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Chapter 2211: Call the Police

This dress cost sixty-eight thousand yuan, and she couldnt pay for it.

She didnt damage the dress either, so she refused to take the blame.


Zhao seemed a little guilty, but then retorted arrogantly.

“What did you say How come its me who damaged this clothing Its you who did that! You cant hurl the blame at me! Are you trying to force me to pay for it”

Nobody had seen her damaging the clothing, except for Zhuang Tianmei.

As long as she refused to admit it, Zhuang Tianmei couldnt do anything about it.

Precisely because no one else had seen that, they werent sure whether it was really Mrs.

Zhao who damaged it.

As a result, no one stood out for Zhuang Tianmei.

Even if Zhuang Tianmeis colleagues trusted her, without evidence and since they were also competitors, none of them defended her.

However, from Mrs.

Zhaos reaction, Gu Ning could tell it was Mrs.

Zhao who damaged the clothing.

“Couldnt you check the surveillance cameras” Gu Ning asked.

Hearing that, Mrs.

Zhao showed pleasure, while Zhuang Tianmei looked upset.

“The surveillance cameras were broken in the morning, and the repairman hasnt come yet.”

It was said by the store manager.

When she said that, she didnt show any concern, and instead seemed pleased.

“Its better to call the police now.

Let the police perform fingerprint verification on the damaged clothes.

Well know who touched that place first,” Gu Ning said.

The fingerprint check might not be so accurate, but she was just playing psychological tricks, trying to scare her.

Although she didnt know how mentally strong Mrs.

Zhao was and how much she knew about fingerprint verification, she had to give it a try.

She was right.

Once Mrs.

Zhao heard that they were going to call the police and do a fingerprint verification, she panicked and obviously had a guilty conscience.

Zhuang Tianmei appeared happy instead.

“Right, we can call the police and let the police handle it.”

Given Mrs.

Zhaos reaction and Zhuang Tianmeis reaction, everyone could see who told the truth and who was lying.

Therefore, people began to look at Mrs.

Zao differently.

Feeling everyones accusatory looks, Mrs.

Zhao understood that everyone believed that she had damaged the clothing and she was immediately angry.

She wanted to vent her anger, but didnt know what to do or say because of her guilty conscience.

The situation completely changed because of Gu Ning, so Mrs.

Zhao glared at Gu Ning, but Gu Ning calmly met her angry eyes.

“Since Mrs.

Zhao and this saleswoman both refuse to admit that youve damaged the clothing, I think we should listen to this girl and call the police!” a rich lady said.

She wasnt mocking Mrs.


“Right, I also think its the best choice to call the police,” said another rich lady.


Zhao, you dont lack money at all.

Why dont you buy this clothing After its darned, you can wear it.

If you dont want it, you can give it to other people,” said a rich lady who came with Mrs.


She actually gave Mrs.

Zhao an out.

They had already caused a sensation and embarrassed themselves.

If she accepted that she had damaged this clothing by buying it, the drama would be over and it wasnt too humiliating.

However, if they called the police, they would be greatly humiliated.


Zhao wasnt dumb, so she felt it was acceptable.

Therefore, Mrs.

Zhao seized the chance and said, “Humph, any piece of my clothes cost at least dozens of thousands of yuan.

It just costs sixty-eight thousand yuan.

I can afford it.

Ill just buy it and give it to my nanny.”

As Mrs.

Zhao said that she appeared very generous, but she was actually reluctant to pay so much money for this clothing.

Although she could afford a piece of clothing which cost sixty-eight thousand yuan, she couldnt spend money so casually.

Besides, although many pieces of her clothing cost at least dozens of thousands of yuan, they were normally about ten or twenty thousand yuan.

She barely had more than ten clothes which cost more than forty thousand yuan.

However, in order to save her face now, she had to pay sixty-eight thousand yuan.

Since Mrs.

Zhao was willing to buy the clothing, Zhuang Tianmei stopped arguing with her.

She only wanted Mrs.

Zhao to admit that she had damaged the clothing and buy it.


Zhao didnt admit it plainly, but she accepted the result by buying it.

Other people were unwilling to be dragged into trouble, so they said nothing after Mrs.

Zhao bought the clothing.

The store manager and other saleswomen, however, felt a little uncomfortable when Zhuang Tianmei easily got out of trouble.

Anyway, the problem was solved, so they could say nothing about it now.

They wanted Zhuang Tianmei to have bad luck not only because Zhuang Tianmei was prettier than them, but also because Zhuang Tianmei was a better saleswoman than all of them.

Even the manager of this shopping mall paid special attention to her.

It was hard for them not to be jealous and dislike her.

In fact, they all hoped that Zhuang Tianmei could be fired and leave.

The manager of this shopping mall was their dream man! He was handsome, gentle, rich and most importantly single, so they could hardly not be attracted to him.

Actually, they dreamed of marrying him.

After paying the bill, Mrs.

Zhao walked away, but she gave Zhuang Tianmei and Gu Ning a glare before she left the store.

Once Mrs.

Zhao was gone, Gu Ning also turned around and left.

After solving the problem caused by Mrs.

Zhao, Zhuang Tianmei was completely relieved.

Seeing Gu Ning walk out of the store, she immediately caught up and said, “Please wait a second, Goddess Gu!”

This time, other saleswomen also noticed that Zhuang Tianmei called Gu Ning Goddess Gu, and they turned to focus on Gu Ning afterwards.

Gu Ning was indeed very pretty, and she might be many peoples dream girl, but they were confused about the reason why Zhuang Tianmei called her Goddess Gu.

It was very normal for men to call a woman that, but it was a little exaggerated for women to do that.

Gu Ning wasnt a star after all.

In their eyes, whether a woman was pretty or not, as long as she was a star, it was normal to call her a goddess.

“Goddess Gu, thank you so much.

If it hadnt been for you, it could be a very difficult problem.

Goddess Gu, if youre not busy, can I buy you a cup of coffee I need to thank you,” said Zhuang Tianmei.

In order to show her gratitude, Zhuang Tianmei wanted to invite Gu Ning to share coffee, but felt there was a huge gap between them, so she didnt think Gu Ning woukd agree.

As a result, Zhuang Tianmei was very timid when she said that.

“Thanks, but dont you need to work”


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