually, Hua Lingge was no longer innocent and kind and memories of the Demon Flower began to come back.

Finally, Hua Lingge asked Bai Wuchen whether he was willing to marry her, but Bai Wuchen rejected her.

In despair, Hua Lingge turned into the demon again and once again stood opposite Bai Wuchen.

Back in her domain, the Demon Flower spoiled her subordinates and let them torture common people as they wanted.

Bai Wuchen came to see her and hoped that she would stop.

The Demon Flower said, “Bai Wuchen, in the previous incarnation, I didnt want to put you in a dilemma, so I chose to die under your sword.

I wanted to become a mortal to be together with you.

You cant betray me.

If you betray me, Ill become a demon again and I certainly will pay you back.

Now youve betrayed me, so this is how we ended up.”

The Demon Flower blamed Bai Wuchen for it, Bai Wuchens teacher also blamed him for it.

Even other martial arts sects and common people blamed Bai Wuchen for it, so he was removed from the position of the head.

Afterwards, Bai Wuchen met the Demon Flower again and said he wanted to marry her.

However, the Demon Flower wasnt happy to hear that.

Instead, she was annoyed and said, “Bai Wuchen, I know you want to marry me for the sake of the common people.

Dont you think its ironic You dont care about me at all.

Why didnt you say that to me earlier on You can ignore my feelings for other people.

Why couldnt you do something for me and for me only”

Filled with fury, the Demon Flower chased Bai Wuchen away.

Afterwards, Bai Wuchen fell into a dangerous situation.

The Demon Flower didnt have the heart to see him die, so she still stood out and risked her life to save him.

Bai Wuchen finally realized that other members of their martial arts sect and the common people only respected and complimented him when he did things for their good.

Once something bad happened because of him, they would only criticize and blame him as if he owed them.

Only the Demon Flower really cared about him.

Even if he had deeply hurt her, she still wouldnt hesitate to risk her life to save him.

This time, the Demon Flower made a promise again.

“Bai Wuchen, I have three incarnations in all.

Ive died twice for you, and Ill only live for myself in the last incarnation.

I dont want to see you again.

I wont fall in love with you once more.”

At this moment, Bai Wuchen felt heart-broken.

He knew he had deeply hurt the Demon Flower so she was reluctant to see him or love him again.

However, he only wanted her in the next incarnation.

He wanted to love and marry her for a lifetime.

After the Demon Flower disappeared, Bai Wuchen began to search for her after she was reincarnated.

During this time, many members of his martial arts sect came to see him for help, but he refused, because he was totally disappointed with their martial arts sect.

It had nothing to do with him now.

Bai Wuchen had waited and searched around for eighteen years and finally found the Demon Flower after she was reincarnated.

During this incarnation, Bai Wuchen started chasing his love.

Although it wasnt easy, they were finally together in the end.

Although the Demon Flower has lost her memories of the last two incarnations, she still fell in love with Bai Wuchen.

This new drama was a little tormenting, but there was a happy ending.

Chu Peihan would play the role of the rainbow flower, who was Hua Lingges companion.

Although it only existed in her second incarnation, the story of the second incarnation was about 70% of this new drama.

There was only a brief introduction of the first incarnation and the story of the third incarnation wasnt long.

Only the second incarnation was detailed.


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