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Chapter 2228: I Have Self-knowledge

Song Miaoge instantly got mad.

Because she expected better from Zhang Zikai, she criticized.

“Youre such a coward! Dont you feel its unfair”

It turned out that she was the only one who felt it was unfair here, which was quite annoying.

“I have self-knowledge, so I dont lose my balance,” said Zhang Zikai, correcting her.

Precisely because she had clear self-knowledge, it was impossible for her to care.

“You…” Song Miaoge was mad and felt upset all of a sudden.

Fine, she also had self-knowledge, but she still felt envious.

She had no hatred for them, but they were very familiar with each other, so she didnt bother to hide her real feelings.

It was their way of getting along with each other.

Halfway through the meal, Qu Hanjiao came.

After looking around, she saw Gu Ning and walked over.

Standing in front of Gu Ning, Qu Hanjiao sincerely thanked her, then left.

Gu Ning had helped her teach Yuan Yiyang a lesson.

Although she had paid for it, she felt it was necessary to thank Gu Ning.

If Gu Ning was unwilling to help her, no matter how much money she paid, Gu Ning wouldnt do her the favor.

Gu Ning didnt lack money, and she didnt take Qu Hanjiaos money.

She told Qu Hanjiao to give it to charity instead.

It proved that Gu Ning really just did her a favor.

Song Miaoge and the others knew that Gu Ning had helped Qu Hanjiao, so they werent surprised when Qu Hanjiao came to thank Gu Ning.

Qu Hanjiao now looked much friendlier.

In the past, they really wanted to punch her.

They believed Qu Hanjiao changed because of what had happened to her father.

Song Miaoge also gloated over Yuan Yiyangs bad luck after knowing what he had suffered.

She gloated because of Ji Wenna.

Although Ji Wenna didnt cause her trouble again after she had defeated her last time, there was a long-standing and bitter grudge between them.

Therefore, she felt happy whenever she heard that Ji Wenna was unhappy.

Yuan Yiyangs family denied that Yuan Yiyang was on drugs and was permanently injured at his pen*s, but Song Miaoge didnt believe it.

The day before yesterday, she went to have a meal with her family in a hotel and met Ji Wenna by accident.

She didnt miss that chance to make fun of Ji Wenna.

It was unkind, but they were enemies.

Ji Wenna looked quite humiliated at that time.

Her fiancé was on drugs and couldnt have an erection again.

If she still married him, she would have to live a life without sex!

If it was the truth, Ji Wenna absolutely wouldnt marry Yuan Yiyang, so her father called Yuan Yiyangs father without delay and asked about the situation.

Yuan Yiyangs father strongly denied that Yuan Yiyang was on drugs.

He said that Yuan Yiyang was just paid back by his enemies.

Yuan Yiyangs father also denied that he couldnt have an erection again.

His father insisted on saying that he was just slightly injured and would be fine in a few months.

Hearing that, the Ji family believed it and gave up the idea of ending their marriage alliance for the time being.

It had been days since Yuan Yiyang was injured, and he was in a stable condition now, so Gu Ning thought it was time to make his criminal evidence public.

Gu Ning wouldnt really let him go, not because of Qu Hanjiao, but because she had a sense of justice.

After knowing the crimes Yuan Yiyang had committed, she felt she had to do something.

Therefore, Gu Ning told K to expose Yuan Yiyangs dirty secrets on the Internet.

Because K was a skilled hacker, nobody could find him.

He could also make it impossible for the social media platforms to delete the information.

Gu Ning didnt hand the evidence to the Public Security Bureau in case the Public Security Bureau sided with the Yuan family.

After all, the Yuan family was exceptionally powerful.

Although Yuan Yiyang was just a collateral member, his family was influential and the direct descendants would help his family.

Therefore, if the Public Security Bureau got the evidence, the police would tell the Yuan family first.

Gu Ning was unwilling to bother people in the same faction as the Leng family.

She knew they would take it seriously if she gave them the evidence, but it would make people think that the Leng family was making things difficult for the Yuan family.

Although they never stopped competing against each other and often deliberately embarrassed one another, Gu Ning didnt want the Leng family to publicly act against the Yuan family for her.

As a result, Gu Ning thought it was best to directly make it public on the Internet.

By then, it might not be people who were in the same faction as the Leng family in the Public Security Bureau who handled this case.

As long as it caused a sensation, neither the Yuan family nor the police could remove it from the Internet.

Because of Ks help, the evidence went public and many people saw it.

Within a short time, it went viral on the Internet.

Even though the police learned about it very soon and people in the same faction as the Yuan family soon told them the news, the police couldnt find the person who sent the posts out.

Because they failed to find the person who sent out the posts, they could only contact those who were managing the social media platforms.

Facing the pressure from the police, staff of the social media platforms had to delete those posts, but unfortunately they found it was impossible to delete them.

Once they tried, their computers were attacked by a virus.

Now neither the social media platforms nor the police could do anything about it.

They could only watch it attract more and more public attention.

Even senior officials in the government heard about it afterwards.

The Yuan family was busy doing everything to remove the news, but the police had to arrest Yuan Yiyang and the other rich heirs.

Yuan Yiyang and the other rich heirs were still in the hospital, but they were much better now, so they could leave the hospital for the interrogation.

Qu Hanjiao soon heard about it and she was thrilled to know that Yuan Yiyangs dirty secrets were public now.

It was a huge surprise to her!

At this time, Qu Hanjiao was in the washroom, and she cried with joy.

It was the best news she had ever heard!

No need to guess.

Qu Hanjiao believed it must be done by Gu Ning.

Gu Ning just punished Yuan Yiyang and the other rich heirs and she also promised to collect criminal evidence.

She said she would put them in jail once she had solid proof.

Although Qu Hanjiao knew it was done by Gu Ning, she wouldnt tell other people, because it would cause Gu Ning trouble.

Now she was still jealous of Gu Ning, because Gu Ning was so outstanding among peers, but she had no hostility towards her.

After what had happened to Yuan Yiyang, she actually felt grateful to Gu Ning.

In fact, she was grateful to Gu Ning because she didnt know it was also Gu Ning who ruined her fathers career.

If she knew it was Gu Ning, she might be in a different mood.

Sometimes, it was better not to know everything.

After all, it was Qu Hanjiao who caused Gu Ning trouble first and Qu Yifei even paid gangsters to hurt Gu Ning.

Most importantly, Qu Linan had broken the law, so he deserved the result.

If Qu Linan were a good, upright man, Gu Ning wouldnt have punished him.

She could have only taught Qu Yifei a lesson.


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