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Chapter 2212: Were a Family

Gu Ning saw Zhuang Tianmeis sincerity.

She had helped her and did her a big favor, and Zhuang Tianmei might be upset if she turned her down.

Therefore, Gu Ning didnt refuse.

She wasnt busy now anyway.

Although Gu Ning usually kept a distance from other people, she was very considerate most of the time.

“I can ask for leave for an hour.” Zhuang Tianmei showed excitement when Gu Ning agreed.

“Great, but I have two friends with me.

If you want to buy me coffee, you might need to buy three cups,” said Gu Ning with a smile.

She said that not because she was afraid Zhuang Tianmei might be mean and unwilling to pay for three cups of coffee.

She said that simply to tell her that she came with two friends.

“Its fine.

Its just a few cups of coffee.

It wont cost much,” said Zhuang Tianmei airily.

In fact, she was willing to pay for ten cups of coffee, let alone just three cups.

Gu Ning had helped her out, and she could barely return Gu Nings kindness by buying several cups of coffee.

If she had enough time and could buy Gu Ning a meal, she wouldnt hesitate to invite Gu Ning to share a meal.

“Sure!” Gu Ning agreed, then Zhuang Tianmei happily went back to ask for leave for an hour from the store manager.

Although the store manager was unwilling to let her go, it wasnt busy in the store now, so she couldnt force Zhuang Tianmei to stay.

In addition, it was very normal for them to ask for leave for an hour or half an hour.

If she didnt let Zhuang Tianmei go right now, Zhuang Tianmei might report it to their boss, which wasnt something she wanted.

The store manager didnt get along with Zhuang Tianmei, but she didnt dare to find fault with her publicly.

After that, Zhuang Tianmei brought Gu Ning and the others to a nearby café.

They didnt stay there for a long time, and separated in half an hour.

Although Zhuang Tianmei had bad luck today, she met Gu Ning and let go of her worries.

When she was back in the store, she was still extremely happy.

“Tianmei, what makes you so happy” Her colleague asked.

Given what had just happened, she didnt think Zhuang Tianmei would be in a good mood.

“I shared coffee with Goddess Gu!” said Zhuang Tianmei with excitement.

“Goddess Gu Is she a star” asked her colleague.

They had been confused for a long time and wanted to ask about it earlier on.

“She isnt a star, but shes even more successful than a star.

Shes only nineteen but shes already the owner of a large business group.

Have you heard of the Shengning Organization Its just been established, but it has twenty billion yuan in assets,” said Zhuang Tianmei.

As she said that, she was becoming excited and showed obvious admiration for Gu Ning.

“What She has twenty billion yuan in wealth”

Hearing that, everyone was surprised.

Although they didnt know about the Shengning Organization, they were all amazed by the amount of money.

“Right, the clothing store, Gufan, over there is owned by the Shengning Organization.

And the Kouzi you all like to use is also owned by the Shengning Organization,” said Zhuang Tianmei.

At this moment, everyone was stunned.

It turned out that Gu Ning was so successful at such a young age.

She was only nineteen, but she already had twenty billion yuan in wealth.

All of a sudden, they became more jealous of Zhuang Tianmei.

How could Zhuang Tianmei be so lucky Their boss picked her, the manager of this shopping mall also paid special attention to her, even the owner of the Shengning Organization knew her.

After Gu Ning and the others left, they went to look around in Gufan.

Everything went on smoothly, so because it was still early, they went to other shopping malls afterwards.

At 5:30 pm, Gu Ning set off alone to the Song familys place, and told Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to do their own things.

When it was only several minutes away from 6 pm, she arrived at the area where the Song family was located.

The Song family lived in a luxurious residential area, and people living inside were either rich or powerful.

Gu Ning didnt go in right after she arrived at the residential area, because cars and people from outside couldnt get in easily.

She could only wait till Leng Yuanjin was back and could go in with her.

Before she came, Gu Ning had already called Leng Yuanjin and told her that she would wait for her outside.

As a result, once Leng Yuanjin was back, she called Gu Ning and they met.

Leng Yuanjin had only met Gu Ning twice before, but she really liked Gu Ning, so she was very happy to see her.

In fact, Gu Ning had helped the Leng family a lot.

After she appeared, Leng Shaoting was finally in love and they were no longer worried that he might die alone.

Moreover, because of Gu Ning, they found Jing Yunyao, or Leng Shaoting would never have been able to see his mother again.

Although no one knew whether they might have met one day in the future, without Gu Ning, it wouldnt have happened so soon.

Therefore, it was Gu Ning who made it happen.

With Leng Yuanjins help, Gu Ning could drive inside along with her.

As a guest, Gu Ning brought gifts with her when she visited the Song family.

However, she didnt know how many members were there in the Song family, so she only brought some fruits and flowers.

She didnt prepare special gifts for each of them.

Seeing Gu Ning come with so many gifts, Leng Yuanjin said resignedly, “You dont need to do that.

Were a family after all.”

Although it was the truth, it was still manners which she shouldnt forget.

If she didnt bring gifts with her, other people might think she was impolite.

Nevertheless, this time, she indeed brought too many gifts with her, which wasnt necessary.

Gu Ning was already here, and it was impossible for her to take it back.

“There arent many.

After all, its very rude if I come without any gifts.

I dont want others to think Im impolite,” said Gu Ning, half joking.

“Ha-ha, fine!” Leng Yuanjin put on a resigned smile and said nothing further about that, because Gu Ning was right.

“Chen, come and help take these things inside.” Leng Yuanjin said to two security guards who were not far from them.

She wouldnt let Gu Ning carry them in alone.

Gu Ning didnt refuse and listened to Leng Yuanjin.

After they brought the gifts in, Leng Yuanjin invited Gu Ning inside as well.

“Only Yinuo and her grandparents are home.

Yinuos uncles and aunts come home a while later than me, so well have a late dinner.

Are you hungry” Leng Yuanjin asked.

Song Wenxuan was the second son of the Song family.

He was involved in politics, while the Song familys eldest son, Song Wencheng, took over his grandmothers family business and was a businessman now.

The Song familys third son, Song Wenxiu, was also in politics, and he now was the director of a department in the government.

“Not yet.

I ate a lot when I inspected the stores,” said Gu Ning.

She hadnt eaten much, but she wasnt hungry.


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